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RCFS Ch. 84


Translator: SJade, Editor: Dj22031

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Ye Junlai felt dizzy for a while, permanently cancelled!

It was impossible for his daughter to enter Junyao in this life!

And Ye Wanting was trembling with rage!

She looked at Ye Yunxi subconsciously, and how dazzling the engraving letter of admission in her hand was!

“Don’t look at it, didn’t I tell you, I’ve already figured it out for you.”

Ye Yunxi twitched the corners of her mouth, her attitude was both arrogant and lazy. It made Ye Wanting shiver.

She had said that Ye Wanting would never be able to pass the Junyao test in her life!

The words that made her disdain were now ringing in her ears!

She actually, really couldn’t get into Junyao in this life!

Ye Yunxi!

“Oh my God, when Director Jiang said character, did he mean Ye Wanting’s character is not good?”

“Getting credit for nothing? What happened during the exam?”

“God knows, even this trash can win first place, while Ye Wanting was disqualified, this is definitely the most explosive topic this year!”

“I guess it is also the first student in history to be disqualified because of poor character, right?”

“Then the heir to the Ye family this year will definitely not be Ye Wanting, who could it be?”

People looked at Ye Jianxing subconsciously.

The old man’s eyes were still as calm as water, and it seemed that he didn’t pay attention to everything that happened just now.

As expected of the old man!

People secretly admired it, and the situation calmed down. It was no wonder that when the head of the family was in his prime, the Ye family ranked so high in the Sword of the Empire.

If it weren’t for the fact that no one in the younger generation could stand up, the Ye family would not have been squeezed out of the Sword of the Empire!

“Uncle, look at this heir…”

Ye Junlai looked at the old man with the following consciousness.

If Ye Wanting was disqualified, did that mean that the children of their family could also move forward?

Although their children were not as good as Wanting, at least they were better than trash, right?

Now, everyone was looking forward to it.

Today’s family banquet was held to decide the heir, and Wanting was no longer qualified tonight, so would the new heir be them?

Ye Jianxing stood up slowly with the help of Butler Wen. The old man was like a withered tree, which might collapse at any time, but he still said with full energy: “Everyone in my Ye family has a backbone. It’s not for the sake of making a name for themselves, our blood should be shed for the country, so the heir of my Ye family can only be the strong one in the family who is willing to lose even his body, no matter what!”

The old man’s angry words made everyone present excited.

Especially Jiang Baichuan, as an outsider, saw an old man say these words so pertinently, which made him admire him.

However, the current Sword of the Empire was no longer like before. At that time, people were like Ye Jianxing, full of enthusiasm.

Well now.

“So, the future heir of the Ye family will be Ye Yunxi!”

The audience were shocked!

[Ding! Awesomeness XP+10+10+10…]

The system was screaming, handsome, my host is big, Awesomeness XP is blown up again hahaha! Cool!

The old man had vision, heir, it should be given to his host!

But others were restless.

Ye Yunxi would inherit the Ye family?

She also did well in Junyao’s exam this time, right?

Wasn’t it too much of a joke to make her the heir of the entire family just based on this exam?

Ye Junlai gritted his teeth and said, “Too rash! It’s just an exam, what can it prove?”

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