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Rebirth of the Craziest Female Student (RCFS)



In an empty classroom, a group of youths in battle fatigues surround a gasping girl as they hurl insults at her. A hand viciously grabbs her long hair, yanking it back to reveal a bloodied face.

What is going on? Why am I here, surrounded by…students… when I’m supposed to be Yan Kingdom’s strongest lone warrior!

Ye Yunxi furrows her brow briefly as the pain forces her eyes to snap open. Now, she resembles angry red spider lilies blooming with a vengeance.

Ye Yunxi, successor to the Ye clan, is considered a piece of tr*sh, a disgrace to the clan. The bullying she’s suffering now is by no means Ye Wanting’s first attempt to oust her, to gain the position of the Ye clan successor for herself.

Only, now, it is more than Ye Yunxi in this shell of a third year middle school student…

Ye Yunxi is rendered speechless. Character Attribute? Is she still in a dream?

Tags: Adventure, Fantasy, Martial Arts, Mystery, Romance, Shoujo

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1-60Chapter 61Chapter 62Chapter 63Chapter 64
Chapter 65Chapter 66Chapter 67Chapter 68Chapter 69
Chapter 70Chapter 71Chapter 72Chapter 73Chapter 74
Chapter 75Chapter 76Chapter 77Chapter 78Chapter 79
Chapter 80Chapter 81Chapter 82Chapter 83Chapter 84
Chapter 85Chapter 86Chapter 87Chapter 88Chapter 89
Chapter 90Chapter 91Chapter 92Chapter 93Chapter 94
Chapter 95Chapter 96Chapter 97Chapter 98Chapter 99
Chapter 100Chapter 101Chapter 102Chapter 103Chapter 104
Chapter 105Chapter 106Chapter 107Chapter 108Chapter 109
Chapter 110Chapter 111Chapter 112Chapter 113Chapter 114
Chapter 115Chapter 116Chapter 117Chapter 118Chapter 119
Chapter 120Chapter 121Chapter 122Chapter 123Chapter 124
Chapter 125Chapter 126Chapter 127Chapter 128Chapter 129
Chapter 130Chapter 131Chapter 132Chapter 133Chapter 134
Chapter 135Chapter 136Chapter 137Chapter 138Chapter 139
Chapter 140Chapter 141Chapter 142Chapter 143Chapter 144
Chapter 145Chapter 146Chapter 147Chapter 148Chapter 149
Chapter 150Chapter 151Chapter 152Chapter 153Chapter 154
Chapter 155Chapter 156Chapter 157Chapter 158Chapter 159
Chapter 160Chapter 161Chapter 162Chapter 163Chapter 164
Chapter 165Chapter 166Chapter 167Chapter 168Chapter 169
Chapter 170Chapter 171Chapter 172Chapter 173Chapter 174
Chapter 175Chapter 176Chapter 177Chapter 178Chapter 179
Chapter 180 Chapter 181Chapter 182  Chapter 183 Chapter 184
Chapter 185Chapter 186Chapter 187Chapter 188Chapter 189
Chapter 190Chapter 191Chapter 192Chapter 193Chapter 194
Chapter 195Chapter 196Chapter 197Chapter 198Chapter 199
Chapter 200Chapter 201Chapter 202Chapter 203Chapter 204
Chapter 205Chapter 206Chapter 207Chapter 208Chapter 209
Chapter 210Chapter 211Chapter 212Chapter 213Chapter 214
Chapter 215Chapter 216Chapter 217Chapter 218Chapter 219
Chapter 220Chapter 221Chapter 222Chapter 223Chapter 224
Chapter 225Chapter 226Chapter 227Chapter 228Chapter 229
Chapter 230Chapter 231Chapter 232Chapter 233Chapter 234
Chapter 235Chapter 236Chapter 237Chapter 238Chapter 239
Chapter 240Chapter 241Chapter 242Chapter 243Chapter 244
Chapter 245Chapter 246Chapter 247Chapter 248Chapter 249
Chapter 250Chapter 251Chapter 252Chapter 253Chapter 254


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