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RCFS Ch. 99: I’m the boss 5


Translator: SJade, Editor: Dj22031

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The people waved their hands and left, Ye Wanting also ran out instantly, she was going to get her things!

Ye Yunxi looked back at Ye Junlai: “Second Uncle, do you need someone to help you clean up?”


Ye Junlai gritted his teeth.

Was this to help pack things up? Then what was throwing things away like!

No matter how hard it was, Ye Yunxi could actually make these servants turn their backs!

How much benefit had she given to these slaves!

“No, I’ll do it myself!”

Ye Junlai walked back to his room with an ugly face and packed his luggage.

Now, he was really going to be kicked out of his home!

Originally, he was thinking that it would be a big deal to live with the waste Ye Junpo’s family, but he didn’t expect that he would still have to leave!

Damn it!

Shutting the suitcase tightly, Ye Junlai went downstairs angrily, only to see Ye Wanting’s suitcase thrown outside the gate.

Where did he go by himself, he was obviously driven out by someone!

It was shameful!

“Dad, they are going too far!”

“Let’s go!”

Ye Junlai picked up his daughter’s suitcase and walked out.

“Dad, do you really accept this?”

Ye Wanting was unwilling.

“Don’t worry, us father and daughter will come back sooner or later!”

Ye Wanting bit her lip and took a last look at the mansion she had lived in for seven or eight years before leaving with regret.

Ye Yunxi, wait for me!

[Ding! The mission of kicking the father daughter pair out was successfully completed, and the Awesomeness XP +1000! The host competition is high!!]

The system was thinking beautifully, Ye Wanting actually wanted to use the servants to contain my host, she was thinking too beautifully! You guys are obviously not on the same level as my host!!

In the end, she was even swept out of the house~~

Hmph~~ Mr. System was proud of his face~~

“Butler Wen, please find a few people to clean up the house. Now that we’re back, we have to make our stay more comfortable.”

Butler Wen raised his eyes, glanced at Ye Yunxi, then he turned and left.

Sure enough, after a while, several people dressed as maids came over and started to clean up the room silently.

The matter here was quickly reported to Ye Jianxing’s ears. The old man raised his head from under the stage, loosened his back, and slowly got up: “Oh, it’s getting late, it’s time to go back for dinner.”

So, Ye Jianxing, who had been missing for a day, appeared on time at the dinner table of Ye family house.

Ye Yunxi glanced at the old man, hooked her lips, and smiled.

Ye Jianxing’s look was pure and innocent, as he smiled kindly by the way: “Hey, Butler Wen, why haven’t they come down to eat?”

“Master, Miss Wanting said, since she’s no longer the heir, it’s time to leave and she’ll greet the master later.”

“Well, this child is very sensible.”

The three members of the Ye family twitched the corners of their mouths.

Oh my god, how can you say such words so peacefully!

That scene was absolutely tense, they could start a fight if they were not careful!

“Yunji and Yunxi have both grown up, Junpo, you have given them good education.”

Ye Junpo gestured for a while, his chopsticks froze in the air, but he still didn’t say a word and just ate.

Ye Jianxing frowned in disbelief.

“Yunji, you should eat more, what are your plans recently?”

Ye Yunji nodded: “I want to learn design.”

Ye Jianxing smiled and simply looked at Ye Yunxi: “Does it feel good to be the heir?”

Look, this old man knew absolutely everything!

Ye Yunxi hooked her lips and smiled provocatively: “It’s definitely better to be the head of the family.”

Ye Jianxing: …… Did, he find an heir, or did he find someone who was bent on making him pay?

[Ding! Awesomeness XP +10!]

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