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“Since you can’t argue with her on the fallacy, then just follow what she says.” Tan Mo smiled a little bit mischievously, “You follow what she says, can she still say it’s yours?”

“For example, if Qin Muxiao wants you to give her something, and Qin Murong also helps, you just say, okay. Then they will wait for you to give it, but you just don’t move. Say yes, and continue to do your own things in action. Don’t pay attention.” Tan Mo tilted her head and asked, “Do you understand what I mean?”

“Is this okay?” If that’s okay, it’s really simple, she can do it.

“Try it.” Tan Mo took out her mobile phone and opened the WeChat QR code, “Come on, let’s add each other as friends. If you do what I said and it doesn’t work, you can contact me at any time and we can change our strategy at any time.”

“Okay, okay!” Qin Muye immediately felt that she was no longer alone.

After the birthday party got over, the Wei family members were all at the door, sending the guests off one by one.

“Mr. Tan, please stay.” Wei Mingwen said.

Tan Wenci had always been steady, but he was a little flattered at this moment.

“Mr. Wei.” Tan Wenci responded.

“Please, I have something to discuss with you.” Wei Mingwen led Tan Wenci to a deserted corner.

Xu Mingzhen waited at the door with her four children and Yuan Keqing.

Not long after, Tan Wenci came back, with happiness that couldn’t be concealed on his face.

But he didn’t say much at the moment.

After saying goodbye to the Wei family, he left with Xu Mingzhen and the children.

When they arrived home, they ordered the driver to take Yuan Keqing home.

They didn’t ask Yuan Keqing to come in and play before leaving, and they didn’t bother to see her off in person.

Looking at Xu Mingzhen’s face, he usually took great care of the Yuan family’s father and daughter.

But Yuan Keqing wanted to climb up the ladder by stepping on their Tan Mo, which touched the bottom line of Tan Wenci.

His bottom line was nothing else, everything related to Tan Mo was the bottom line.

After sending Yuan Keqing away, the Tan family returned home.

Tan Wenci said: “After changing clothes, everyone come to the living room. I have something to say.”

So everyone hurriedly changed out of their birthday party outfits and put on comfortable home clothes, and came back to the living room.

“What’s going on?” Xu Mingzhen vaguely felt that it was related to what Wei Mingwen said when he stopped Tan Wenci to talk.

Could it be that the Wei family had some business that they could cooperate with?

If so, that would be great.

Tan Wenci couldn’t hide the joy on his face and said, “Before, at the gate of Shengyue, Wei Mingwen had something to tell me alone. It was actually about Momo.”

“About Momo?” Xu Mingzhen was surprised, what happened? Regarding Tan Mo, what was important enough to talk about with Tan Wenci alone?

“He said that he could give Momo a place to study at Jixia Academy and asked us if we were willing.” Tan Wenci said, “But he also said that this was not a force, but just to see if we wanted Momo to study at Jixia University. I can’t directly decide Momo’s affairs by myself, so I didn’t agree immediately. I decided to come back to discuss it with you first, and also see what Momo wants.”

“Of course Jixia Academy is good, you can’t just get in if you want to. If there were no places for the Wei family, we alone would not be able to let her get in. Otherwise, her three brothers would not have entered Shijing International School.” Tan Wenci said, “But there are also disadvantages. Originally, we wanted to let Momo also go to Shijing, and since Jinqi and the rest of them were there in the school, they could take care of Momo.”

Shijing’s model was similar to that of Jixia Academy.

They were all covered from elementary school to high school.

Yuan Keqing would also be studying in Shijing, but Tan Wenci didn’t even consider the fact that Yuan Keqing was there.

It was good if she didn’t help outsiders to bully Tan Mo. Would he still expect Yuan Keqing and Tan Mo to get along well and help each other?

Don’t even think about it.

“If she goes to Jixia Academy, she will be alone there. There will be no familiar people around, so we won’t be able to help if she encounters anything.” Tan Wenci explained the pros and cons.

It was a rare opportunity to enter Jixia Academy, but he was worried that Tan Mo would not adapt there and be bullied.

“Why did Wei Mingwen suddenly give us a place?” Xu Mingzhen didn’t think about whether to go or not.

Tan Jinsheng quickly hugged Tan Mo: “They are not trying to rob Momo, are they!”

Upon hearing this, Tan Jinyi also ran to the other side and hugged Tan Mo: “Wei Zhiqian hugged Momo today and never let go. It’s very good. Maybe they want to take the opportunity to grab Momo!”

Tan Jinqi felt that this was not unreasonable, so he had to ask cautiously: “Dad, did they put any conditions?”

Tan Wenci smiled angrily and pointed at the three brothers one by one, but didn’t say anything for a while.

“Can I agree to sell Momo just to let Momo enter Jixia Academy?” That’s outrageous!

What were these three brothers thinking!

“He didn’t mention any conditions, it’s just because they think Momo is good. Wei Zhiqian likes her, and the old lady of the Wei family also likes her.” What Tan Wenci didn’t know was that Xiao Menghan thought Qin Muye was going too, and Tan Mo and Qin Muye will became friends and could look after each other in school.

Qin Muye was straightforward and courageous. As long as it was not green tea, she could handle it.

And although Tan Mo looked soft, she was actually very witty.

If she encountered a green tea type, Qin Muye couldn’t deal with them, then Tan Mo was still there.

The two just complemented each other.

Qin Muye could still have a helper to deal with Qin Muxiao.

“There are no conditions? Is there such a good thing?” Tan Jinqi fell into deep suspicion and started building a huge conspiracy theory in his heart.

Tan Wenci couldn’t help but roll his eyes and said: “Even if you are suspicious, it’s better to be more trustworthy. What is there about our family that the Wei family should covet?”

“Momo!” the three brothers said in unison.

“I think Wei Zhiqian really wants Momo to be his niece!” Tan Jinsheng said.

“What’s wrong with this?” Xu Mingzhen looked at the three silly sons, “If this is true, Momo will have Wei Zhiqian’s support in the future, and there will be very few people who can bully her.”

The three brothers thought for a moment, this did make sense.

But didn’t this also indirectly mean that they couldn’t support Tan Mo?

They were angry.

Xu Mingzhen saw it, smiled, and said: “It’s not just you, it’s our family that can’t support Momo. So, if you want to be like Wei Zhiqian, and be able to support Momo, you must become stronger.”

“Even if Wei Zhiqian really treats Momo as his niece, he is not Momo’s biological uncle after all, and is not as reliable as our own family. If we want to protect Momo firmly, we still have to become stronger ourselves.”

Tan Mo felt sour in her heart.

Her parents and brothers always wanted to protect her.

They strove to become strong, not for themselves, but just to protect her.

The ending of her parents and brothers she saw in the mirror in her previous life became increasingly clear and profound in her mind.

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