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EVLM Ch. 38.2


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The barrage also exploded.

#Ahhhh I can’t believe my eyes.

#I… have a feeling of being caught and raped in bed. Zhengzheng, I only like Xiaomaiyin occasionally.

#The cow is broken. Liang Xiaoduan is so lucky that she gets to cheer Jiang Zheng.

#”The World Disappears”!!! Sister Zheng has sung this song too many times before and didn’t want to sing again. However, I actually heard the live version today. Very steady voice. wsl.

Jiang Zheng released the album “Su Lai and Ma Ni” at the age of 22. The album consisted of eight songs, in the voices of Su Lai and Ma Ni, telling the delicate perception of women in the process of growing up, about a profound and subtle friendship, and the anguish of wrestling with a patriarchal society. Although it was a music album, it allowed many female listeners to see their shadow in it, which caused it to have a huge influence.

Among the eight songs, “The World Disappears” was the most popular. The singing style that was integrated with rap was Jiang Zheng’s unique skill, and most cover singers dared not try it easily.

Red high-heeled black stockings and pretty short skirt, you take it seriously, but you say I’m rambunctious. I know that what I lack most is determination and direction. Anyone’s ordinary life is full of blood and tears, you know I know them but they don’t. I know…

Silent, arrogant, dejected, but full of struggling power.

The audience listened to Jiang Zheng singing quietly, as the swing slowly descended, then Jiang Zheng touched the ground with both feet and Liang Xiaoduan rushed over with tears in her eyes and hugged her tightly.

For the first time, Jiang Zheng condescended to be a guest for the younger generation, and also brought out the song “The World Disappears” that had not been sung for several years. Many live fans excitedly posted on the Moments, shouting: Makeup burst, voice burst, my goddess Blast! I also cracked!

Weibo hot search was naturally indispensable.

Some people commented that Jiang Zheng had just pushed He Xiao’s song on Weibo two days ago, and today she went to carry the sedan chair for Liang Xiaoduan. Frequent promotion of juniors, was she planning to start a small group? This kind of speech was immediately returned: Jiang Zheng cherishes the younger generation, cares for the younger generation, please go to the doctor if you have a bad eye, and go to the doctor if you have a bad brain?

Jiang Zheng sang the first half of the song and cooperated with Liang Xiaoduan to complete the second half.

At the end of the song, the audience burst into warm and lasting applause.

“One more song!”

“I love you Zhengzheng!”

“Encore Encore!”

Jiang Zheng held the microphone and couldn’t help but smile.

The camera just gave a close-up of her face at this moment. This smile instantly melted the hearts of all fans, and also Ji Muye’s, who was hiding in the corner to watch the concert.

He had asked Jing Meini to find him an inconspicuous position in the back row, so wearing a sports suit, a cap and a mask, he was lurking among the fans. When Liang Xiaoduan sang, he looked at his mobile phone and swiped Weibo, and the fans next to him persuaded him with a puzzled look: buddy, we can’t have spent our money in vain.

When Jiang Zheng’s voice sounded, he stared ahead with a telescope like focus summoned by God, and his mind was rippling.

Fans insisted that Jiang Zheng sing another song. Although Liang Xiaoduan also wanted her to, she had to respect Jiang Zheng’s opinion.

Jiang Zheng said with a smile: “Want to go to two concerts with one ticket? It’s really beautiful to think about.”

The audience fell down laughing. When people who didn’t joke easily, made a joke, people couldn’t help but laugh.

Jiang Zheng: “Please support Xiaoduan a lot. Support the original singers a lot.”

“Okay. Okay.” Jiang Zheng thought for a while, “Is the lighting engineer here? Help me light up the light, and whoever the light lands on, I will sing whatever song they want.”

#Aahahregret. Why was I not willing to buy on-site tickets?

#zhengjie turned into a karaoke machine. Too petite.

#Is this still the big gangster of Gao Lingzhihua? It’s too cute.

The mischievous gaffer called out a yellow beam of light that floated back and forth in the crowd, nearly settling and flying away many times.

Ji Muye shrank silently, trying to hide behind the excited fans in front.

At this moment, the lighting engineer suddenly turned on the lights in the back row, and the circular aperture shrouded a person’s face… His head appeared on the eight large screens facing each other.

Jiang Zheng smiled and raised her eyes to look over, and her smile froze instantly.

Liang Xiaoduan opened her mouth wide with a look of disbelief. She rubbed her eyes and looked in the direction of the beam again.

Do not! Can! can! How could luck fall on her head twice at the same time?

How could Ji Muye also come?!

Ji Muye’s star-like eyes appeared in everyone’s eyes. In an instant, everyone around him looked over. They really didn’t know Mount Tai, when did Ji Muye hide here?

#let me calm down! When did Ji Muye and Liang Xiaoduan have such a good relationship? Are they both??

#fart. impossible! Ji Muye doesn’t like children.

#Hold up Jiang Ye CP and don’t let go! It’s impossible for my brother Ji to like listening to Xiaomai’s voice, he likes to listen to Jiang Zheng.

Liang Xiaoduan held the microphone and shouted excitedly, “Mr. Ji! Is that you?”

Jiang Zheng was confused, how did they catch Ji Muye by accident?

He should be still doing a magazine shoot in Hainan at this time, and he was set to return to Beijing tomorrow. The itinerary in the fan group was clearly written.

Ji Muye took a deep breath and stood up. He took off his hat, revealed his true face, and waved to the stage.

The staff handed over the microphone.

He thanked him and said, “It’s me.”

Liang Xiaoduan screamed twice, then turned around and stomped Jiang Zheng’s hand, “Sister Zheng, is this the second surprise you gave me?” Then she bowed again and again, “Thank you. You two appeared at my concert together. I really, really can die without regrets.”

Jiang Zheng: “…” No, wait for me to explain.

Liang Xiaoduan was immersed in excitement, so Jiang Zheng could only swallow the explanation silently.

Jiang Zheng stabilized her emotions and said, “Mr. Ji, what song do you want to listen to?”

“Chang’an.” Ji Muye said the name of the song.

Fans of Jiang Zheng know that the song “Chang’an” was her only ancient style song since her debut. It was said that when the song was composed, it was the most ruthless time when everybody on the entire Internet was hacking her. She never complained in front of the outside world, no matter how the black material and rumors were flying all over the sky, she just stood up and rushed to the front. Only in the dead of night, when her emotional lingering came, did she make this song based on her mood.

This song Jiang Zheng had only been exposed once, and then the network withdrew it because of the copyright. People couldn’t even find the original version in any major music software. People who were not familiar with Jiang Zheng would never know that there was such a song.

However, Ji Muye knew.

Jiang Zheng nodded and said a good word.

She picked up the microphone and opened her mouth to sing.    

Chang’an used to be filled with laughter, strings and songs around the beams, and the eyes were full of lush greenery.

It was bright.

Now I am trapped here.

It was just yesterday.

Life is too short to not move forward, so I don’t dare to look back.

What happened before, long road, no mountains, no water, just a lonely person.

Why is it worth it later, the voice is still there, people are not there, things are not there, only laughing at it.

Even if there are all kinds of emotions, the stalk is in the throat, the smoke is peeled, and the chop is cut, and it will not be seen all day long.……”

Jiang Zheng’s ethereal voice was amplified and then spread in the dark night. She lowered her head and her eyes, chanting slowly, sobbing and complaining, like a lonely figure walking on Zhuque Street in Chang’an, looking at the beautiful scenery of mountains and rivers. The surrounding prosperity, breaking her lonely heart little by little, as she disappeared in the crowd of voices.

Ji Muye stood, silently listening, watching, and was introduced by Jiang Zheng into a world of hers from which he could not extricate himself.

This was the legendary “Chang’an”. You cried when you heard it, and you were depressed when you sang it.

Ji Muye searched for a long time, and finally heard the original version. He seemed to have touched on Jiang Zheng’s heart that she never wanted to reveal. However, just as everybody was touched a little bit, the singing stopped, and everything returned to its original state.

The stage of the concert was handed over to Liang Xiaoduan again.

Jiang Zheng stepped off the stage to rest, and had just drunk two sips of warm water, when Ji Muye’s figure appeared in the mirror. Seeing him, Han Yi said hello to him, and then called the others to leave.

There were only the two of them left in the lounge.

Jiang Zheng leaned against the dressing table and said with a smile, “I didn’t know Mr. Ji, you like Xiaoduan’s type of music?”

Ji Muye half-smiled, “You know me well?”

Jiang Zheng stabilized her mind and lowered her eyes without saying a word. She couldn’t tell Ji Muye that she knew a lot more than he thought.

Ji Muye hated wearing suits, although he looked very good in them. He liked running, he liked to drink a cup of strong Pu’er tea before work. He preferred raw Pu’er to ripe Pu’er[1]. He also liked to watch plays and hoped to stand on the stage one day and perform a play that would allow him to see the audience’s reaction directly.

He liked to run at night and never went home until he had run no less than five kilometers. Yes, he had a little OCD.

In addition, he liked the color yellow. Apart from business photos, the only thing he would post on Weibo were vibrant sunflower pictures.

Sunflowers were his exclusive flowers.

There was much, much more, so much that even Jiang Zheng found it strange. She obviously forgot a lot of things, but she remembered things about him so clearly.

The lighting in the room was very warm.

Jiang Zheng raised her eyes and smiled, “I didn’t know… Do you still listen to my songs?”

Ji Muye said slowly: “Since your debut, you have released a total of five albums and a total of 40 songs, all of which you wrote and composed. Your songs are flexible and changeable, and the lyrics are gorgeous and treacherous. The lyrics of each song are like a long poem, full of a strong sense of story and imagery. Although everyone has different experiences, they can’t help but find resonance in your songs. This is your greatest strength…”

Jiang Zheng opened her mouth slightly, and said dumbly, “Mr. Ji, why do you have time to study my songs?”

“Are you dissatisfied with your recent itinerary?”

Ji Muye smiled slowly, “You recommended me to listen to Alpha music to relieve tension and promote sleep.”

Jiang Zheng: “?”

“It’s useless after trying for a while.”

“So, I started listening to your songs.”

“Found… them very hypnotic.”

The author has something to say: You can’t sleep without listening to your wife’s songs.

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