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Regarding the unified examination, Chris and Princess Black Bear’s attitude and their response was beyond Qiao Xi’s expectation.

In their words: “If the test is too bad, it will be too shameful.”

“…” Qiao Xi decided to encourage them to study hard regardless of their ultimate goal.

As for the exam organizing committee, what happened this year shocked them—why did the orc royal families become so enthusiastic about the unified exam?

One princess, one prince, two princes, three princes…

“This, this is too much, right? In other words, there are so many princes and princesses who are just 17 or 18 years old?!” The staff of the organizing committee was surprised.

“I didn’t pay attention to it before today, and it’s just those who came to take the exam…”

Their children actually started to study hard and planned to take the unified exam!

Most of the kings and queens of the beast tribe encouraged their children to have this attitude towards learning, and they were glad that they had the courage to compete with other people. In order to show the importance of this, they planned to visit the exam city site in person!

Therefore, the organizing committee would be receiving even more heavyweights.

“The Leopard Clan, Tiger Clan, Lion Clan, hey, although not all the beast kings and queens are coming, but the Three Meow Alliance are all dispatched? The Bear Clan’s eldest prince, the Snake Clan’s queen, and also the eldest prince of the Wolf Clan. Hey, what is the prince of the Whale clan doing here? Isn’t he the only prince in their clan, and he isn’t going to take the exam… and the bird clan? The bird clan’s king, queen, and princess are also coming!”

The organizing committee turned around, and found that so many important people were coming in person, so they had to prepare more. Of course, the big people had to be paid attention to, and the staff from various clans had also increased accordingly. The organizing committee also had to allocate more space to arrange this exam and the entire exam city better.

So, they felt both painful and happy.

“So many people are coming?” Bird King was surprised when he heard the news.

He didn’t drink that day, but because of drinking all the year round, two lumps of red had long been printed on his face, and he looked drunk even when he was sober.

“Don’t you know the reason? What’s going on with the unified examination this year?” the queen asked cautiously.

“I don’t know,” Bird King shook his head confusedly. After thinking about it, he was still nervous, “Do you think it’s really not necessary to find Qiao Xi?”

Bird King was tangled again.

Not long ago, the wolf queen suddenly came to contact them, and said to them with a very bad tone, almost scolding them!

——Qiao Xi actually knows the prince of the whale clan, and it seems that they have been friends for a long time! Their bird clan gave Qiao Xi to Jing Yu. Now that the whale clan prince knows about this, it is impossible for him to form an alliance with Jing Yu and the wolf clan through the wolf queen, and it might even have been a cheap deal for Jing Yan!

The Bird King felt very wronged, how would he know that Qiao Xi had friendship with the whale clan, and if he knew, would he give Qiao Xi to the wolf clan!

Moreover, the request for the important person was put forward by the Wolf Queen, and the person was bullied by Jing Yu. As the two guards said at the beginning, in the end, Qiao Xi was also thrown by Jing Yu to Jing Yan… After he heard about the relationship between Qiao Xi and Jing Yan, the Bird King was indeed worried that the Wolf Queen would be angry, but they were really wronged in this matter.

By the way, what happened to Qiao Xi?

For the first time, the Bird King really realized that he didn’t know his youngest son at all.

He didn’t know what his youngest son was thinking, what he had experienced in the past, and what friends he had made.

Of course, the Bird King admitted that he didn’t take him seriously. After all, he had so many children, and Qiao Xi was the ugliest one. He never liked this little son very much.

After the call from the Wolf Queen, the Bird King and the Queen looked at each other, and finally thought hesitantly… Should they contact Qiao Xi? Maybe… they had to find a way to get Qiao Xi back?

The Wolf Queen, with the Three Meow Alliance, the Butterfly Clan, and now the Whale Clan, who were friends with Jing Yan, was afraid to touch him, but what if Qiao Xi also knew the other princes and princesses of the Orc Clans? After all, he had the ability to secretly hook up with the whale prince, if they could use Qiao Xi to contact the other orc alliances… Although they were not sure how much possibility of that was there.

The two of them never figured out how to deal with this matter, or they were accustomed to ignoring their younger son, so they couldn’t pay attention to it so quickly and thoroughly.

And Qiao Xi was now complaining about them, right? They really didn’t take the initiative to contact him in the past, they didn’t know what the attitude of the child would be.

The two had always felt guilty about this matter, so they kept hesitating and pushing back and forth, as neither of them wanted to be the one who took the initiative to contact Qiao Xi.

In the end, the Queen gritted her teeth and said, “Let’s go directly to the Wolf King’s Palace to bring Qiao Xi back together some time! Anyway, we are going there in person, so we will definitely be able to bring the people back!”

Qiao Xi would not refuse, so long as the Wolf King and Wolf Queen were willing to let people go.

The time had just arrived for the unified examination, and so the people from the organizing committee took the initiative to contact them and confirmed to them Qiao Xi’s registration status for the examination.

The couple answered the phone and got a little angry. They didn’t even know such an important matter of their child going to take the unified examination. Now if they took the initiative to go to the Wolf Palace to pick them up, it would be as if they were really catching up.

They deliberated for a few days, and looked at the inexplicable attendant for a few days, then finally the Queen said in a gloomy voice: “Forget it, we are busy recently, so let’s go directly to the exam city next month. It would be a surprise for Qiao Xi. He would get to know we still care about him, and Qiao Xi probably won’t blame us anymore.”

After making this decision, they both secretly breathed a sigh of relief knowing that they would not have to face the cold face of their youngest son for a while.

At this time, seeing the Bird King getting tangled again, the Queen said impatiently: “Okay, pick him up if you can, don’t worry anymore.”

“I’m just afraid that the Wolf Queen will be unhappy…” The Bird King muttered.

“We have to do some superficial work, right? People were sent over to play with them. Let’s apologize to the whale clan and show a smile. In the future, let Qiao Xi and Jing Yan keep a distance, and she will not turn against us.” The Queen herself was also very unconfident, she paused and gritted her teeth, “Anyway, let’s talk about it when the time comes!”

There was no harm in going, even if they couldn’t pick up Qiao Xi, this time so many people were going to the exam city, they could also socialize, and get acquainted with those strong clans.

Those strong clans were too difficult to please, they must seize this opportunity, that is what the Queen was thinking.

The last month before the unified examination passed quickly. At the beginning of October, two days before the unified examination, Qiao Xi and the others officially set off.

Jing Yan went with them. On the one hand, he wanted to take advantage of these few days to rest, and on the other hand, he did not want to be separated from his little chick.

Qiao Xi, Chris and Jing Yi were taking the exam, while Hei Yu, A Xue and Jiao Yue would look after the house.

The group got on the flying car in the morning and arrived in the test city in the afternoon, then they checked into the hotel arranged by the organizing committee.

Qiao Xi said to Jing Yan, “I made an appointment with two of my high school classmates to have a meal together later…”

They also saw Chris carrying a small bag specially for going out, as he opened the door and came in and shouted, “Go, go out for a walk. I’m going wandering, I saw a lot of fox clan on the way here just now!”

When Qiao Xi heard this, he remembered the fox clan beauties of different styles he had just seen, his eyes lit up, and he also said excitedly: “Okay, okay, then I’ll go with you, and I’ll go to the restaurant I planned to meet with my friends at later.”

Jing Yan was taken aback for a moment.

Chris and Jing Yi waved their paws at Qiao Xi: “Then let’s go quickly and see the beauties!”

The little chick ran towards the two of them with a small burden and his slender legs.

Jing Yan regained his senses, and said angrily: “You wait for me, don’t go! Stop!”

After saying this, he hurried out with a group of guards.

However, it was useless to stop them, they would never be stopped.

Once on the street, orcs from all races could be seen coming and going, among which the fox race was particularly easy to distinguish.

In the crowd, the most sexy and daring ones, men and women with the most delicate makeup and colorful hair, were basically all foxes.

The fox clan’s facial features were soft and charming, and their figure was very good, and all three of them would say “wow” and sigh at every fox who passed them by.

Chris: “They are so beautiful!”

Jing Yi: “They are much prettier than the wolf clan!”

Qiao Xi: “Hmm!”

Jing Yan felt suffocated behind them, and he ran to Qiao Xi’s side, looked at the fox clan in front of Qiao Xi vigilantly, and said, “Don’t look at it, there is nothing to look at, their figure may not be as good as mine, Qiao Xiaoxi, if you want to see, look at me——”

The person from the fox clan who was passing in front of Qiao Xi suddenly blinked at the little chick who had his head raised by the side of the road.

Qiao Xi: “!!!”

So enthusiastic!

Jing Yan: “???”

It’s just blinking, who couldn’t do it???

The author has something to say: Fox clan: wink~~

Jing Yan: Wink!!!!!

Qiao Xi: Pat on the chest (frightened)

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