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Yan Qing’s ears rang, and her mouth was dry.

She was controlled by him, she couldn’t move, she didn’t want to move, and her cheeks had heated up under his hands.

Huo Yunshen stared at her gloomily: “Please, I will promise you.”

Yan Qing looked at his eyes, they were bloodshot, his hair was tangled together making him look haggard, his face was also very pale, while his lips were dry, cracked and thin. All this time his fingers were pinching her face causing unusual heat.

His whole person was thinner than the last time they met in the car.

Was he sick…

Yan Qing’s heart felt sore, she knew she should have something to say at this time, but her actions and words were not obeying her orders, she leaned forward limply, hugged his leg, and whispered, “Huo Yunshen, I beg you, take care of yourself, don’t get sick.”

Huo Yunshen ‘s eyes trembled, the corners of his mouth tightened, and he asked her, “Do you care?”

She felt itchy and sore.

He urgently needed an affirmative answer, and his tone increased slightly: “Tell me, do you care?”

Yan Qing cried a little: “You are the legal husband on my marriage certificate, can I not care——”

She used a lot of arrogant words to whitewash her evil deeds of not going home and not seeing him. Who knew that just after saying this, Huo Yunshen suddenly got up and picked her up, as if he had obtained some kind of permission.

Yan Qing suddenly flew into the air, so she held onto his arm in shock. She swayed and fell against his shoulder, and he strode to the second floor in this almost carrying posture.

The bedroom was on the second floor…

Yan Qing panicked, and quickly patted his stiff back: “You… don’t be impulsive! I beg you seriously!”

There were fewer and fewer stairs left, and the bedroom door was close at hand.

In the hotel room, in the car, the memory of being on the edge of losing control twice jumped into Yan Qing’s mind, and the throbbing and nervousness of being attacked by him also flooded up.

She was going to die, she was as thick-skinned as a city wall!

Her body seemed to have a spontaneous reaction and was actually expecting him to continue. Huo Yunshen hadn’t done anything to her yet, but her legs had gone too soft to carry her anymore.

Did she have such an urgent need for him!

Yan Qing was frightened and said casually: “Calm down, I’m here asking you to be serious. I’ll satisfy you if you ask for a normal range of requirements.”

Seeing the bedroom door approaching, she was even more helpless and spineless. So, admitting her mistake, she said: “Shen… Shen! I was wrong, I shouldn’t have left you alone at home…”

When her eyes had gone red, she was placed on the bed, her body hit the soft mattress, and she bounced up slightly into the air, the next moment his tall body covered her body, and his compelling aura was overwhelming.

Yan Qing bit her lip and closed her eyes tightly, but Huo Yunshen fell heavily beside her, his stiff arm trapped her in the crook of his arm, and his voice was hoarse, as he asked: “Again, do you care about me?”

She was stunned.

Huo Yunshen hugged her fiercely, breathing quickly.

Yan Qing suddenly realized that he was really sick, and all the actions just now were probably barely supported.

She quickly turned over and touched his forehead, her hand could not help shrinking, it was too hot!

Huo Yunshen’s chest heaved and he held her wrist tightly: “You want to leave again! You’re going to throw me aside!”

Yan Qing remembered Min Jing’s reluctance to speak when she got into the car and remembered that Huo Yunshen was unusually absent today during the recording, maybe this was the reason!

It could make him limit his actions, to what extent was it difficult to endure?

Without thinking about it, she immediately hugged him back and comforted him by patting him on his back, then she said in a trembling voice, “I won’t leave, I’ll stay to take care of you, you relax first, I’ll go downstairs to find medicine, you stay here, you have a fever!”

“Don’t go!” He was extremely stubborn, with a stern look in his eyes, “You won’t come up when you go downstairs!”

Yan Qing’s throat was blocked, and she gave up and nestled into his arms: “Okay, I’m not going, I’ll stay here.”

When Huo Yunshen calmed down a little, Yan Qing moved slightly, and quickly sent a WeChat message to Min Jing: “Assistant Min, he has a fever, I can’t leave him alone, can I trouble you to deliver the medicine?”

Min Jing replied in seconds: “The family doctor and I are both guarding outside the building, we will come up right away.”

Yan Qing couldn’t get away from Huo Yunshen’s restraint, even if his consciousness had begun to fall asleep, his hand was still tightly restraining her.

She looked at her clothes, they were still neat, so she didn’t care, she let Min Jing bring someone in quietly, and when the family doctor took out the needle, she helped Huo Yunshen turn over, let him face her, and hugged him gently.

Huo Yunshen was treated kindly by her, the tense muscles all over his body gradually eased, and his vigilance became weaker.

The family doctor finally got a chance to get close.

Yan Qing unbuttoned his collar and exposed his upper arms. She couldn’t say why, but the end of her eyes suddenly became wet.

He relied on her so much, trusted her.

She stroked Huo Yunshen’s head, made him lean against her neck, and comforted in a low voice, “It’s alright, it won’t hurt, just sleep.”

The needle was pierced, the medicine was mixed with calming antipyretics, so Huo Yunshen’s eyes widened for a moment then he shut his eyes tightly.

After everyone left, Yan Qing hugged him in a daze, and heard him say vaguely, “It hurts.”

“Where does it hurt?” She worried, “Is it the arm? Or somewhere else?”

Huo Yunshen slowly raised his hand unconsciously, then resting it on her chest, he stopped making a sound.

Yan Qing was silent for a long time in the night, and lowered her head helplessly, her lips gently resting on the corner of his mouth.

He said he was in pain.

In the second half of the night, Yan Qing got out of Huo Yunshen’s arms and saw Min Jing’s message to her from a few hours ago: “Brother Shen has been in a very bad mood lately, no one dares to approach him, in fact he has been sick several times. It wasn’t serious at first, but he resisted taking the medicine, and scared the family doctor so much that he didn’t dare to enter the door. So, I wanted to pick you up.”

“As for your teammate’s owner, the scandal was exposed at the behest of Brother Shen. He always wanted to wait for you to come back, but when he couldn’t wait, he tried something, since he just wanted you to go home. Don’t blame him, your teammate’s contract has already been made, and she will sign it soon.”

“Also, it’s best to give him medicine again at night to strengthen the effect, so that he does not get fever again.”

Yan Qing looked ahead, and there was still a lot to say. She wanted to talk and ask, but at the end of the day, nothing else mattered.

She got up and saw the prepared medicine on the bedside table. After adjusting a little bit, she took care of Huo Yunshen and made him drink it with a small spoon. When she put the bowl back, she noticed that the drawer below was a little open.

This was not the bedroom where she slept, but Huo Yunshen’s room. She seldom came here, so she didn’t know what was in it.

She planned to close it for him, but when her eyes fell, she accidentally caught a glimpse of her own face.

No, it was Yun Qing’s face.

Yan Qing couldn’t help pulling the drawer open, and there was an open photo album on top.

The album was very thick and full from start to finish, all of which were photos of Yun Qing.

There was a single person in all the photos. She looked like a sweet girl. She wore school uniforms and various skirts. Her long hair was tied into a ponytail. She was a pure beauty.

She flipped to the back and saw a couple photo of the two people.

The young Huo Yunshen looked deeply rebellious. He was not as deep and gentle as he was now. His eyebrows were open and sharp, and he was full of angry energy. There were also scars on his face, and his clothes were not carefully worn.

He was holding Yun Qing, and his eyes were full of possession and deep love.

Yan Qing sat on the ground, the more her heart hurt, the more she couldn’t control it and wanted to turn over.

By the end, she was holding her forehead, and her temples had never experienced such a severe pain. For every photo, she vaguely remembered the scene at that time, as if a small theatre had been automatically opened.

Just like on the day of the MV shooting, she chased Huo Yunshen out and wrote that note because she had seen Yun Qing’s handwriting in the closet during the night she stayed at his company.

Not only did she leave an impression, but she also automatically filled in the scene when it happened, and even…when a similar situation occurred, she subconsciously imitated it.

Yan Qing’s lips turned white.

She stared at the two sweet people in the photo, and found out in despair that she was indeed… imitating Yun Qing, and using more shameless words, she hoped that she could become Yun Qing.

This realization made Yan Qing hate herself.

She lost her self, and in order to absorb Huo Yunshen’s love, she became so unreasonable.

Yan Qing put the album away and sat on the edge of the bed with her knees in her arms. She sat foolishly until the early morning, when she crawled back into Huo Yunshen’s arms, hugging his waist and shaking.

Huo Yunshen was still in a state of drowsiness, feeling the heat source he was greedy for approaching, he murmured in a low voice, “Don’t go.”


“Don’t leave me.”


“Qingqing, I miss you.”

Yan Qing burst into tears and couldn’t take it anymore.

She was stealing him.

After dawn, Huo Yunshen’s fever subsided, and he was much more stable, but the calming effect of the medicine had not passed, and he was still asleep.

An Lan’s WeChat messages came one by one quickly.

“Yanyan, where have you been, can you come back soon? There is a very popular variety show that wants to invite a few of you who are popular and stable to be regular guests. The person in charge is now in the show group and needs an interview. You are the most popular one, if you don’t show up, they won’t sign, everyone is waiting for you.”

“When our show ends and you officially debut, you can enter this variety show seamlessly, which will be very beneficial, and there may not be a more suitable choice than it.”

“The little girls behind you are about to cry, for fear of delaying the matter.”

Yan Qing took a breath: “Okay, I’ll be there as soon as possible.”

This was a big event for the group of girls, and she couldn’t make a mistake because of her issues.

The curtains were drawn, and the room was dark. Yan Qing put down her phone, hugged Huo Yunshen again, raised her head and kissed him on the face. After indulging herself, she released her hand and left his embrace.

Yan Qing wiped away her tears, returned to the program group, and smoothly met the person in charge of the variety show.

At the same time, the person in charge decided on the top three popular players, including her, to make a stable debut without any worries, and proposed to arrange them to go to the first recording site to adapt to the environment and mode, and to shoot a pilot trailer. The other guests had all been settled before. They were the last group. The situation was special and they must catch up with the progress.

Yan Qing had been absent-minded all this time, An Lan was in charge of communication and finalization, the itinerary was soon notified, and they would set off in the afternoon.

Going again.

She thought uncomfortably about Huo Yunshen’s body.

But she knew better than ever that if she went to his side again, the only thing waiting for her would be them torturing each other.

When she left, his fever had subsided, and he would be better when he woke up… His diet and sleep had also improved a lot… She should control herself.

She must take advantage of leaving the city and being unable to go find him, she should continue to be busy in the future. When she disappointed him more times, his enthusiasm should diminish…

Maybe before the end of three years, he would no longer be obsessed with her as a substitute.

Yan Qing was thinking about this in a daze, and couldn’t tell whether it was really possible or if she was foolishly deceiving herself.

The recording place of the variety show was not far from Haicheng. The journey took more than an hour. Because the itinerary was urgent and confidential, no fans knew about it, and the journey was quiet.

While Yan Qing was at the airport and on the plane, in front of her eyes was the figure of Huo Yunshen who supported her and accompanied her the whole time last time.

She closed her eyes and didn’t want to open them. She sent a message to Min Jing before taking off, asking how Huo Yunshen was doing, but Min Jing abnormally didn’t reply. From the morning to now, Huo Yunshen didn’t come to her to settle accounts.

The flight attendant was urging them to shut down their appliances.

Yan Qing was restless. She was looking forward to finally getting off the plane, but her phone was still empty, and there was still no news.

What happened to Huo Yunshen!

She couldn’t stabilize her heart, she just wanted to know about his health. She called Min Jing, but he didn’t answer. She was really anxious, so she went out and called Huo Yunshen, but it didn’t work.

“Yanyan, what’s the matter? Your face is so bad?”

Yan Qing frowned and shook her head, her nose turning red with soreness.

At this time, she was already in the car of the person in charge of the variety show, and the group of people was happily going to the shooting location. She checked the flights, and the earliest return flight was at ten o’clock in the evening.

“Sister An Lan, I have something very important. Can I go back to Haicheng first at night,” Yan Qing whispered to An Lan, “I’ll definitely come over by tomorrow morning, so I won’t miss it.”

She wanted to make sure of his safety.

Although An Lan was worried, she still booked a plane ticket for her and promised to send her offf.

The intervening hours were the time for the team to break in. Yan Qing kept her state as normal as possible, and cooperated with the difficult tasks. When the work came to an end at 8:00, she immediately packed her things and went to the airport.

When she was about to get into the car, her phone buzzed.

Yan Qing was shocked and hurriedly picked it up to look at it. It was Min Jing’s belated reply. She just glanced at it and the phone slammed to the ground.

She gasped for breath, hurriedly picked it up, enlarged the picture in disbelief, her hands trembling.

It was a screenshot of a news item. The head of the Huo family suddenly fell into a coma and was in critical condition. The Huo group may fall into chaos.

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