Chinese/Taiwanese Dramas

  • A Love so Beautiful: Also a novel adaptation…. It’s a good drama full of comedy and romance. You can’t help but root for the FL who is so passionate about her crush, and the ML becomes tolerable by the end of the drama too… (Ep: 23) (Genre: Rom-com)
  • Be with You: Adapted from the novel “I really want to be with you” by Bei Qing. I loved the simplicity of this drama and the way it ended. A lot of people have said that there was a lack of chemistry and realness about the main couple, but I disagree (anyway, that’s just my opinion). You can check it out and decide for yourself…. (Ep: 24) (Available on: Dramacool)
  • Beloved Enemy: A BL novel typically converted into a bromance. There are some scenes at the beginning which might make you uncomfortable (cough *violence by ML against MC*) but the way they come to care about each other is really great to watch. And bonus, it’s a small drama so you can watch it quickly. BTW this is also adapted from a novel….
  • Devil beside You: A very typical story, it contains almost all C-drama tropes and it is very dated since it aired in 2005. But it is a good watch, especially if you’re a Rainee Yang or Mike He fan. (Ep: 20)
  • The King’s Avatar: Adapted from the famous novel “The King’s Avatar” which has an anime and a manga as well adapted from it. This is one of those shows where there is no romantic element and you don’t mind it. The way e-sports is portrayed makes you realize that it is not a waste of time but an actual profession where people put in a lot of effort. Super recommended… (Ep: 40) (Available on: Netflix)
  • The Prince of Tennis: Adapted from the famous manga “the Prince of Tennis” which has spawned an anime and a previous Chinese drama and has also been depicted in several other media is a treat to watch… Even for those who are tennis-illiterate (as I am) it is fun and the comic timing of the actors is perfect. I guarantee that you won’t regret watching it. (Ep: 40) (Available on: Netflix)
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  • They Kiss Again: This was the sequel to “It Started with a Kiss”. I felt it was better than the original since here both the FL and ML seemed more mature when dealing with their feelings, especially the FL who was seen to be particularly childish in the original series.

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