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Although Jiang Zheng had a two-week break, she could not shirk her obligation to appear as a prize-giving guest at the SOBO TV Drama Awards Ceremony this Saturday. Han Yi delivered the dresses provided by the sponsors to her home two days in advance, and at the same time arranged the most powerful makeup and hair stylists to get her ready.

You must know that on such occasions, celebrities from all walks of life competed with their beauty. If someone was fat, had old-fashioned makeup, was inappropriately dressed, or wore outdated clothes, it would all be caught by the media and their worlds would come crashing down. Moreover, today there was still a high-definition live broadcast shot 360 degrees without any dead ends, and the titanium alloy eyes of netizens were not kind either.

Han Yi was acting as if he was facing a great enemy, as he followed her step by step, for fear that something might go wrong.

The red carpet was dazzling.

The host enthusiastically introduced all the stars who appeared on the stage. Fans shouted the name of their idols passionately, and the media were long ready, and their cameras kept shooting like guns and cannons.

The live broadcast barrage was full of nicknames of various idols. Brothers, sisters, sisters, brothers, husbands, and wives, there was no way to tell the difference. At first glance, one would think it was a show of blood and tears which involved recognition of relatives who had been separated for many years.

At this time, the host shouted: “Now it’s Jiang Zheng who is coming to us. She is the winner of the best actress in the 28th Golden Platoon Award, and she is also the winner of the best album in the 34th Golden Disc Award…”

From Jiang Zheng’s appearance, the host’s introduction about her personal honors had not stopped. When she reached the media area, the host’s words were still not finished.

Today, Jiang Zheng was wearing a red tube top and a long skirt, her slender waist was pinched such that it could be held within the span of her hands, and her beautiful buttocks were swaying with the skirt, so that people couldn’t take their eyes off it. While with her curly hair and red lips, she looked cool, charming and sassy.

Han Yi looked at her with satisfaction.

Jiang Zheng’s fans were also very satisfied.

#Ah ah ah ah zhengzheng beauty out of the sky.

#That waist and that leg, I can do anything for her.

#Men all over the world should thank Zhengzheng for being straight.

#Animal pictures. Can’t face a woman who is too scary.

Jiang Zheng was invited to the stage by the host.

The host warmly called her Zhengzheng. He first asked Jiang Zheng what she wanted to say to the artists nominated for this SOBO TV drama Awards. Jiang Zheng had already practiced the answer to this question under the guidance of Han Yi. She said calmly that she wished them all the best of luck. Short and to the point, she couldn’t go wrong with it.

When the host saw that Jiang Zheng cherished her words like gold, he only said a non-salty and bland remark, which was not explosive, and then asked: “Zhengzheng, you should have heard of Cen Shan? Her latest album has been well received. There are many fans who like her. By the way, she also sang one of your songs. As a senior, do you have anything to say to her?”

Jiang Zheng was stunned. This question was outside the scope of the pre-rehearsal.

Han Yi was half-dead with anger, the host was clearly provoking something.

Recently, there was a newly debuted female singer named Cen Shan. Because she looked three-points like Jiang Zheng, and she also sang pop songs, every time the media mentioned her, they always called her “Little Jiang Zheng”. Cen Shan liked it, and she agreed when others called her little Jiang Zheng. She gained a lot of attention by rubbing Jiang Zheng’s popularity.

In the past two years, there had been too few newcomers who could overshadow Jiang Zheng. Finally, a decent one came out, and the media began to praise her with over-the-top praises. The purpose was naturally to make Jiang Zheng feel disgusted. Cen Shan had gotten carried away; he was afraid that she had colluded with the host to get him to ask this question on purpose. If Jiang Zheng said something nice about her, it would be what she wanted, and if Jiang Zheng said she was not good, it would be even more what she wanted. She could then say that the senior was jealous and even wanted to suppress her, indicating that she was talented. Really clever.

The barrage was also filled with indignation.

#Come Ah, pull this unsightly host out to serve a big sentence.

#This host is poisonous.

#Thinking about it conspicuously, the question the host asked: does he have a grudge against Jiang Zheng or Cen Shan?

#Now the host is doing everything to stand out.

Everyone stared at Jiang Zheng who was being poked by the microphone.

They saw as she stretched out her slender fingers, held the microphone, and said lightly: “I don’t know her.”

The host:???

Han Yi: Huh?

#Hahahaha that’s it, why should my family’s Zhengzheng know her?

#myzhengjie, scolding people in silence, scolding people in silence. Bullshit.

#That Cen Shan has been secretly imitating Zhengzheng since her debut. I have long thought that she was not pleasing to the eye.

Different from the rude words people were expecting, she had a stronger diss power by ignoring the other party’s appearance. A screenshot of this scene was posted online. Netizens shook their heads and sighed one after another. They didn’t know if the host had a grudge against Cen Shan, but such a question made it clear that Cen Shan would not be able to come down on stage in this award show.

It was not surprising that the big devil Jiang reacted like this. It was good that she didn’t use the mysterious power behind her to suppress Cen Shan. Could it be that Cen Shan still expected Jiang Zheng to praise her? It was so ridiculous.

Walking off the red carpet, Han Yi secretly gave Jiang Zheng a thumbs up. Jiang Zheng stuck out her tongue, “I was just telling the truth.” The name Cen Shan was indeed blank in her mind.

The staff led the two to the front seat. Jiang Zheng’s position was naturally in the place with the best view in the front row. As soon as she was seated, she saw Ji Muye also coming.

She immediately lowered her eyelids and grabbed Han Yi’s arm, “He, he, he…”

Han Yi could guess who it was without turning his head. His position was in the row behind Jiang Zheng.

Jiang Zheng sat upright, using her phone with her head down, her heart beating non-stop. Ji Muye’s position was in the front row to her left, and he was indeed a rare good person in the entertainment industry. Anyone who came over could have a word with him. On the other hand, look at herself, everyone nodded and smiled at her when they couldn’t avoid it, but she didn’t say a word.

She sighed faintly in her heart, it was very cold at the top, standing tallest was also the loneliest.

The live broadcast swept over the stars in the front row, all kinds of beauties, just one shot would win over anyone but there were countless people in the world whose notice was different.

#Oh, I didn’t expect that who and who would have such a good relationship in private.

#The relationship business in front of the camera, everyone knows it well, smirks and hugs, this is all done very skillfully.

#tsk tsk Jiang Zheng, as always, does not take the initiative to chat, and no one dares to say hello to her.

#You are lonely, but you’re beautiful. Just be yourself.

#Stars in the same frame, chickens fly and dogs jump.

#Who would want to be in the same frame as Jiang Zheng. Women look like green leaves to her flower, men look boring. Who would be so clueless?

At this moment, Ji Muye, who suddenly acted clueless, crossed several positions and walked towards Jiang Zheng. He smiled across the seat and said, “Hello, Teacher Jiang.”

Jiang Zheng raised her head suddenly and her gaze unpreparedly fell into his eyes.

Ji Muye just smiled, and Jiang Zheng’s earlobes instantly became hot.

The barrage was filled with exclamation points instantly, admiring Ji Muye’s fearlessness, and admiring him for being a fierce man who dared to challenge the unchallenged.

Jiang Zheng suppressed the screaming in her heart and said lightly, “Long time no see!”

After speaking, she almost bit her tongue, what the hell? They had only met a few days ago, would Ji Muye think she was eager to see him? Maybe, but she couldn’t not speak!

Ah ah ah, she rolled around twice in her heart, then lowered her head instantly, forcing herself to don a pose that she didn’t want to talk deeply.

#Hahahaha really got a lot of fun.

#People Jiang Zheng didn’t roll her eyes at him, it’s not bad, after all, she said four words.

#You really have a deep misunderstanding of my family zhengzheng. She is just cold, not uneducated.

Ji Muye paused, turned around and returned to his seat. Um? Had he not seen her for a long time?

He narrowed his eyes, Jiang Zheng was a little forgetful. A few days ago, he panicked and fell into the water because of someone’s sudden smile, how could it get wiped cleanly in her mouth?

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