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RNMG Ch. 21


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Netizens were not stupid. After discovering Yan Yan’s remarks, all kinds of yin and yang suspicions followed.

Fans on Guan Li’s side couldn’t see their goddess being mocked, so they started fighting with Yan Yan’s fans not long after.

Si Huang chuckled lightly: “Idiot.” It was said for Yan Yan of course.

As an artist of Fenghua Entertainment, she made fun of Si Huang, ‘Fenghua’s eldest son’, just to attack Guan Li, this just strengthened the credibility of Si Huang’s previous remarks that he had no interest in Fenghua.

Yu Xi said: “Yan Yan and Guan Li are at odds. For the heroine of “The Emperor’s Path”, the two fought each other, and Guan Li won in the end.” So, it was not surprising that Yan Yan would do such an irrational act.

From this sentence, Si Huang knew that Yu Xi had not done less homework during this time. As a top student in the past, he would not have paid attention to entertainment gossip before.

The war on Weibo was getting more and more prosperous. He didn’t expect that after Yan Yan, An Yiyuan also got involved, and retweeted the news of Si Huang, with the words and an attached photo: “Tsk tsk, Ah Qiong is guilty of incurring public anger. Do you need help, His Highness?”

Most of An Yiyuan’s fans were girls, and as soon as they saw this reposted Weibo photo, they immediately exploded.

“Sect Master, where did you get this handsome man? It’s so fresh and juicy, don’t play with him badly!”

“The sect leader is so cute! Sending such a big benefit early in the morning!”

“I remember Ah Qiong in “The Emperor’s Path”, his name is Master Qianji, oops~! The leader really wants to change his image to Prince Charming? What about His Highness! Please don’t make trouble!”

“Come on, Queen Guan and Yan Yan are fighting, the reason is this Si Huang! But it seems that the leader is also very fond of Si Huang! [Link]”

With the addition of An Yiyuan’s fans, Yan Yan’s side was naturally defeated, and this was not over yet, because then Director Liu personally retweeted the Weibo and slapped the sunspots on the face: “Si Huang’s acting skills are beyond doubt, are you denying my vision?”

As soon as his Weibo came out, the scene of the war stopped a lot, and then the official side of “The Emperor’s Path” gave a fatal one-shot hit – they put out a promotional video!

Although this video only lasted less than five minutes, it attracted the attention of countless people.

There were three segments in total. In the first segment, An Yiyuan was wearing a purple-black python robe which was embroidered with gold threads, a wide-band jade pendant, and an agate-colored feather crown. There was a smile on his suave face, which made him look even more handsome. He rode a black horse, and held a long bow, as his long hair fluttered in the wind, and when he was pulling on the bow and shooting arrows, he had a dashing posture.

Then the scene changed, in this scene, Guan Li was wearing a long light green dress, and there was only a green hairpin in her black hair. Her usual coldness was nowhere to seen, instead her eyes were actually full of clear and lively girlish childishness. She stood on a bamboo raft, holding a bamboo pole and slowly paddling in the water. The blue waves complemented the forest around her, which made her look even more beautiful and refined.    

The last scene was unexpectedly the scene in which Si Huang and Guan Li played against each other. After post-processing, the picture became even more delicate. That peerless son in a wheelchair, when you saw him, you will be attracted, and then your ears would hear the mellow voice like running water, and even your heart will soften. This was especially because of the close-up of Si Huang’s eyes in the picture. In the silence, only these clear and sincere eyes that conveyed sincere feelings were deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. They didn’t know how many men and women were stunned at this moment, and how many girls who had not yet experienced the world had their hearts stopped and had blushes on their tender faces.    

The focus of the last scene was on Si Huang, and the editor did not give Guan Li a close-up, so no one noticed the flaws in her appearance and eyes.    

When such a propaganda video came out, the war on the Internet immediately disappeared, or should be said that the group of sunspots fell silent.    

Was this called incompetence?! Then what was called acting!? You stand up and say it!

Even compared with An Yiyuan and Guan Li, who had already become popular, the last Si Huang was not inferior at all. Even after the end of the promotional video, the most profound figure in people’s minds was not the unrestrained Wang Sun Guizhou, nor was it the one in a secluded landscape, the Fairy Bibo, but the one who was disabled, the quietly staring peerless son.

The result of this online battle was that the sunspots were hidden, and the number of Weibo fans on the Weibo account that Si Huang had just applied for grew wildly.

Seeing that the situation had stabilized, Yu Xi said softly to Si Huang, “This crew is…good.”

Si Huang ignored the Five Treasures in his mind howling excitedly, and smiled when he heard the words, “You think they are all doing this to help me. Why would you think so?”

Yuen: “Isn’t it?”

Si Huang understood the rules in the industry too well, “If you want to talk about kindness, Guan Li was really being kind, and I didn’t expect her to come out and speak for me. As for An Yiyuan, he was just the icing on the cake, there is not much seriousness in his words, and in fact he had the intention of promoting his new drama. The same is true for Director Liu and the others, so they just borrowed my hype to make “The Emperor’s Path” more famous.”

Si Huang looked at Yu Xi with a tense expression, but the emotions in his eyes were always calm and without turbulence, “The promotional video should have been edited temporarily when there was sudden chaos on the Internet. Director Liu knows my acting skills better than anyone else, he took this out when the war was at its most tense. Not only did he catch the sunspots by surprise, but it also attracted the attention of countless netizens, and gave the crew a good reputation for defending their own actors.”

Si Huang finished speaking and picked up the vibrating phone to answer, “Hello, Director Liu?”

“Boy, how are you going to thank me?”

Si Huang smiled and said, “It’s good to use me to create a good publicity, this amount of publicity should normally cost a lot of money.”

Director Liu: “…” Were all the young men so sophisticated now? He was not cute at all!

Si Huang: “Thank you, Director Liu, and I expect you to take more care of me in the future.”

Director Liu cut off the phone.

As for the other side.

Yan Yan’s agent had just received a call from Fenghua Headquarters and was scolded bloody, only then did she know what Yan Yan had done.

“My little ancestor! I just rested for a while, why are you making such a big deal!” Zhou Jian shouted without tears.

Yan Yan looked impatient, “I didn’t say anything. Isn’t this complimenting Si Huang’s cuteness and Guan Li’s kindness? Isn’t this all a good thing?”

Zhou Jian ignored her self-deception, “Come on, delete that Weibo! It’s all said on it, how dare you to touch the boss’s eldest son! You are now in the crew of “The Emperor’s Path”! Are you so set on damaging your future?”

In fact, when Guan Li’s fans started making troubles, Yan Yan was already a little regretful. Hearing Zhou Jian say this, she felt a little empty in her heart. She threw her phone to Zhou Jian, “I don’t want to delete it, I want to you delete it if you want, anyway, I have no other intentions, I have no bad intentions! It’s because of their own dark mind that they want to distort my words!”    

“Yes, yes! Ancestor, wait quietly, keep your spirits up, and remember to be so righteous in fron of Director Liu.” After Zhou Jian finished speaking, she went to deal with the criminal evidence. In order to maintain Yan Yan’s image, she used a tone similar to Yan Yan’s and posted a Weibo.     [Yan Yan V: Did I say something wrong? Stop arguing, everyone, I’ll just delete it! [Poor] [Grievance]}]   

Generally, fans always had a nickname for their favorite gods and goddesses. For example, Guan Li was called Queen Guan by her fans, and An Yiyuan who had romantic and evil handsome face and had played the villain for a long time, was nicknamed the leader. As for Yan Yan, because she has a childish face and a pair of big breasts, she was called Mengmeng by her fans, and other netizens collectively called her Yan Cute Milk.    

At this time, the fans below were all bubbling, and one by one comfort was thrown out.    

“Mengmeng don’t cry, brother loves you.”

“Mengmeng     is right! The world is too dark, and people’s hearts are too dirty, let’s ignore this group of dirty trash!”

“Yo~ If one didn’t know, they would think who bullied you? Look at this, someone in their twenties still thinks they are ignorant loli?”

“Why didn’t you delete it before? Are you feeling guilty just now? What cuteness, she is clearly a poisonous witch!”

“Stop doing it! Be careful not to kill yourself!”

Zhou Jian frowned as she looked at Weibo’s situation, turned to look at Yan Yan, and found that she had already closed her eyes and went to sleep, feeling exhausted. This was really a fucking ancestor!

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