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RCFS Ch. 67: Face Slapping Begins 3


Translator: SJade, Editor: Dj22031

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Next week?

That was after the Junyao exam.

Ye Yunxi went home to make up for some sleep, and did not continue with her morning exercise for the first time.

“Yunxi, you didn’t train in the morning today?”

Ye Yunji changed into a sports suit, pressed his legs and twisted his waist at the door, eager to try.

God, he could feel his whole body full of power!

So, why did Yunxi suddenly stop running?

“Today is Junyao’s exam, therefore, I’m saving some physical strength!”

“Junyao?” Ye Yunji was full of energy: “Really? The cultural exam has been completed? So today is the actual combat simulation test? Don’t worry, Junyao is not a military academy after all. It won’t be too difficult, don’t be nervous, don’t be nervous!”

The more Ye Yunji said, the more nervous he became, and after a while, he was sweating profusely.

“Brother, why are you nervous?”

“Ehhh…, am I nervous? Am I nervous?? No!”

“I’ll do my best, let’s go!”

With a wave of her hand, Ye Yunxi turned and left.

The test site was located in the downtown gymnasium, where all the candidates had gathered.

A teacher-like person held a microphone and said, “Welcome everyone, you are here to participate in Junyao’s actual combat mock test. Today’s test content is very simple. You are to divide in groups of five, we have put five suspicious people in the southern suburbs, and only one of them is a drug dealer, your test question is to catch this drug dealer. Our examiners will observe your actions secretly. Even if you don’t catch the drug dealer, if there are any remarkable actions in the competition, it can also be used as a bonus item.”

“It starts at midnight, and everyone must return here before five o’clock in the evening. The rule is that there are no rules, until someone is caught!”

“Then, the exam begins, disband!”

Hearing this, the students quickly found suitable teammates.

As for Ye Yunxi, well, such a famous trash, of course no one wanted to be with her.

On the other hand, Helian Moxie came first and followed Ye Yunxi’s team, and then Wang Tingting and Sun Chao also came one after another.

“Look, there are actually people who are in a team with that trash!”

“I guess they really have no team, right?”

“That would be miserable, these people are definitely the same as that trash, the rhythm of hanging properly!”

“However, this time it seems to be a group of five. If they don’t have enough people, will they be eliminated directly!”

The laughter grew louder and louder. Everyone was actually watching the fun.

“Hey, is there one person missing from your team? Then can I join?”

A grinning boy came out of the crowd. He was very handsome, with blond hair and looked very cheerful.

“My name is Fang You, from Nan Cheng College, few people from our school come to take the test for Junyao, it’s really depressing that there are not enough people in the group, but you happen to be missing one, although we don’t know each other from before, but now we know each other, right? Huh? Haha, can I join your group?”

Fang You opened his mouth and managed to get the three people in the team to cover their ears, so noisy!

Only the remaining Ye Yunxi seemed to be unaffected at all, and glanced at him lightly: “Let’s go!”

Tsk, this legendary trash girl was quite cool!

Fang You laughed and moved his legs to follow.

“Wanting, they have gathered together.”

Ye Zhongwen couldn’t help saying.

“So, what if they have gathered together?”

Ye Wanting hooked the corner of her mouth: “Did you hear what the examiner said? The rules of this game are that there are no rules!”

The two of them looked at each other and sneered.

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