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APY Ch. 152: Know Leng Qingqiu


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Shen family.

It was rare for Shen Qinglan to return home, but unfortunately, everyone except Shen Qian was there.

“Sister is back.” Shen Xitong said with a smile, as usual.

Shen Qinglan glanced at her sideways. Didn’t she even bother to do superficial work the last time she came back? Why was she doing it again now?

Shen Xitong’s smile seemed to show that she was in a good mood, and she didn’t mind Shen Qinglan ignoring her as always.

“Lanlan.” Shen Junyu called her, Shen Qinglan glanced at him, Shen Junyu shook his head and said it was okay, so she went upstairs to find Mr. Shen, as she had come back to see Grandpa today.

“Grandpa.” The old man Shen was not in the study, so Shen Qinglan knocked on the door of his room.

“Come in.” Elder Shen’s voice came from the room.

Shen Qinglan pushed open the door and went in, but saw the old man Shen standing in front of the cabinet, as if he was putting something in the drawer. She glanced over and saw from the exposed corner that it was a photo album, the photo album of the old man Shen and grandma Shen.

Shen Qinglan’s eyes were dim, and she stepped forward to support the old man Shen’s arm, “Grandpa, I’ll accompany you to see grandma tomorrow.” She hadn’t gone to visit grandma in the cemetery for a long time. In fact, since grandma Shen was buried in the cemetery, Shen Qinglan seldom went to see grandma, not because she didn’t miss her, but because she cared too much. Even though she was used to seeing life and death, looking at Grandma Shen’s cold tombstone, she felt pain deep in her heart.

Grandpa Shen clapped her hand, “Don’t go now, don’t worry, grandpa is fine, I just miss your grandma a little bit, so I talk to her photos. Why are you back?”

“I haven’t seen you for a few days, so I came back to meet you.” Shen Qinglan explained.

Old Man Shen gave her a gentle smile, “Grandpa is well, you don’t have to worry. Have you eaten?” It was past lunch time, and Old Man Shen was worried that his granddaughter would still be hungry.

“I came here after having dinner with my friends.” The old man nodded, “That’s good, you haven’t been to school recently?”

“Well, the school thing is almost done, so I’ve been at home recently.”

Although Mr. Shen was asking about trivial matters, Shen Qinglan still answered patiently.

This chat ended in the evening, so Shen Qinglan would definitely stay for dinner.

“Qinglan, I made your favourite sea bass for dinner, so you should eat more at night.” Sister Song said with a smile.

“Thank you, Sister Song.” Shen Qinglan’s red lips hooked lightly.

The meal was very quiet, except for Shen Xitong’s slightly smug glances at her from time to time.

After the meal, Shen Qinglan stayed for a while and was about to leave, but was stopped by Shen Xitong.

“Sister, don’t rush to leave. I met Leng Qingqiu recently through a friend, and I bought a painting from her. You can help me assess it.”

Shen Qinglan paused as she was leaving, watched Shen Xitong go upstairs, and then bring down a painting.

Hearing Leng Qingqiu’s name, Old Master Shen, Chu Yunrong and Shen Junyu also stayed.

“I only met her recently, and I didn’t expect her to be so young.” Shen Xitong smiled and looked at Shen Qinglan, the smugness in her eyes was undisguised, “I heard that sister met Leng Qingqiu’s manager before, and she asked for a painting for father’s birthday, you must have a good relationship with her agent.”

She didn’t know what medicine Shen Xitong had drunk, but Shen Qinglan still nodded, she was going to act as an audience for her, it was okay to applaud, what’s more, she just heard Daniel mention this person who was faking her paintings in her name a few days ago. Now, this person knew Shen Xitong. There were too many coincidences, and Shen Qinglan obviously doubted it.

Seeing Shen Qinglan nodding, the smile on Shen Xitong’s face became even wider, “I mentioned this to Qingqiu yesterday, but she doesn’t seem to know sister. I’ll introduce you to her another day? I’ve been in contact with Qingqiu several times, although she is very low-key, but she is very easy to get along with, and I have a good relationship with her.”

Shen Qinglan took out the painting in her hand. Stepping up and taking a closer look, this person was indeed a good imitator. Whether it was style or brushwork, she had imitated 99% of the work, but… Shen Qinglan’s eyes stopped at the lower left corner of the painting, and the corner of her mouth turned up lightly.

“This doesn’t seem to be a painting of Leng Qingqiu.” Shen Junyu said suddenly, attracting everyone’s attention.

Shen Xitong’s face froze, looking at Shen Junyu, “How is it possible, this painting is a painting that Qingqiu just finished, she gave it to me herself, how could it not be painted by her?”

“Yes, Junyu, isn’t this Leng Qingqiu’s work?” Chu Yunrong also spoke, she also paid attention to Leng Qingqiu’s work, and was familiar with her style and brushwork.

The old man Shen looked at the painting with doubts in his eyes, but did not speak.

Everyone’s eyes fell on Shen Junyu, only to see that his brows were slightly wrinkled, and he seemed to be puzzled.

“Actually, I’m not very sure, but I just think the style of this painting doesn’t fit so well with Leng Qingqiu.”

Shen Xitong breathed a sigh of relief, she had thought that Shen Junyu really knew something, “Brother, the mood of the painter will also change when he paints. It’s not surprising that there are works of different styles.”

Her words were reasonable, and Shen Junyu couldn’t say anything else, just looking at the painting, he always felt that something was wrong, and when his eyes fell on the signature in the lower left corner, the doubts in the eyes grew even stronger.

Shen Qinglan noticed his expression, and a smile flashed across her eyes. She didn’t expect her brother to be such a careful man. She herself was Leng Qingqiu, so she naturally knew what was wrong with the signature in the lower left corner, but Shen Junyu could see it at a glance. Shen Qinglan still felt quite surprised.

“Tongtong, do you have a good relationship with Leng Qingqiu?” Chu Yunrong asked.

Shen Xitong smiled, “Fortunately, I also met her by chance, so I chatted for a while, and found that we had a lot in common, so I became familiar with her after a visit. Well, everyone in the family likes her works.”

Chu Yunrong told her to invite her home one day.

Shen Xitong smiled and said, “Okay, Mom, I’ll tell her another day, but Qingqiu has been busy participating in an international competition for young painters recently, and she has to prepare for an art exhibition in the capital afterward. I don’t think she has much time recently.”

Chu Yunrong had some regrets, “That’s such a pity, but if there is a chance in the future, you should definitely invite the other to be a guest at home.”

Shen Xitong smiled and nodded, “I know mom”, she also knew about next year’s art exhibition, the other party seemed to know a lot about her.

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