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EVLM Ch. 9.2


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On the stage, they would bless you when you win the award. But when others won the award, people would still be envious. Fengshui took turns, new people came out in large numbers, and the old people had to present them with awards. As a young “old person”, Jiang Zheng would present the award for the best TV drama of the year at the finale.

In the middle of the award ceremony, Han Yi hurried over to look for her.

The female guest who was to present the award for the Best Actor was unable to make it due to a delay in her flight. The organizer of the award ceremony had implored Jiang Zheng to rescue him temporarily and partner with another male artist to present the award.

Han Yi whispered, “The organizer said that you are the only one who can award such an important award.”

Jiang Zheng frowned, “Who am I to give the award with?”

Han Yi opened his mouth, “Ji Muye.”

Jiang Zheng opened her big eyes wide, “Ah?”

Han Yi had also wanted to refuse, but the organizer and Jiang Zheng had a deep cooperative relationship and they could not be easily offended. Besides, Jiang Zheng couldn’t be too arrogant when showing off her coffee position.

Han Yi took the gloomy Jiang Zheng backstage. Ji Muye was waiting there from before.

“Teacher Jiang, we meet again.”

Jiang Zheng forcibly calmed down, nodded and said hello.

The director said from the side that they had to go to the stage soon, and the time was too short to compose words. Both were experienced people and could speak immediately.

In the eyes of outsiders, especially for Jiang Zheng, she had been in the battlefield for a long time, and she could utter a golden sentence when she opened her mouth. She never needed a draft for speaking.

Jiang Zheng’s body swayed, and the smell from Ji Muye’s body lingered in her nostrils. It was too difficult for her to maintain even a third of her spirit to speak her lines.

Ji Muye looked at Jiang Zheng with a serious expression, and silently strangled the thought of saying two warm words.

Han Yi found an excuse to pull Jiang Zheng aside to whisper.

“Don’t be afraid. When you get to the stage, you can just say what you want to say the most.” Anyway, with Jiang Zheng’s current status, she would be praised and slandered equally by others, it made no difference what she said.

Jiang Zheng wanted to cry, but Han Yi quickly reminded her not to do something shameful in front of Ji Muye. This move really worked, Jiang Zheng immediately forcibly raised the corner of her mouth and squeezed out a miserable smile.

The host shouted on the stage: “Let’s welcome, Jiang Zheng and Ji Muye, who will announce the Best Actor in this 10th SOBO!”

Ji Muye bent his right arm slightly and motioned Jiang Zheng to hold it.

The temperature belonging to Ji Muye reached her from his arm, and Jiang Zheng used all her strength to avoid slipping.

Jing Meini was full of depression. It had only been a few days since the two had rumors about having an affair, and today they were going to give an award together again. This could no longer be called a coincidence or fate.

Below the stage were all the faces of the actors.

Ji Muye helped Jiang Zheng to the podium first, very gentlemanly. The two stood still and waited for the applause to die down.

The barrage was full of question marks, exclamation marks and ellipsis. If any passerby dared to say that the two of them would be a good match, fans on both sides immediately rushed over and rubbed the person to the ground.

Regardless of the fans’ opinions, the two people on the stage from a distance, one beautiful and moving, the other gentle, looked a worthy match no matter how you looked at them.

“As the old saying goes, the early bird catches the worm. But the old saying doesn’t say, if the early bird is less educated, the worm may be eaten by the late person. For example, Teacher Jiang Zheng.”

Ji Muye said this, as soon as he said it, everyone in the audience immediately laughed.

Jiang Zheng debuted later than Ji Muye, but she won the title of Best Actress a few years earlier than Ji Muye.

Jiang Zheng slowly made a question mark. Brother Mu was good everywhere, but sometimes he was too humble.

It was rare for Han Yi and Jing Meini to see the same awkwardness on each other’s faces offstage.

“Mr. Ji is too polite.” Jiang Zheng smiled and said, “I am honored to award the Best Actor with Teacher Ji today.”

Ji Muye looked serious, “Teacher Jiang, you stole my lines.”

#I’m confused. I couldn’t tell if they were being complimentary or sarcastic.

#jiangzheng Before you dissed Ji Muye’s acting as shit, did you forgot about it?

#Yes. I said how to get the smell out.

#jimuye seems to have some grudges. In the end, he is still brooding about his late Best Actor award.

#I don’t know how much of a compliment it is.

The two on stage did not know that netizens had misinterpreted their words to this extent.

Jiang Zheng smiled and waited for Ji Muye to continue.

Ji Muye looked at the audience with a smile on his face, without saying a word.

Jiang Zheng blinked, what do you mean? Didn’t this old woman say something very exciting just now?

There was a moment of silence on and off the stage.

In a hurry, Jiang Zheng suddenly said: “I heard that there are rumors recently… that I’m in a relationship with you?”

Ji Muye slowly turned to look at Jiang Zheng. His confused face was enlarged by the camera.

Everyone: “???”

#FuckFuckFuck! Are you ready to blow yourself up?

#My sister, don’t scare me!

#if I remember correctly, is this the first time Jiang Zheng has taken the initiative to mention a scandal?

#jiangzheng, can you change the way you take advantage of my brother’s popularity?

#Hehehe. I still don’t know who is rubbing the heat of whom!

#Everyone be quiet.

#zhengzheng said that her career is her lover, what kind of career is Ji Muye?! He doesn’t deserve it.

Ji Muye’s head buzzed, what was Jiang Zheng doing? He asked people to withdraw the hot search and turned that nonsense news to 404. After his attempt to cover up the past, why did she want to bring it up again?

Jiang Zheng secretly winked at him.

Ji Muye: Oh. The indifferent devil could even wink her eyes?

Two seconds later, he reacted suddenly, Jiang Zheng wanted to take the opportunity to clarify and give him a clean slate. She really hated him. She didn’t even want a fake scandal with his name on it.

That being the case, if that’s what she wanted.

He smiled, “They guessed it right!”

Jiang Zheng: “…” Why didn’t Brother Mu follow the script? She wouldn’t lie on his gossip list, and he wouldn’t be burdened by gossip that was created out of nothing.



#Ahhh I’m lost in love!

#What happened to the world?

#impossible! Absolutely fake. Just kidding, can’t you see?

#The easiest and most effective way to deal with scandals is to respond positively. Good, you can even leave with CP fans. This is absolutely wrong for you.

Sure enough, the next second Jiang Zheng smiled and poked Ji Muye on the shoulder, “Muye, why don’t we make it public?”

Ji Muye almost fell to the ground.

My heart is beating faster, my heart beats like a drum, ah ah ah, come and go!

He endured and endured and pretended to be relaxed: “Okay!”

#scattered, scattered! If they fall in love, I will eat shit on the spot.

#Alert lifted.

#This is Demon Jiang, how could someone have an affair with her. This little seed must be killed in the cradle.

#Fuck. Just now Zhengzheng poked Ji Muye, how could I see the sweetness of being coquettish. This must be an illusion.

#It’s all acting. Can you take a closer look?

People from all walks of life in the audience were naturally open-hearted, and whoever fell in love was kept hidden, for fear of it being known by fans. Ji Muye and Jiang Zheng made a joke for everyone, turning this big matter to a small one, and a small one into nothing. It was also an explanation for the fans. In the future, if anyone beeped about this again, they could directly slap this official clarification on the other party’s face. Good way!

Everyone laughed together.

Seeing that her goal was achieved, Jiang Zheng immediately said, “It’s all a joke. It’s a pity, in fact, I don’t even have Teacher Ji’s WeChat account.”

Ji Muye pursed his lips: But you have He Xiao’s WeChat account.

#jiangzheng’s temper has changed recently! She can even laugh about her scandal.

#What a fart! You go to the Internet to search all those scandals!

#She is hiding a knife in her smile.

#However, she seems to be really different to Ji Muye.

Jiang Zheng said with a sincere face: “Please give more attention to Teacher Ji’s acting career. Thank you!” As a career fan of Ji Muye, she must cheer for the wall all the time.

Ji family fans: Huh? How did our lines get robbed by Jiang Zheng?

Han Yi holding his forehead: Ji Muye’s career is none of your business, my zheng.

Ji Muye didn’t know how he stepped down. When he got off the stage, he grabbed Jing Meini’s arm, gritted his teeth and said in a low voice, “Stabilize me!”

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