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APY Ch. 167.1: Accident


Translator: SJade, Editor: Dj22031

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Fang Tong kept pouting. Now girls, why did they only look at the face, she had to admit that if she looked at Shen Junyu’s face, this person was definitely a beautiful man, Fu Hengyi had the aura of a strong man, and Han Yi looked evil. But Shen Junyu was definitely a model of a humble gentleman.

But apart from this look, this person was a wolf in sheep’s clothing. If you got close to him, you won’t know how you were eaten.

“Now, let’s announce the last lucky prize. The winner of this prize would dance the opening dance with our president, Mr. Shen Junyu.” The host’s voice sounded in the venue, and the two girls in front looked nervous.

Fang Tong swept her gaze around casually and found that most of the young girls present had such expressions. She couldn’t help feeling a little funny, but she hadn’t expected Shen Junyu to be this popular.

“Miss number 0894 please come to the stage.” In a daze, the host’s voice sounded again, and there was a sound of regret in the venue.

“Miss number 0894 please come to the stage.” The host repeated again.

When they entered the venue, each lady had put on a rose on her chest, and there was a small card under the rose, and the card had the number which the host was talking about.

Shen Qinglan’s face seemed a little surprised, she glanced at Fang Tong’s chest, and sure enough, “0894” was written on her small card.

Shen Qinglan pushed Fang Tong, “Go up.”

Fang Tong was stunned for a moment, and then realized that the host was talking about her.

Probably seeing her unresponsive, Shen Qinglan raised her hand, the spotlight suddenly converged on her, the audience’s eyes instantly focused on Fang Tong, and Fang Tong felt uncomfortable, what, couldn’t she give the number to someone else? She didn’t want to dance with Shen Junyu.

Shen Junyu was a little surprised when he saw it was her. He smiled slightly, walked over, and extended his hand in a gentlemanly manner, “Beautiful young lady, can I invite you to a dance?”

The warm voice and elegant movements instantly melted the heart of a large number of girls.

Fang Tong’s face also had a touch of pink, but she was not shy, instead she was nervous. If anyone else was stared at by 80% of the women with envy, jealousy and hatred, that person would also be nervous. Feeling the lines of sight shot on her body, Fang Tong’s palms were slightly sweaty, knowing that she should not be attending this annual meeting.

“Who is this, she doesn’t seem to be an employee of our company.” Someone looked at Fang Tong and whispered.

Someone pointed at Shen Qinglan, “She came with the boss’s sister, she should be a friend of the boss’s sister.”

“She’s really lucky to be able to dance with the boss, how come it wasn’t me who got the draw? I want to dance in the arms of the boss.” Someone said enviously.

“Who told her to meet the boss’s sister? Maybe she already knows the boss in private.” The tone was sour.

Shen Junyu kept his movement still, Fang Tong looked at the well-jointed hand in front of her, and slowly put her hand in his.

The music sounded, Shen Junyu gently moved, and Fang Tong was led into the dance floor by him.

Today, Shen Junyu wore a dark blue suit and her white evening dress, actually complemented his suit. The combination of a handsome man and beautiful woman attracted a burst of exclamation.

Shen Qinglan didn’t expect Fang Tong to be able to dance. Although Shen Junyu was leading her, her movements seemed a little unfamiliar, but Fang Tong’s sense of rhythm was very strong, and she immediately followed the rhythm.

Shen Junyu’s hand was placed on Fang Tong’s waist, Fang Tong’s hand was placed on Shen Junyu’s shoulder, the other hand was clasped with him, and as she was being led by him, Fang Tong’s skirt flew into a graceful arc, when she turned around, bent her waist, or did a rotation, her every move was like a beautiful picture.

The jealous voices around because they were not selected gradually disappeared, and everyone looked at the two dancing on the dance floor, as if they were seeing a beautiful couple.

“Hey, don’t mention it, the picture of the boss standing with that girl is really eye-catching.”

“I also think that the girl is actually quite beautiful.”

“The man is handsome and the woman is beautiful. If they are together, the child they will have will be super beautiful and cute.”

Shen Qinglan listened to the whispers of the people around her, with black lines on her forehead, these people’s brain holes were really big.

In another corner of the venue, Ding Minghui looked at the two dancing on the dance floor with fire in his eyes, especially when he heard the discussions of the people around him, he clenched his fists and stared at Shen Junyu’s back, as if wanting to burn holes.

Looking at Fang Tong who was held by Shen Junyu in his arms, and seeing her dazzling appearance, in Ding Minghui’s heart at the moment, apart from the deep bitterness, there was also raging anger, if he hadn’t forcibly restrained himself, maybe he would have already rushed up to stop them.

Shen Junyu looked at the crowd with awareness, but did not find the malicious gaze, lowered his head, looked at Fang Tong’s expressionless face, and smiled.

“Dancing with me makes you uncomfortable?”

Fang Tong was taken aback and looked at Shen Junyu blankly.

“Otherwise, why do you look like this? If others see it, they will think I’m bullying you.”

Shen Junyu’s words were said in Fang Tong’s ear. From a distance, the attitude of the two of them was very close, and it was obvious to everyone present that there were pink bubbles around them.

Fang Tong was very uncomfortable with his sudden approach. She leaned back slightly and opened the distance, but then she directly met Shen Junyu’s line of sight. His eyes were dark, like the sea shrouded in darkness, mysterious and dangerous, so she looked away, not daring to look at him.

This scene, in the eyes of outsiders, was a story of Cinderella and the prince who fell in love with each other, and then secretly promised to live happily ever after.

Shen Qinglan looked at the two people dancing on the dance floor, then she suddenly glanced at a corner, but saw nothing, a trace of doubt flashed in her beautiful eyes, she really felt a sight just now, which seemed to have been fixed on her.

“Little sister-in-law, so you’re here, I can only count on you.” Gu Yang appeared in front of Shen Qinglan with a smile. Even though he was wearing a burgundy red suit, Gu Yang didn’t have the temperament of a noble boy. He looked more like a child who hadn’t grown up.

With him was Jiang Chenxi, who only had a relationship with him. He was also wearing a well-cut suit, which made him look more refined.

“Sister-in-law, long time no see.” He said with a smile, as gentle as jade.

Shen Qinglan: “Long time no see.”

“Little sister-in-law, I also greeted you, why do you just greet him and ignore me.”

“Because you are too loud.” Gu Kai’s voice came, and then Shen Qinglan saw Gu Kai, dressed in a black suit with his expressionless face, looking a bit like a cold boy.

These people were quite different in temperament, and their appearance was good, which attracted the eyes of many women, and Shen Qinglan, who was surrounded by them, received a lot of hostile looks.

The music finally stopped, Fang Tong stopped dancing, and immediately withdrew from Shen Junyu’s arms. Shen Junyu looked at her who was looking at him like a snake and seemed helpless.

The music played again, and this time many people took their dance partners and slid onto the dance floor.

Fang Tong glanced around, but did not find Shen Qinglan, instead she met Ding Minghui’s gaze, who was glancing at her from a distance, but Fang Tong took the lead to look away, and then she saw Shen Qing who was surrounded by the three people.

“Little sister-in-law, could I have the honor to invite you to a dance?” Gu Yang put one hand behind him and stretched the other in front of Shen Qinglan, bending slightly.

Shen Qinglan looked at the hand in front of her, and before she could do anything, the other hand quickly stretched out and knocked Gu Yang’s hand down.

Even though the surrounding sound was noisy, everyone still heard a loud “pop”.

“Oh, who hit the young master?” Gu Yang cried, covering the back of his hand.

“Your uncle.” Shen Junyu said quietly.

Gu Yang froze, embarrassed, “Brother Shen, weren’t you dancing with a beautiful woman? Why are you here?”

A certain beauty who was walking over paused, not knowing whether to continue walking or leave, but Shen Qinglan saw Fang Tong first, glanced at her, Fang Tong thought about it, and walked over.

From Ding Minghui’s point of view, Shen Qinglan could not be seen, all he could see was Fang Tong walking towards Shen Junyu, the veins on the back of his hand which was holding the wine glass could clearly be seen.

“Minghui, what are you looking at?” Liu Hui looked along Ding Minghui’s line of sight, but saw nothing.

Ding Minghui was pulled back to his thoughts by Liu Hui. He glanced at his manager and smiled, “I saw our CEO just now, he seems to be quite young, so I took a look.”

Liu Hui heard the words and smiled, seeing Ding Minghui’s curiosity, she introduced to him with interest, “Don’t look at his young age, but his methods are amazing. Although he is the son of the Shen family, he has made a breakthrough in the business world by virtue of his own ability.”

Ding Minghui was not convinced. He thought what didn’t depend on his family, even if the Shen family was in the army, they knew a lot of people. He didn’t believe that Shen Junyu didn’t take advantage of his family’s power.

Especially looking at the way he danced with Fang Tong in his arms tonight, he was simply a playboy who flirted on the basis of the money at home.

“Does he have a girlfriend?” Ding Minghui asked.

Liu Hui glanced at him, but her look was ambiguous, “Why, is there a sister at home? Don’t think about it if you have a sister, what is the status of the president, how can he like ordinary people, even if your sister is beautiful, she would be scorned by the president, and in the end, it would just be a matter of getting an extra sum of money, but it would be no use to marry into the Shen family.”

She just thought that Ding Minghui saw that Shen Junyu was young and wanted to introduce his sister to Shen Junyu. Knowing this, she climbed up the line of Shen Junyu. Thinking of this, a look of contempt flashed in Liu Hui’s eyes. After all, she was young and ambitious, but did not lack eyesight. How could their president be so easily calculated?

But she didn’t know that Ding Minghui heard her words and wanted to rush up and beat Shen Junyu. In his eyes, Shen Junyu had a crush on Fang Tong and wanted to play with Fang Tong’s feelings.

He wanted to bring Fang Tong out and tell her the truth, but Liu Hui kept staring at him, so he couldn’t walk away, he could only watch from such a distance, suddenly from across the crowd, he couldn’t see Fang Tong at all.

Gu Yang glanced at Fang Tong curiously, “Are you my sister-in-law’s classmate?”

Fang Tong didn’t know Gu Yang. After listening to his words, he thought for a moment and knew that the “sister-in-law” from his mouth was referring to Shen Qinglan. So nodding, she said, “Hello, I’m Fang Tong.”

“My name is Gu Yang, and Fu Hengyi is my cousin.”

Fang Tong understood, no wonder he called Qinglan sister-in-law.

“Qinglan, you guys talk first, I’ll find Xiaoxuan.” Fang Tong said.

When she first came in, she could still see Yu Xiaoxuan eating at the buffet, but she disappeared in a blink of an eye. Yu Xiaoxuan was a bit greedy for drinks. Fang Tong was worried about her on an occasion like today.

“I’ll go with you.” There was nothing to do here anyway, and Shen Qinglan didn’t want to stay here and talk to them.

Shen Junyu had already left. Today was the annual meeting of Junyu Group. Not only the employees of the company, but also their business partners were present, and he needed to greet them.

“Hey, where’s Han Yi?” Gu Yang suddenly realized that there was one person missing and asked.

Gu Kai and Jiang Chenxi shook their heads, they hadn’t seen Han Yi either.

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