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RNMG Ch. 26


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Si Huang returned to the hotel where the crew was living, thinking that she would be lectured by Director Liu, but he didn’t even see him. It wasn’t until he saw Yu Xi in his room and listened to his complaints that she came to know that he had helped him hide it.

“If you hadn’t come back today, I was going to tell Director Liu.” With a haggard face, Yu Xi stared straight at Si Huang, “What have you been doing?” As Si Huang’s agent and the victim, Yu Xi felt that he had a good reason to ask the other party for an explanation.

Si Huang sighed, “I met a beast on the mountain.” Yu Xi didn’t have such a strong psychological quality, and his wide-eyed appearance made Si Huang laugh out loud, “Although I was dragged into the beast’s nest for a while, it was just a night, but I’m back now.”

Yu Xi: “…” Should he believe it or not?

Whether he believed it or not, Si Huang continued: “But this time, thanks to you, you really are a good helper.”

Yu Xi let out a “tsk”, hiding the joy of being recognized by her, and stood up: “It’s fine if you’re fine, I’ll go back to sleep now.”

“Go.” Si Huang watched him leave.

With the door closed, Si Huang took a shower first, changed into fresh and clean clothes, and leaned on the sofa chair lazily in the heated room. The laptop in front of her was turned on, and she thought about getting on Weibo.

[Si Huang V: I had a fight with the beast today, but I didn’t win.

This Weibo had just been sent, and a reply appeared immediately within a few seconds.

“Your Majesty, is your dragon body okay? What kind of beast is it? I will kill it!”

“Sharpen the knife to kill the beast! Kill, kill! [Knife] [Knife] [Angry]”

“Your Majesty, don’t worry, The Lun family will give you a rub, Your Majesty has always been great!”

There were more and more replies below the post, some were comforting him, some were scolding the beast, and there were some who also cautiously asking if the ‘beast’ was really a beast? Si Huang carefully read page by page, and was moved by many interesting replies, and laughed several times. The depression that Qin Fan had brought out before also disappeared, and the whole person was refreshed.

This was one of the ways she eased her mood in her previous life. Every time she felt that she couldn’t hold on and was about to be driven crazy by pressure, she would come and post a Weibo, and feel the love and comfort of fans through a layer of network. The words of so many talents and wonderful people were all warm and funny.

Si Huang, who was in a good mood, shut down the website of Weibo, then opened the stock market and started to do business.

On the other hand, the moods of the people in the Qin family were also different.

Tie Lao and Grandma Yu left after having lunch at Qin’s house, leaving Qin Fan, Grandpa Qin and his wife behind. Grandma Xiang asked everyone else to leave before asking Qin Fan seriously, “What happened to the child yesterday? What did you do to him at night?”

Qin Fan said, “He can calm me down.”

The grandfather who had just picked up the teacup slammed the teacup back onto the table, but the tea was splashed on the back of his hand without him paying attention. Staring at Qin Fan, he asked, “Are you sure?”

Qin Fan nodded, “This was the most comfortable sleep I’ve had in the past ten years.”

Grandma Xiang and Grandfather Qin looked at each other, and they both believed what Qin Fan said, his current mental state did look good.

Grandma Xiang sighed bitterly, “Then why didn’t you keep people behind.” How important was this to him!

Qin Fan’s mind went to the appearance of Si Huang when he left, and he got up after two seconds of silence, “He’s not a domestic pet.”

Besides, he tried to keep him, but he didn’t want to, and he annoyed people.

Grandma Xiang wanted to stop Qin Fan from leaving and ask him to talk more, but Grandpa Qin stopped him and said in a low voice, “You don’t know him yet. If it’s not his soldiers, and it’s others and they don’t want to, he won’t force them.”


The next day, due to the encounter with Qin Fan, Si Huang lost interest in going for a morning run in Weiming Mountain, so he stayed and worked out in the hotel gym for a while, and the door was knocked not long after him returning to the room.

“I was too tired yesterday and forgot to ask, why did you let me go to the sixth stop?” Yu Xi sat opposite Si Huang.

Si Huang brought over the backpack that he had put aside yesterday, and inside it were books.

Yu Xi was stunned, when Si Huang started saying, “There is a cafe with a good environment at the sixth stop… You came just in time, give me lessons.”

Yu Xi: “…”

Si Huang got up and sat down beside him, then she smiled helplessly: “You know what major I was in before, I want to go to a famous university, but my grades are really not good.” In her previous life, she was admitted to the Huaxing Art School in this city, but she had other plans in this life, but her original grades were not up to the standard.

Yu Xi still stared at her blankly.

Si Huang: “What’s the problem?”

Yu Xi: “…Nothing.” I just suddenly feel that you are down-to-earth!

Si Huang had always given him the feeling that he was omnipotent, which made people feel ashamed. Was he saying that his grades were not good now? Yu Xi quietly looked at his fair and meticulous profile when he was teaching, and he looked serious while studying. Not only did he not raise any thoughts of looking down on the other person, but he felt that this person was even more dazzling and difficult to chase because he was so perfect. He was striving to improve himself without slackening for a moment, and without any arrogance.

It really made people not even able to feel jealous… Yu Xi sighed secretly in his heart.

The three-day vacation seemed to pass in the blink of an eye, and the crew quickly started working.

Si Huang always got up early, and when he came to the location where the crew was shooting the stills, even Director Liu hadn’t arrived. There were only the lighting engineer and the set master in the crew. When they noticed Si Huang, except for the warm greetings from the women, everyone else just glanced at him, while he could vaguely hear a few men talking.

Si Huang didn’t seem to hear it. This level of problem was nothing to her at all. The entertainment industry was like this. Before people became popular, it was too difficult to get the enthusiasm of others, let alone from the ‘same sex’.

“Your Majesty—!”

Si Huang turned to see a familiar female face and smiled as he walked towards her: “Morning.”

Du Qiang smiled until her eyes narrowed into a line, “Your Majesty is really early.” Si Huang was wearing sports clothes, so she asked him: “Does your Majesty do morning exercises?”

“Well, running.” Si Huang led her into the dressing room, and her melodious tone made people feel happy.

Du Qiang quietly remembered this in her heart, “No wonder Your Majesty’s spirit is so good!” In the end, there was no embarrassment when talking about the figure directly, not to mention under the loose sportswear, she really couldn’t tell anything, but from the size and overall look, it already felt attractive.

Si Huang smiled and then said, “I’ll trouble you again this time.”

Du Qiang waved her hand quickly and said no, while the villain in her heart was madly howling: Your Majesty is really a gentleman and gentle! Why can’t she be ten years younger?

While putting on makeup for him, Du Qiang occasionally chatted with Si Huang, calling him with his nickname, and Si Huang responded mildly, when suddenly a soft female voice interjected: “Your Majesty? Brother Yiyuan, those who don’t know would think he is the protagonist, don’t you think?”

Du Qiang stopped, anger flashed in her eyes, but she saw Si Huang smiling at her, and immediately swallowed her retort. However, the villain in her heart clenched her fist: She had promised her friends to take good care of His Majesty, and she must not cause trouble for His Majesty!

Si Huang just turned to look at the few people at the door.

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