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It was too difficult for Min Jing.

In the current hot girl group talent shows, to choose the chief mentor, first of all, it was important to determine the gender i.e., they had to be male.

If only men would watch the women’s talent show, it would definitely affect the popularity of the show, and it was not in line with common sense.

In the male traffic stars, there were only a few who had high enough popularity such that they could be seen and who also had a good reputation while suffering from very few criticisms. Usually, stars who were more handsome than anyone else could turn the situation upside down. As a result, Brother Shen asked him to look for an ugly guy.

Even if Huo Yunshen killed him, he couldn’t find such a candidate, so he could only choose Su Li, who had the coldest personality.

He understood what Brother Shen meant. He was afraid that Yun Qing would be confused by the goblin, so he would be safe if he didn’t look too good.

Unexpectedly, a thunderbolt smashed into the sky. This Su Li who was never close to a woman, directly posted an unclear Weibo on the first day of work, showing that he was treating Mrs. Huo differently.

Huo Yunshen entered the office clutching his mobile phone. Min Jing followed behind him in horror and took the initiative to report on Su Li’s personal information. When he talked about his family background, he paused when he saw Mr. Huo, and then he mentioned the name of the film school where Su Li graduated from. Brother Shen threw the coat on the sofa, which made a muffled “dong” sound.

Min Jing’s back was chilled: “Brother, is there something wrong…”

Huo Yunshen’s words condensed into ice: “Yun’s old friend’s family had gone bankrupt, and the university he went to wwas next to Qingqing’s school.”

In the face of Qingqing, a traffic star who was supposed to avoid ambiguous scandals would take the initiative to post this kind of content. To say that there was no connection, only a ghost would believe it.

Compared with this, he was more concerned about…

“What happened with the fox?”

Min Jing quickly replied: “The program team encouraged the contestants to send Christmas gifts to each other. Madam had done a lot of small handicrafts by herself, and everyone had a share.”

Huo Yunshen heard the words, and his eyes bent down.

Everyone had a share, but not him.

Huo Yunshen subconsciously held the heart rate bracelet on his wrist and clenched it hard. Knowing that it was Yan Qing’s training time, and he would not get any response, he still called her, listening to the repeated empty busy tone from the other side, his eyebrows were screwed even harder, and the gully between the eyebrows was cut like a blade.

Min Jing was sweating and didn’t dare to say more, after he saw that Huo Yunshen attended the shareholders’ meeting as usual according to the established plan.

The air pressure around him was low, and he didn’t restrain himself at all. He pulled on his tie, unbuttoned the two buttons, and walked straight into the conference room. These group of wily old guys usually had their eyes above the top. When they saw him, they all stood up and faced Huo Yunshen as always, then they lowered their eyebrows.

Min Jing followed Huo Yunshen all the way and knew how he went from being an abandoned son who was rejected and bullied to where he was today, and how the high-ranking Huo family members of the group, including the original heir Huo Linchuan, were forced to die by Huo Yunshen step by step and go to hell.

Huo Yunshen didn’t kill all those people who were willing to surrender at that time. He was able to tame them to this day because they were intimidated by Huo Yunshen himself. Who could know if there were any twists and turns in their hearts?

Brother Shen was standing alone at the top of Huo family’s pyramid, so he could never sit back and relax. Even his personal assistant could not fully understand this sense of crisis.

Min Jing only hoped that Yun Qing could treat him better since in terms of emotion, it was the only emotion that Brother Shen asked for, because he had been hurt too much in his life.

After the shareholders meeting was over, Huo Yunshen did not rest for a moment, and continued with several video conferences that were closely queued. Min Jing rushed to prepare meals for him in the middle, but he pushed them all away.

Min Jing whispered: “If Madam knows, she will worry about you.”

If he hadn’t mentioned it, it would have been okay, but once he said that, Brother Shen’s face became even worse.

Oh, he almost forgot, the wife was probably getting along with the new tutor and had no time to think about her husband.

When the official business came to an end, it was getting dark, Huo Yunshen pinched his eyebrows and glanced at his phone, but there was still no news from the person he wanted to hear from, so he looked up at Min Jing: “The little things she sent out, give a high price, and acquire them.”

Others had things she made, no matter how long it took to get them back, he couldn’t stand it.

Qingqing had participated in a summer camp in high school, where they had gone to an island as a group, and she came back with a lot of small gifts for her classmates. She was beautiful, kind and had a sweet personality.

She was not by his side but was so far away that he couldn’t touch her. He lived like a year was going by, but while she was waiting for him in the classroom, she was held in the hands of a group of people, as she smiled and distributed gifts to others with those delicate hands.

It was a very delicate little tin box with candies inside.

He stood silently outside the door, staring at her through the glass window, staring at her until she was finished, and there was none left.

At that time, Qingqing hadn’t forgiven him and was still ignoring him. He knew that he would not have his share, but when he saw it with his own eyes, his heart still twitched.

Min Jing ran over and asked blindly, “Brother, did Yun Qing give it to you?”

He sneered, “I don’t care.”

After he finished speaking, he turned around and left. The sourness of being ignored by her made his chest sore.

He didn’t care about it, but he secretly blocked the classmates in Qingqing’s class.

Anyway, everyone was afraid of him, it was said that he had killed people and set fires, not to mention a mere candy box, they would have given anything he would have asked of them, so of course, he grabbed it effortlessly, but when one or two boys were unwilling to let it go, he was even more hostile and just grabbed it.

He wasn’t a good guy at all, and he didn’t mind being a little worse.

In the evening, the wind was blowing very softly. He was sitting alone on the stand of the school playground with a large bag of spoils in his arms.

It was supposed to be sweet, but it tasted bitter to him.

“It’s not delicious,” he folded the wrapping paper and put it in his pocket, biting the candy bitterly, his eyes sour, “Little liar.”

The girl’s sweet and soft voice came along the wind: “Of course, it doesn’t taste good if you grab it.”

He raised his head sharply, and saw Qingqing carrying a schoolbag, her long hair falling obediently on her shoulders, her eyes dark and bright, as she looked at him resentfully.

He clenched his hands tightly: “So, what if I grabbed it?”

“Return it.”

“No,” his arms jumped with blue veins.

Her small face was serious, as if she was about to show disgust in the next second.

He gritted his teeth sorely, stubbornly clutching the bag of candy, a thousand words stuck in his throat, choking with suffocation.

Qingqing’s footsteps moved. He thought she was leaving, so he hurriedly got up and grabbed her weak wrist.

She spread out her hand, revealing a delicate silk bag soaked with body temperature inside, her fluffy eyelashes fluttering, as she said softly: “This is what I wanted to give to you, it is different from others, now… can you return what you stole?”

His heart burst into flames at that moment, regardless of everything, he hugged the little girl.

Huo Yunshen’s eyes fell on the screen of the mobile phone, and he looked at the woolly fox that Yan Qing placed in Su Li’s palm, and he closed his eyes slightly.

There would be no gifts that only belonged to him this time…

The ones that were robbed in the past, and the ones that were bought now, were the same and belonged to him.

Huo Yunshen took a deep look at the time, drove to the show crew, and waited for Yan Qing to reply to him while waiting at the scene. It wasn’t until eleven o’clock at night that she called.

Yan Qing lived her life by counting the seconds. The performance at the awards ceremony was a brand-new repertoire. She had to practice the movements from scratch. She studied with Su Li all day, so she returned to the dormitory so late.

She calculated that she would have to knit the sweater for at least four hours a day in order to finish it before Christmas and send it to Mr. Huo, so she had no time to do anything else these days, as she was racing against time.

But the phone call still had to be made.

“Go home tonight.” In the receiver, Mr. Huo got straight to the point, and his tone was more serious than usual.

Yan Qing held the phone between her ears and shoulders, she was busy with the sweater needles held in both her hands. After listening to him, she reflexively refused: “No, I’ve been too busy recently, I really don’t have time, wait for me to come back after the awards ceremony.”

She knew, since the kiss that morning, Mr. Huo’s state had improved, and he was no longer so physiologically resistant to eating and sleeping.

The opposite side was silent for a long time. When she thought she had pressed the mute button accidentally, Huo Yunshen said again, “How are you getting along with the new tutor?”

Yan Qing’s thoughts were on the sweater, and she couldn’t hear his emotions, so she answered naturally, “Very well. Su Li is really good, his speed of teaching dance is very fast, and he helped me correct a lot of movements today.”

“But he mistakenly thought I was Yun Qing,” she added as a joke, “After clarification, he didn’t mention it again, he should have accepted the facts, he was very sensible, and deserves to be my idol.”

Yan Qing didn’t even notice that as she chatted with Huo Yunshen more and more, she wanted to share every moment and every little thing with him.

Huo Yunshen’s voice was pure ice at this moment: “…Idol?”

Yan Qing said with a smile, “I used to like him a lot, and I was his fan.”

Huo Yunshen couldn’t help but exert force on his hand and squeezed the phone so tightly that it made a slight abnormal noise. His Adam’s apple rolled, as he tried to suppress the sudden churning chaos in his heart.

Yan Qing’s two sweater needles moved quickly, unaware of his abnormality, and asked softly, “Shenshen? Are you listening?”

Huo Yunshen suddenly said, “Su Li had plastic surgery before his debut, don’t you know?

“Huh?” Yan Qing’s wool fell to the ground, and she slapped the table with a “smack”, “You’re interested in gossip, he’s pure and natural! Our support club went to fight the black fans for this!”

Huo Yunshen grabbed the tissue box, and grasped the crack: “His private life is chaotic, he has made countless girlfriends, and he has been photographed by reporters with girls no less than three times.”

“Are you a sunspot!” Although Yan Qing had already lost her appreciation for Su Li, she was suddenly on fire, “That’s all fake, okay? He’s very pure, how could he ever fall in love? The few times he’s been here, he’s only been with the writers!”

“Limiting, performing paddling, and having an ambiguous relationship with fans, you don’t admit it?”

“Of course,” Yan Qing said firmly, “The whole world hates him, so we need to believe more!”

The basic quality of being a fan.

Huo Yunshen clenched his teeth tightly: “Yan Qing, come downstairs and come home with me!”

Yan Qing knew that he was outside, and after arguing with him, she became angry, her rebellious heart surged with grievance, and she snorted: “What is it? You are inexplicably defaming my former idol, but I should have nothing to say to you, and may I remind you, you are not allowed to use your private power to arbitrarily change mentors, if you mess with it again, the show will be ruined.”

After hanging up the phone, she angrily threw the phone to the corner of the bed and stayed up all night knitting the sweater to vent the fire in her heart.

After three days of intensive training, the program team came to inform that the flight was scheduled for tomorrow morning, and Christmas would definitely be celebrated outside.

Since the unhappy break-up that night, she had never had time to meet Huo Yunshen, and whenever he picked up the phone, his attitude was dull, and his voice always seemed to be mixed with sand.

“Qing Bao…” On the eve of his departure, the mobile phone was handed out to the individual, Ouyang swiped Weibo for a long time in shock, looked at Yan Qing worriedly, and asked quietly, “Is Mr. Huo not angry?”

Yan Qing puzzled: “Why would he be angry?”

Ouyang glanced at the players who had also gotten their mobile phone, looked at Yan Qing in surprise, swallowed and said, “When He Xiangjin touched you, he almost smashed him to ashes. Su Li already has a CP name with you, why do you think he would not be angry?”

Yan Qing was shocked and took Ouyang’s mobile phone to see.

She had never had time to pay attention to entertainment news. Before, the players in the entire program group were in retreat, so their mobile phones were turned in, and the news was blocked, but at this moment, she knew about the Weibo posted by Su Li.

Incidentally, the subsequent fermentation reaction was also understood.

Most of them were of course criticism by fans for rationally promoting the relationship between teacher and student, and there were also pictures of Yan Qing sending gifts to everyone, proving that it was not her intention to form a CP with Su Li, then the problem came.

The angle and composition of the group photo were excellent, and the picture was extremely eye-catching.

On the other side from Su Li, there was no clarification with the meaning of avoiding suspicion at all, while he continued to update the work photos of being a mentor, and there were many photos with her, which seemed to encourage the gossip.

Yan Qing’s heartbeat could not help but increase.

It turned out that this was the reason for Huo Yunshen’s abnormality…

Did he mind?

Not only did she not comfort him, she even replied him sentence by sentence, sternly asking him not to change the tutor without permission and trying her best to maintain Su Li’s image. In the end, she hung up the phone fiercely. For the next three days, she was busy with training and knitting the sweater, so she never met him.

Yan Qing felt cold at her fingertips, she took the sweater into her arms and tightened her arms around it secretly.

Did she… hurt him?

Yan Qing lowered her eyes, hid in a place where no one was around, and wanted to call Huo Yunshen, but when she was about to press it, she stopped a little timidly. Feeling sour and guilty, afraid that he was still angry, she turned to contact Min Jing, and asked carefully: “Mr. Huo, he…”

“Madam,” Min Jing was helpless, “Brother Shen won’t let me disturb you, you finally came to me, I beg you, don’t bully him.”

Yan Qing squatted down, hugging her knees, and said in a muffled voice, “Is he at home? I’ll go back.”

Min Jing whispered, “No, after you ignored him, he has been paralyzed with work and stayed in the office all the time. After dealing with a bunch of things, he still looked depressed, everyone is scared to death, that they don’t even dare to breathe under his eyes.”

Yan Qing glanced at the darkening sky outside the window and sniffed: “I’m leaving tomorrow, and I have a gift I want to give him in advance. Can I… can I come to the company?”

At nine o’clock in the evening, Yan Qing wore a wide hat. She was fully armed with a cloak and coat, holding the sweater bag, as she followed Min Jing into the elevator leading to the top floor of Huo Corporation’s office building.

She asked in a low voice, “Is he very angry.?

Min Jing adjusted his glasses: “Madam, there is something you still haven’t figured out. No matter what happens, he will not be angry with you, he will only be sad.”

Yan Qing’s eyelashes trembled.

Huo Yunshen’s words “come home with me” was the only time he treated her with some ferocity.

No matter what the outside world said about him being fierce and terrifying, he never lost his temper with her. Even after a few days, Su Li’s mentor position was safe and sound. He followed her wish and didn’t change the mentor.

No matter how sad and angry Huo Yunshen was, he was just poking at his own heart.

“The door in front is the one. It’s not closed. You can go in directly. I won’t bother you.”

Yan Qing leaned against the heavy door, her cheeks were faintly hot, and she wanted to cry.

After that drunken incident, she couldn’t control herself more and more and couldn’t raise her strength to resist Huo Yunshen.

No need to wait, just listening to Min Jing speak, she blamed herself so much that she wished she could go back in time.

How could she have the heart to hurt such a man?

Yan Qing pushed the door open, it was very quiet, and there was not much noise.

The large office was exceptionally cold, the lights were dimmed, and even the sound of breathing could not be heard.

With his back to her, the man stood alone by the floor-to-ceiling window, a lonely silhouette drawn by the light, and stared at the distant lights in a trance.

Yan Qing tiptoed closer and followed his line of sight, her heart was in a turmoil, what he was looking at was… the direction of the show team.

She put down the sweater, took off her hat and mask, and felt sour and hot in her chest.

Yan Qing knew what he wanted.

She was no longer reserved, ran towards him at a quick pace, and before he could turn around, she pressed softly against him from behind, raised her hands to cover his eyes, and said softly, “Mr. Huo’s exclusive Christmas deer, has come to give him a gift already.”

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