MGSGW Ch. 245

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Old Du, wasn’t he the deputy director who took advantage of Fang Tianyong.

At this moment, his face was ashamed, like a walking dead, how could he taste anything. When the leader gave it to him, he subconsciously stuffed it into his mouth.

“Okay, the few students go back to class first, don’t stay here. Comrade Xiao Fang, I heard about you. Last month, you donated a piece of gold thread clothing to the National Museum. This is great love and deserves praise. Your private property was stolen, this is a major case, we will definitely urge the police to handle the case.”

“Yes.” Fang Tianyong finally let go of his ups and downs.

It was a pity that the other party didn’t let him finish his sentence: “If you have money, you should learn from classmate Lin, do more good deeds, and you will have good results.”

The subtext was obvious, just to let him stop thinking about bribery.

Fang Tianyong was a well-rounded person, needless to say these kind of words which were said too clearly, he could understand it naturally.

“You go back first. I’ll let Xiao Du see you off.” Yun Ting helped Lin Mumu put away the bag, and even patted her on the head lovingly.

Lin Mumu pouted, she originally wanted to stay here with Yun Ting, she was also a hero in this matter, how could someone cross a river and tear down a bridge so quickly?

Lin Mumu took a bite of potato chips resentfully, her crunchy voice expressed her protesting emotion. With so many people watching, she was always too embarrassed to confront Yun Ting face to face.

Who knew that Yun Ting suddenly pulled her into his arms and hugged her, and patted her on the back: “You were scared today, hug me, don’t be afraid anymore.”

She was not a three-year-old child! Why was this tone so wrong?

Lin Mumu rolled her eyes, thinking about what Yun Ting was about to do, she pouted and walked away with her schoolbag and dog in her arms.

Xiao Du drove them back to school in a three-row military car. The two girls, Lin Mumu and Chen Fangya, sat in the front row, and Fang Tianyong and Zhou Qiang sat in the back.

“Student Lin Mumu, what happened before was a misunderstanding, I apologize to you.” Fang Tianyong was someone who could afford to let go, since Lin Mumu’s man was someone he wasn’t afford to offend, he could immediately adjust his posture and change the way of attack, i.e., friendship.

Lin Mumu didn’t like Fang Tianyong’s character, so she responded casually: “If apologies were useful, what should the police do? Don’t make false accusations against me next time.”

“Yes, I will treat you to dinner another day.”

“I can’t afford to eat this meal. I don’t want to be invited into the bureau again, and pointed at with a wooden baton.”

Girl, you’re talking to death like this!

Xiao Du secretly gave Lin Mumu a thumbs-up in his heart: She really deserves to be our sister-in-law Yun, she is mighty.

“Isn’t this a misunderstanding?” Fang Tianyong spent his days in several antique markets, starting from nothing to reaching now, so he had practiced his thick-skinned ability well.

“Well, I now feel that you must be unconvinced that you lost to me at Jinshan Temple that day, and wanted to find a place on purpose. Well, the more I think about it, the more reasonable I feel. I will talk to my master later.” Fang Tianyong really wanted to cry without tears.

He knew a little about Taoist Lingwu’s temper. Although he was an outsider, he didn’t really admit defeat. He and Abbot Jueming of Jinshan Temple were both good friends and often competed with each other.

If Taoist Lingwu knew about this, he might not be able to help humiliating his master, no wonder the abbot refused to meet Fang Tianyong.

“Student Lin, can your flower shop make a lot of money? What kind of charity activities are you doing, can I participate?”

“Yes. Oh, by the way, if you falsely accused me today, don’t you want to donate too?”

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