RCFS Ch. 89: You, Get Out 4

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Until returning home, Ye Yunji still had the illusion that he was dreaming.

“Dad, Dad!!! I, I just had a dream that Yunxi became the heir!”

Ye Junpo raised his head and took a deep breath: “Should I pinch you, to make you believe that it really happened?”

Ye Yunji, “…”

His emotions were out of control, he thought he was dreaming?

Ye Yunji suddenly didn’t want to pay attention to him…

He decided to ask his sister directly.

“Yunxi, you really got the first place in the exam?”

First place in Junyao’s entrance exam? Was it real or fake?

Ye Yunxi shook the notice and transcript in her hand.

She hadn’t opened it yet.

Ye Yunji hurriedly grabbed it and opened the notice first. The big gilded characters on it almost shook Ye Yunji’s big eyes!

Omg, it was true!

Yunxi actually got admitted to Junyao!

No, but how did she pass the test?

What topic did Junyao take this year?

Why did Ye Wanting lose the qualification, but Yunxi actually passed the exam?

It felt a little unrealistic…

Then he took the transcript, and the same bright first place characters caused Ye Yunji’s titanium alloy eyes to suffer a second degree of damage.

What the hell, he thought he was going blind…

But, it was actually the first place!

Yunxi, you really gave our family face!

[Ding! Awesomeness XP +10!]

“Yunxi, what exactly was Junyao’s exam topic this time?”

Ye Junpo was still in a trance, he felt so unreal.

With his daughter’s grades, how could she have won the first place?

And it was even Junyao’s first position?

Those who came to take the exam were all elites from various schools!

Although he didn’t want to destroy the prestige of his own family, Ye Junpo really couldn’t believe it.

“Oh, by coincidence, we had to catch drug dealers in this competition, and our team looked up and saw someone.”

Ye Junpo and Ye Yunji, “…”

Was this a piece of shit luck?

The person you are looking for is right in front of you, there could really be nothing more fortunate than this.


Ye Junpo was relieved, it turned out this is how she got the first place!

Good luck was also a kind of strength!

[Ding! Awesomeness XP +10!]

Seeing that the two of them no longer doubted her, Ye Yunxi breathed a sigh of relief, she couldn’t say that the soul had been replaced in this shell, right?

“Dad, when will the filming start?”

“When you come back to school, but what you said is so good, Dad really doesn’t have the confidence to make this film well.”

[Ding! Trigger task: Make the movie a hit, please help Ye Junpo to release the new movie perfectly. The reward value is based on the movie’s final release popularity!]

Ye Yunxi: …

System, you really refuse to let me take a breath!

[The host is great! The system firmly believes that you will be able to complete the task perfectly! Love you love you so much!]

The system seemed to have incarnated a little fan girl as it gave her a passionate kiss.

“What is the maximum reward you can give me?”

It was okay to let her do the task, but if the reward was just a little bit, it was better for her not to do it.

[The upper limit of Awesomeness XP is 50,000, and the upper limit of physical strength is 50!]

50 physical strength?

She now had 32 points of physical strength, and her physical condition had just reached the passing line of the 400 test.

With another 50 points of physical strength, maybe 800 meters could also be a full score.

In that case, she should barely be able to adapt to Junyao’s practice intensity, right?

She still needed to earn a little more physical strength.


It seemed that the studio had to be put on the agenda. If there was no studio, where could she go to stir up the heat?

Just as she was thinking, a text message sounded from her mobile phone, she opened the phone and glanced at it.

In the text message sent by Di Junxie, he wrote a few words in a short and succinct manner: “Congratulations, victory is on its way.”

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