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CFCS Ch. 189: Anyang Saga (10)


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“Please let him come out, this Prince has something to ask him.” Su Huai stood at the bow of the boat and said to the guards of the Annan palace.

After a while, Xue Chengyu came out. He glanced at the people behind Su Huai, then looked at Su Huai blankly and said, “What do you want to ask me, Your Highness?”

As soon as Su Huai saw Xue Chengyu, he couldn’t help it. His face blushed and his heart began to beat fast, and even the anger just now had disappeared, but he still remembered that in front of so many people, he should show the momentum he should have, so he pretended to be calm and said, “I don’t know who played the pipa just now. If it is a person from the geisha boat, whose skills are so superb and he was playing just as this Prince is entertaining guests on the boat, why didn’t he come over and play a song for this Prince’s guests?”

As soon as he opened his mouth, he insisted that Jing Yang was a geisha, and he wanted Jing Yang to perform in a show-stopping manner. He thought that if he assumed the identity of the Prince, Xue Chengyu would not reject him in front of so many people.

Xue Chengyu was very unhappy when he heard Su Huai insulting Jing Yang, and once he was unhappy, someone would definitely be unlucky, so he said coldly, “The one who played the pipa just now was my betrothal partner, he doesn’t like to show his face. And he won’t play for anyone other than me.”

“A betrothed?!” Su Huai was shocked, unwilling to believe Xue Chengyu’s words, he asked, “When did the prince have a betrothed? Why doesn’t this Prince know about it?”

“When I have a betrothed, I don’t need to report it to the Prince, right? The Prince is neither my elder nor my relative or friend. If I have a betrothed, what does it have to do with the Prince?” What Xue Chengyu meant was, you are not anything to me, what does it matter to you if I have a marriage partner?

Su Huai’s hand hidden in his sleeve clenched into a fist tightly, he suppressed the anger that rose again in his heart and said, “I have never heard about the prince being engaged before, I am afraid that even my father does not know about it. So, this Prince is very curious, when did the prince get engaged.”

“I have been engaged for many years. My betrothal partner is my savior. He saved my life when I was in the south. It was also in the south that my father fixed the marriage for us. Soon we will be getting married, the Prince can then come and drink our wedding wine.”

Su Huai took a deep breath, he could no longer maintain the expression on his face, but he still insisted on keeping calm and talking to Xue Chengyu, “Since he is the savior of the prince, that is the person who has done good for my Dayan, it is better for the prince to invite him out, and this Prince will personally thank this person who has done good for Dayan.”

Jing Yang was actually near the door, and when he heard this, he knew it was time to show himself.

Xue Chengyu didn’t want Jing Yang to come forward and was about to refuse when he heard Jing Yang’s voice.

“Prince…” Jing Yang walked out with the help of Zhu Xin, but he still had a veil on.

Xue Chengyu hurriedly walked over to take Zhu Xin’s place, supported Jing Yang and said, “Why did you come out? It’s windy outside, be careful it’s getting cold.”

Su Huai heard Xue Chengyu’s gentle and caring tone, and his jealous heart trembled, because Jing Yang was wearing a veil, and he couldn’t see his face clearly, so the first thing he saw was Jing Yang’s red clothes, and he was even more disgusted in his heart. What Su Huai hated most was red, because the Prince An Yang of the previous dynasty always wore red clothes, and some people said that the Prince An Yang was as dazzling as the scorching sun, so beautiful that people dared not look at him directly.

Over the years, almost everyone in the imperial capital knew that Su Huai didn’t like red, and no one dared to wear red when they were going to see him. Jing Yang’s red outfit today really made him look dazzling and made him even more angry.

“My betrothal partner is not in good health and can’t be blown by the air. It’s too late now, so let’s say goodbye first. Please continue to have fun, Prince.” Xue Chengyu helped Jing Yang in after he finished speaking.

“Wait!” Su Huai shouted loudly, his voice clearly revealing his inner displeasure, “After meeting by chance, it’s better to ask him… How about playing a song?”

Su Huai made up his mind to humiliate Jing Yang today, so as to get rid of the anger in his heart, so he wouldn’t let them leave easily.

“As I said just now, my betrothal partner is not in good health, and doesn’t like to show up in public. It’s up to the Prince to play this kind of thing for everyone.” Xue Chengyu’s tone was full of irony, looking at Su Huai’s expression, his eyes were also full of disdain.

Su Huai was completely irritated. When he was not even the Prince, then also he had never been humiliated like this. After he became the Prince, no one dared to talk to him like this. When the words come, he could only stand there shaking.

At this time, someone who couldn’t understand Xue Chengyu’s attitude towards Su Huai and who was dedicated to defending Su Huai stood up, “Xue Chengyu! Don’t go too far, you are a prince, but you dare to be so disrespectful to the Prince, in your eyes, is there His Majesty the Emperor, does your Xue family not take the Dayan royal family too seriously?!”

The people behind Su Huai were all very good at assessing the situation, and they knew very well that although Su Huai was the Prince and his status was noble, but it was an open secret that the Annan Palace did not take the Dayan royal family seriously. The Xue family’s father and son held military power, had deep popular support, and had a group of old officials behind them. Even the Emperor couldn’t touch their family now and could do nothing to their family. Moreover, Xue Chengyu had a reputation for being brutal and vicious, so they wouldn’t be stupid enough to offend Xue Chengyu in order to help Su Huai out.

The only fool who jumped out was Liao Jie, whom Su Huai had recently taken a fancy to. He was tall and strong, but simple-minded. His father was also a general, but compared to Xue Chengyu, the general of Zhennan, his rank was more than a little bit worse. However, their family was very loyal to Emperor Dayan, so Liao Jie was also very protective of Su Huai. In addition to being close to Su Huai recently, he thought that Su Huai really loved him, and naturally he couldn’t see Su Huai being wronged.

For someone like Liao Jie, Xue Chengyu didn’t even bother to look at him, and when he talked to him, he surrendered his identity, so he ignored his words.

Although Liao Jie was not smart compared to other people here, he still had the IQ of a normal person. Seeing that Xue Chengyu ignored him, he naturally knew that Xue Chengyu didn’t look highly on him at all, so he didn’t bother to answer his words. The feeling of humiliation made him feel ashamed. With red eyes, he looked like he was going to rush up to start a fight with Xue Chengyu.

Jing Yang leaned in Xue Chengyu’s arms and looked up at Su Huai’s clothes. Although he was wearing a veil, the person on the other side couldn’t see his face, but the eyes he suddenly raised shocked the people over there. Everybody was amazed and sighed in their hearts that someone in this world could have such beautiful eyes, no wonder Xue Chengyu didn’t even look favorably on the Prince, and only treated this person gently.

Su Huai was also stunned after seeing Jing Yang’s eyes. He felt that Jing Yang’s eyes were very familiar, as if he had seen them somewhere. But his jealousy soon made him forget when he had seen those eyes. At this moment, he just wanted to dig out Jing Yang’s eyes to vent his anger.

“If His Highness insists on listening to me play, why not invite His Highness to come to our ship?” Jing Yang looked up at Xue Chengyu and asked.

Xue Chengyu put his arms around Jing Yang and didn’t answer him, but turned to look at Su Huai, who he obviously didn’t want to agree.

Su Huai was already provoked, and Xue Chengyu’s expression made him even more unwilling to let them go. He wanted to see what kind of person could make Xue Chengyu protect him like this. He didn’t believe that he couldn’t compare to this person.

Su Huai asked people to put down the pedals and was about to go to Xue Chengyu’s boat. Suddenly, he saw a strange light flashing in Jing Yang’s eyes. He was stunned for a moment and thought he was wrong, but suddenly his body turned crooked, and he fell into the water.

“Ah!!! Help…, help… ah!!!” Su Huai shouted in the pitch-black water.




The people on Su Huai’s boat screamed in fright, and the guards jumped into the water to save him.

The cruise ship of the Annan Palace slowly retreated, pulling a distance from Su Huai’s cruise ship.

Su Huai couldn’t swim, and he was wearing clothes that became very heavy after falling into the water. His bodyguards accompanied him in the water for a long time before finally getting him on board.

Su Huai pressed his chest and sat on the ground panting in embarrassment. The terrifying experience of being submerged in water just now left him in shock.

“It seems that His Highness must not be in the mood to listen to the pipa now, so we will leave.” Xue Chengyu’s eyes were filled with contempt and disdain.

Su Huai looked up, but what he happened to see was Jing Yang’s eyes, he again saw a flash of strangeness in Jing Yang’s eyes, and also a look of schadenfreude. Su Huai was so angry that he fainted, and his clothes were messed up again.

The cruise boat of the Annan Palace was rowing towards the shore, Xue Chengyu helped Jing Yang to walk in, “I’m relieved this time, are you comfortable?”

Xue Chengyu deliberately angered Su Huai just now, in order to get him to fall into the water and give Jing Yang an opportunity to vent his anger, but although his behavior was intentional, his disgust with Su Huai was not adulterated at all.

“Hmph,” Jing Yang said, “When everyone with the surname Su be forced to die, my heart will be completely comfortable.”

If other people heard Jing Yang’s words, they would definitely think he was vicious, But Xue Chengyu’s own mind was more vicious and crueler than Jing Yang’s, so Jing Yang’s words had no problem in his ears.

“I’ll help you with these things. You can just wait. Don’t worry, you won’t be asked to wait too long.” Xue Chengyu assured.

After being sent back, Su Huai fell ill. The high fever never subsided. He could only lie in bed every day and drink the medicine he hated the most. Whenever Su Huai thought of Jing Yang’s eyes, he felt very angry. He vowed to himself that he would find an opportunity to gouge out Jing Yang’s eyes to vent his anger. He always felt that he seemed to have seen Jing Yang’s eyes somewhere, and he should have seen it many times, but he couldn’t remember where, even when he thought about it carefully.

Although Su Huai’s soul came from modern times, in addition to the life he remembered very clearly, he seemed to have many other very vague memories. He felt that he should have experienced more than one life, but his memory of other worlds was not very clear.

It was like the song he played on the boat that night. Although he remembered that song very clearly, when he heard that song and other memories about that song were very vague in his mind.

After Xue Chengyu went back, he told King Annan that he was going to marry Jing Yang. King Annan was surprised at first and did not agree immediately. After Xue Chengyu said his reasons, King Annan was a little shaken, but he still felt that Xue Chengyu and Jing Yang getting married at this time, meant taking advantage of others’ troubles.

However, King Annan also knew that the Emperor wanted to marry Su Huai to Xue Chengyu. King Annan knew exactly what kind of person Su Huai was. Although Dayan’s folk customs were open, but as a father, he couldn’t stand his son marrying someone who didn’t know how many green hats he was bringing along, let alone when that person was from the Su family, it was even more impossible.

King Annan inquired about Jing Yang’s wishes, and after receiving a positive answer from Jing Yang, he announced to the public that the two would marry on the 18th of next month. Although the time was a bit rushed, Su Huai already knew about Jing Yang’s existence, so they could only announce their marriage before the Emperor ordered the marriage, so they had a legitimate reason to resist the decree. Otherwise, when the Emperor decreed the marriage, and they said that Xue Chengyu already had someone he wished to marry, it would be too deliberate.

After Su Huai heard the news that Xue Chengyu was going to get married, he didn’t care that he was still sick, he immediately went to the palace to ask the Emperor to decree his marriage. He had made up his mind that he must marry Xue Chengyu in this life.

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