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RNMG Ch. 20


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While Si Huang was busy negotiating with Huaxing Art School about asking for leave and arranging a series of travel matters, she became popular again on the Internet.

The makeup artist who was a part of the crew of “The Emperor’s Path”, her real name was Du Qiang. The Weibo with Si Huang’s photo posted by her was wildly forwarded in just one day, and the topic of Si Huang became more and more hot. So, taking advantage of this, the official crew of “The Emperor’s Path” also released news about the actors.

The male protagonist Feng Cang was being played by An Yiyuan from Jinxing Entertainment, the female protagonist was Guan Li, the representative of contemporary jade girls, and the most unobjectionable Young Master Qianji was being played by a new student who was still in school, a sixteen-year-old boy they had never heard of before, Si Huang.

The spread rate on the Internet was very wide, and someone soon dug up the information about Si Huang. As the eldest son of Fenghua Entertainment, he should have real skills! However, someone else dug out that Si Huang specialized in calligraphy and dance, which caused an uproar.    

What vases, what depending on relationships, what money was used to buy characters, such news was spreading like wildfire, these comments were all attacking Si Huang, but there was no media channel that really dared to say anything because the official behind “The Emperor’s Path” was not, after all, the biggest person behind it, but it was the old man.    

These news were seen by Si Huang, Yu Xi and others. The two met in Jingfu’s library. Yu Xi asked, “What are you going to do?”    

Si Huang said with a light expression, “You shouldn’t ask me about this kind of thing, it’s your scope of work.”    

Yu Xi took a breath, “I know, but I hope you won’t be affected, if you panic first…”    

Si Huang: “I won’t panic, to this extent, it’s nothing at all.” Looking at Yu Xi, thinking that he was not the one from ten years later, he finally reminded him: “The main purpose of this incident is to use public opinion to crush me. Remember what Director Liu said? As long as I don’t back down, no one can really embarrass me.”    

Yu Xi: “But this is bad for your reputation…”

Si Huang pursed his lips and smiled, the light in his eyes confident, “Let them make trouble, the more violent the trouble now, the more when I prove everything with my strength, they will grow to like me. Relatively speaking, this is a free hype for me.”

Yu Xi lost his words, while staring at Si Huang’s smiling face, he didn’t know what to say. He thought: The enemy of public opinion this time, probably their biggest failure is that they didn’t understand Si Huang’s inner strength. He was calm and confident, not like a 16-year-old boy at all.

“How about your studies?” Si Huang asked.

Yu Xin replied: “It’s alright to leave, as long as I take the exam at the end of the semester.”

Si Huang sighed with envy: “It’s good to be a scholar.”

Yu Xi looked at her in surprise, “Are you having trouble asking for leave?

Si Huang shook his head sadly, “No.”

Why was that? Yu Xi was puzzled, but it didn’t take long for him to discover the reason, and then he had a deeper understanding of Si Huang.

Si Huang called Zhao Limei before leaving, meaning that before she came back, the other party would not be working, but she still assured her that she would pay the salary.

Zhao Limei already had some understanding of Si Huang’s character, so she agreed without hesitation. As soon as she got home and cooked the food, she didn’t need to wait for her son, as Yu Ling came back and explained to her: “Mom, brother has been assigned a temporary inspection assignment and will go to Yangcheng for a while, you don’t have to worry. Brother said he would call back when he has time.”

Zhao Limei didn’t doubt her daughter, she just called Yu Xi and told him to take care of himself, but when she came back, she saw her daughter was staring at the phone with her head down.

“Hey, isn’t this Master Si?”

Yu Ling raised her head suddenly, “Mom? You know him?”

“Ah, he is my employer this time.” Zhao Limei didn’t notice the change in her daughter’s face and said to herself: “He is very good-looking, and his temper is not as difficult as other young masters. He is a good boy. It’s just that this child seems to be in conflict with his parents, and he doesn’t want to go home so he has moved out and lives alone.”

Yu Ling squeezed the corner of her clothes tightly, pursing her lips tightly without speaking, her heart filled with bitterness.

At this moment, she could no longer deceive herself and had to realize that she and Si Huang were people from two different worlds. What qualifications did she have to follow by his side delusionally?


Si Huang would be driving Yu Xi to the crew of “The Emperor’s Path”, and when Director Liu learned that Yu Xi could not drive, he specially sent a person to be the driver for them.

In this way, Si Huang could also rest for a while. Yu Xi sat beside her and said a little embarrassedly, “I will get my driver’s license as soon as possible.”

Si Huang had closed his eyes and was resting, and he didn’t open his eyes, as he said, “Afterwards, when you have free time, you can use this car to practice, and when it’s almost time, you can apply for the test.”

Of course, Yu Xi had no objection.

After a while, Yu Xi’s voice sounded again: “Si Huang, there has been a change in the public opinion attacking you.”

Si Huang opened his eyes, “Huh?”

Yu Xi handed her the tablet.

The tablet was given to him by Si Huang before so that he could work better.

At this time, Guan Li’s Weibo was displayed on the tablet, and the latest update was a repost of a blog post insulting Si Huang, with a paragraph by her attached.

[Guan Li V: As I have played against Si Huang, I just want to say to this group of navy: Don’t take ignorance as your personality, jealousy will only make you uglier.

As soon as this dynamic was posted, her fans immediately broke out.

Queen Guan’s little pillow: “Wow, to have Her Lady Queen come out herself, this Si Huang is incredible!”

It’s better not to see life: “Lili is good! Although I don’t know the truth, Lili said that Si Huang is okay, then he’s fine!”

Hey! Stop quickly: “Queen, how can you speak for other men! My heart is broken!”

Erhuoyi, someone called you to take your medicine: “Wait! Scene opposite him? What secret is going on here?

Then Si Huang also saw the familiar ID numbers in the latest comments below.

Caramel Pudding: “Thank you Queen Guan! The Queen’s a good person and good people have good rewards! The truth can’t be covered up! The Knights salute!”

Love cake: “Thank you Queen Guan! The Queen’s a good person and good people have good rewards! There is no doubt about your Majesty’s strength! The Knights salute!”

Blueberry Juice: “Thank you Queen Guan! The Queen’s a good person and good people have good rewards! The troll dogs are all forked to die! The Knights salute!”

Rose with thorns: “Thank you Queen Guan! Salute!”

Yu Xi observed Si Huang’s face and said, “During this period of time, as long as there is an elbow hitting you, there will be these ID numbers, and they are the ones who are the fiercest in arguing with others. Their organization has a relatively planned management.”

“The Knights.” Si Huang whispered, a flash of light appeared in his eyes after a while, and his fingers slid on the tablet.

Yu Xi looked at her movements and said in surprise: “Didn’t you say that we should wait and see the changes, while waiting for the Thunder Strike at the end?”

Si Huang: “The situation has changed, I didn’t expect Guan Li to help, and this group of cute little girls. The knights are charging in front.” She raised her eyebrows and smiled at Yu Xi, her expression overflowing, “As their Majesty, how can I still hide? This will make them helpless and sad.”

After his Weibo application was completed, he sent a verification request to Director Liu and Guan Li, and forwarded Guan Li’s news.

[Si Huang V: Thank you, Miss Guan. I would like to explain here that this role was obtained by me through a proper audition, the signing of the contract is mine, and it has nothing to do with Fenghua Entertainment, and there will be no participation of interests. And [laughs] For those of you who said that I have no acting skills, I accept your challenge, please post your finished product and then make a commentary of the brick house? Guan Li V: As I have played with Si Huang, I just want to say to this group of navy: Don’t take ignorance as your personality, jealousy will only make you uglier. ]

Attached was an instant photo- he had slightly messy black hair, a handsome face, half profile of his face had sunlight projecting on it from outside the car window, the skin was so white that even the fine golden fluff could be seen, as if a shadow was cast with layers of hazy golden halo light on it. With long black eyebrows, beautiful eyes that were crystal clear, and a shallow smile, he stared at everyone who saw this photo.

In these eyes, it seemed that they could see what she wanted to say: the clear eyes seemed to say, you have nothing to fear, you don’t have to worry.

Caramel Pudding: “Sofa! Your Majesty! You’ve finally opened a Weibo! I woo woo woo… I’m so excited! What I want to say is, I believe in Your Majesty!”

Love Cake: “Your Majesty is awesome! Your Majesty, I love you ah ah ah!”

Penguin Dandan ran quickly: “As expected of your majesty! Today’s eye-kun said to me: The knight family is so happy~!”

Blueberry juice: “Salute to your majesty!!”

Just as Si Huang thought, her appearance made everyone who supported her feel at ease and boosted their morale. As for Si Huang, who just opened his Weibo account, his fan base was also growing wildly. After Guan Li authenticated him, he retweeted her news and she responded that there was no need to thank her.

All of this seemed to have turned on a certain switch. As the second female lead of “The Emperor’s Path”, Yan Yan of Fenghua Entertainment forwarded Guan Li’s news, but attached a meaningful sentence: “Oh, lovely boys always inspire motherly love in women, and I have only seen it once, someone being protected it like this, Sister Guan is really kind [laughs].”

Er Shui: Huh? Is someone dying in front of you? Did you see it?

“The situation has changed, I didn’t expect Guan Li to help, and this group of cute little girls. The knights are charging in front.” She raised her eyebrows and smiled at Yu Xi, her expression overflowing, “As their Majesty, how can I still hide? This will make them helpless and sad.” These words almost made me swoon… SH has huge potential as a male god, what do you think….

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