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The holographic online classroom had ushered in another small student.

“Wow, the whale clan person was introduced by Jing Yan?”

“Jing Yan has become brothers with the whale prince?”

“No, he was introduced by Jing Yan, why…”

The discussion in the classroom was not hidden at all, as everyone’s eyes fell to the back of the classroom together.

The handsome young man sat there with a smile, holding a little leopard in his arms, who was cuddling wildly in his arms.

The little leopard was so pampered that he couldn’t find north, “purring” was coming from his mouth, while his claws were shaking.

Hearing Qiao Xi and Jing Yi chatting about the recent gossip, he still struggled to regain a little bit of consciousness and tried to join the topic: “What? Tell me what’s going on…”

Qiao Xi and Jing Yi turned to look at him, but just after saying a few words, Ye He gently rubbed his hand on the back of the little leopard’s neck, and the little leopard immediately said, “Ha…”

Then he narrowed his eyes and continued to “purr”, as if he had completely lost consciousness.

Qiao Xi: “…”

Jing Yi: “…”

What kind of magic touch was this?

Qiao Xi glanced at Ye He and said, “You don’t seem to be so against the wolf clan and the Three Meow alliance anymore?”

He got along well with Jing Yan, and he and Chris had entered such a delicate relationship- On the day Ye He left, Chris still struggled politely, but when they met on the holographic network, Chris seemed to have completely given up the struggle.

Ye He heard the words and said casually, “It’s not really a conflict, it’s just that with my allergic rhinitis, it is a little annoying.”

Qiao Xi looked at Chris and Ye He, and always felt that the relationship between the two was really strange, but he couldn’t tell what was going on, so he asked casually, “What about your allergic rhinitis in reality?”

If you want to make friends, wouldn’t it be a problem to keep sneezing once you meet in life?

Ye He’s hand stopped.

Without the touch of the magic hand, Chris opened his eyes in confusion and looked at Ye He blankly.

Ye He’s phoenix eyes narrowed slightly, and he said lazily, “I can only go to the hospital to have a look.”


Qiao Xi knew that Ye He had seen a doctor before, but the results were mediocre.

Because he didn’t have much contact with the furry clans in the whale clan, his symptoms were not particularly serious.

Now he actually planned to see a doctor seriously in order to lure Chris, this was like the sun rising out of the west!

“Are you going to see a doctor?” Chris asked dazedly.

“Chris.” Ye He called.

This was Ye He’s first time calling Chris’s name seriously.

The young man’s voice was a little deep and a little gorgeous. Chris, for some reason, suddenly woke up, became nervous, and stammered: “What, what?”

Ye He stretched out his slender index finger and tapped it lightly on his forehead, while whispering, “You should also change your toiletries.”

“Change, what?” Chris whispered, “…More fragrant?”

Ye He raised his lips.

He joked: “Anti-hair fall.”

Chris: “…”

Ye He slapped him and sighed, “If you shed a little less hair, my allergy symptoms would be lessened.”

Chris: ” …Then should I just shave my hair?”

Ye He: “That’s not possible either.”

Chris: What a tough person to please.

At the door of the classroom, Ed the Leopard, who was late because he overslept, saw his twin brother being held in somebody’s arms like a pet cat, and he felt as if he was struck by lightning!

“K, Chris…you…what are you doing?!” Ed asked incredulously, pointing at his snoring brother tremblingly.

“You’re late, he’s been like that for two whole classes.” Princess Black Bear said coolly.

“!!!” Ed exploded, Jing Yan had put some pervert in the class!

Jing Yan, who was dealing with affairs in the palace, sneezed.

After sneezing, he glanced at the blue sky and white clouds outside the window and smiled peacefully.

Although he was a little frightened yesterday, he couldn’t help but sigh later about how many ups and downs there was, after all he had never expected Ye He and Chris to meet each other’s eyes.

He was surprised Chris could also have such a great charm, he was no longer just a sand sculpture leopard, but a coquettish leopard!

But it’s pretty good, anyway, as long as it was not Qiao Xiaoxi, it didn’t matter who Ye He fell in love with, Jing Yan would even be happy to assist him.

If the coquettish leopard and Ye He could get married one day, he would even give them a big red envelope with joy! Whee!

Time passed quickly, and in a blink of an eye it was September, and the annual Orc National Examination was coming.

When Qiao Xi mentioned this, everyone in the holographic classroom was a little surprised.

“Unified examination? Qiao Xi, do you still pay attention to this?” Princess Black Bear asked.

“Well, before I came to the wolf clan, I was planning to take the exam,” Qiao Xi said obediently, “I also want to go to university.”

“Going to university” was a very distant concept for most princes and princesses.

“Is it fun to go to college?” Jing Yi asked curiously.

Qiao Xi thought for a while, then smiled: “It’s not fun, it’s just that you can freely choose the major you like to study, and if the test scores are good enough, you can choose the best school and the best teacher for that major.”

“You can summon the best teacher into the palace.” Ed said while baring his teeth and staring at Ye He.

Ever since Ye He joined this classroom, Ed was no longer calm. He tried hard to persuade his younger brother to find his way back and failed, so he tried to kill Ye He with his eyes every day.

But when after he went offline, he told his parents that the other son of their family was being treated by a pervert as a cat, his parents were just surprised and said: “Whales? The whales are willing to make friends with Chris? That’s good, don’t you disturb them!”

Ed wanted to say, no, look at Chris’s state, I don’t know if it will be good for the whales to be friendly with us one day! But your son will be kidnapped!

Of course, everything Ed did was obviously useless, anyway, Chris was spending every day under Ye He’s magical power.

Qiao Xi even felt that Chris’s hair had become more slick and slippery, as if it had been moisturized.

At this time, when he heard Ed’s words, he could only smile helplessly.

Taking classes in a university and taking classes in the palace had completely different atmospheres.

What’s more, for Qiao Xi, in the palace, he couldn’t study hard at all.

Qiao Xi had discussed this matter with his fourth brother for a long time, and he was very open to it. Heir to the throne or something had nothing to do with him, and he was not interested. He only hoped to learn what he wanted to learn, and if he could, he also hoped to complete his studies in school like ordinary people.

As for school… Qiao Xi thought of this, pursed his lips, and shrank his neck quietly.

The school could wait for the scores to come out and then he would talk about it. He won’t mention this topic for now…

“Unified exam,” said Black Bear Princess, “The exam room for the unified exam seems to be in the middle of the wolf clan, the Three Meow Alliance and the fox clan teritory?”

Everyone nodded.

Orcs’ unified examinations had always been concentrated in a city that did not belong to any orcs, and that city was called “examination city”.

On the days of the unified exam, students from all over the world would gather in the exam city. The exam city and surrounding cities would be very lively at that time. There would never be an empty shop on the commercial street. Hotels and free dormitories were also often full.

In fact, the unified examination had undergone more than two thousand years of changes, and now it was more like an annual celebration for the whole orc race.

However, this system was still of great significance to the candidates, because during the examination period, the admissions personnel of famous orc schools would also come to the examination city, and the candidates could communicate face-to-face with all the schools they intended to join at one time.

At the same time, there would be many famous teachers in the exam city. It was also possible to listen to lectures by famous teachers, have a chance encounter with famous teachers in the restaurant, and be taken directly back by them to be a student after being caught.

Anyway, in addition to the significance of the examination itself, the unified examination was also a very lively event.

Princess Black Bear suddenly said, “Otherwise, should we also go and sign up?”

Everyone was taken aback.

Princess Black Bear thought this proposal was wonderful, so she clapped her hands and said excitedly, “Let’s go and see how much we can test, and we can still play with Qiao Xi!”

Everyone looked at each other.

They’d never been to Exam City, so the idea sounded… ok?

Qiao Xi was surprised, they… were going to take the exam with him?

“It’s okay to take part in it,” said Jing Yan, who got to know about it at night, “I originally planned to accompany you anyway. When you finish the exam with other students, we will meet again.”

Holographic classroom

Most of the people in the room had decided to take the exam, and although Ye He didn’t plan to take the exam, he also said that he would meet them there.

“Yes, yes, that’s it!” As soon as he started to play, Chris was excited and roared, “Go to the exam city with Qiao Xi next month!”

After being stunned, Qiao Xi vaguely looked forward to it. They were going to quietly have a big party in Exam City?

Not only the guys in the holographic classroom, but also his friends in the high school class, everyone would gather together!

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