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IAPP Ch. 50


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Ling Yue’s smile never faded until he got home. Alice wanted to hold her forehead. Her boss was not stupid, right? Miss Gu just bought him two steamed buns with the stuffing of chives that he hated the most. Was it possible to succeed like this?

When Gu Anxin returned home, although she didn’t look at Ling Yue yet, she was not as angry as before.

Ling Yue’s trick worked, and he naturally began to act unscrupulously. Sometimes his legs hurt and sometimes he forgot to take his “medicine”. Anyway, it was all-round and three-dimensional tormenting Gu Anxin.

Waiting until night and not letting go, it was simply an inhumane way of destroying…

The next day, Gu Anxin got into Alice’s car with a hopeless look on her face again. She took the breakfast she had prepared and gnashed her teeth as she ate it.

Gu Anxin’s face became even more lifeless when she thought that there would be a group of monsters waiting for her when she arrived at the company.

Seeing Gu Anxin standing at the door of the company, then her letting out a long breath before clenching her fists and walking into the building. Ling Yue frowned. In the past, Gu Anxin was always lively when she went to the company. She wished she could stay in the company and get more salary, but just now she didn’t look happy.

“Alice, go check and see if Anxin has encountered any trouble in the company!”

Ling Yue still remembered how Chen Longfei from An An’s original company secretly caused mischief when he failed to pursue her.

Ling Yue thought about it carefully, and it seemed that the guy whose pursuit of Anxin was ruined by him was from Anxin’s Company, and his face suddenly turned ugly, “Check it now!”

Alice wondered, what could happen to Miss Gu if she went to work well?

But seeing how anxious Ling Yue was, she knew it was definitely not a trivial matter, so she nodded quickly.

Gu Anxin did run into trouble as soon as she entered the building.

Originally, Gu Anxin was watching the elevator about to close, and wanted to catch up quickly. However, after pressing the button for a long time, the elevator door opened again, and she saw several people, including Du Ming and the busty girl inside.

Gu Anxin turned around and stood at the front, pretending not to see the people behind.

But there were some things that even though you wanted to avoid them, they would definitely come to you!

“People nowadays do all kinds of shameless things. Having a sugar daddy and relying on men can be publicized everywhere and taken as an honor!” the busty girl said coolly.

Someone immediately answered the call, looking like he was lamenting that the world has deteriorated and people’s hearts have changed, “This is the way the world is. Some people show off their wealth, some show off their men, but now they have to show off their character!”

Du Ming smiled coldly, “What kind of rich man? Maybe he just knows Qin Ji’s cook!”

He was there that day, so he naturally knew that Gu Anxin’s so-called boyfriend was basically a cripple, but he was just a bit good-looking. He didn’t expect that Gu Anxin turned out to be a superficial woman who only valued appearance!

Gu Anxin closed her eyes and thought to herself, I will tolerate it!

As soon as the elevator door opened, Gu Anxin was the first to walk out. She felt out of breath even staying in such a depressing place.

Gu Anxin comforted herself that the relationship between her and her third brother had been sweet and happy recently, so it was time for something bad to happen. After all, it was so smooth that the whole world was jealous.

But Du Ming and the busty sister didn’t let her go. Du Ming followed slowly and raised his voice slightly, “Gu Anxin, you didn’t tell anyone that the man you were with was lame?”

The busty lady pretended to be surprised and her eyes widened, with a mocking smile in her tone, “Cripple? Can he satisfy you in bed? You seem to have great needs!”

Du Ming breathed out coldly through his nose, “Gu Anxin, you’ve really had enough!”

Gu Anxin was furious, turned around and glared at them, “You guys have gone too far! Is it fun to be so sarcastic?” She looked at the busty woman, “Don’t you just like Du Ming? Since you think he is a great man, then take him home quickly and don’t let him harm others here!”

The busty woman suddenly blushed, “You’re talking nonsense!”

Gu Anxin stopped looking at her and turned to glare at Du Ming, “Don’t you call yourself a good man? If you were really a good man, would you treat others like this? Talking about people behind their backs shows that you have low character!”

Du Ming narrowed his eyes, “What do you mean, I’m a good man so I deserve to be deceived?”

Gu Anxin hesitated.

Du Ming, however, had already left together with the busty woman.

Gu Anxin’s lungs hurt from anger and she clenched her fists.

There iwas more trouble on the way.

As soon as Gu Anxin sat down in her seat, Sister Liu came over and said, “You and Du Ming are having a big issue. He is a promising young man in our company.”

Gu Anxin gave a cheesy smile, “Really?”

Gu Anxin packed up her things and took out the manuscript to start writing, but Sister Liu had no intention of leaving and continued gossiping, “Is your boyfriend a rich man?”

“No!” She used to think that Sister Liu was very considerate, but now she just thought that she was too gossipy and had such a loose mouth that it was impossible for her not to spread her affairs everywhere.

Sister Liu chuckled, “Are you still hiding it? I didn’t come yesterday, but I heard this morning that you even had Qin Ji for lunch. Tell me, what does that person look like?”

Gu Anxin frowned, “He is just an ordinary person, I have nothing to say!”

“Isn’t he disabled? Why don’t you have anything to say? Maybe it’s some kind of family fight between rich and powerful families. He could write a book about it!” The busty woman came over with a water glass, stood next to Sister Liu and said with a smile.

Gu Anxin stood up slowly. She could tolerate others humiliating her, but she couldn’t allow others to insult her third brother as a cripple over and over again. “If you have the guts, say it again!”

The busty woman was tall and somewhat strong, and could easily contain Gu Anxin, so she was naturally not afraid of Gu Anxin’s attack.

Gu Anxin walked out of the workstation and slowly walked up to the busty woman, “Since I started coming to work yesterday, you have been verbally humiliating me. I tolerated you. Who made the man you like, like me? But don’t think I’m afraid of you if I don’t care about you. Either you apologize now, or…”

The busty girl sneered and rolled her eyes at her, “What? You’ve done something scandalous and you’re still afraid of people telling you? What kind of world is this? You find a rich cripple and you want to bully others? That cripple…”

Before she finished speaking, Gu Anxin had already stepped forward, grabbed her big wave with one hand, raised her hand and slapped her face twice.

“Pa” “Pa” “Ah…”

Following a few sounds, the cubicle became a mess.

The busty girl was just blinded by her at first, but when she realized that she was not the type to stand and be beaten, she also reached out and grabbed Gu Anxin’s hair, “Bitch, you dare to hit me?”

Where did Gu Anxin come from?

Fights were not common in mixed-sex prisons, but they were definitely not uncommon either.

Gu Anxin didn’t take the initiative to cause trouble, but she was definitely not afraid of it.

In prison, she was not bullied because of her ruthlessness, so now she was naturally not afraid of someone who was just talk.

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