SLDH Ch. 65.1: Lucky Little Squirrel

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The Instant Noodle Pig was very frank, but Mi Wan didn’t have the nerve to ask any more, after all, he was already divorced. Afterwards, the two discussed the situation of the little piglet for a while. During this period, because the younger brother who had just turned into a human form couldn’t control the demon power freely, pig ears and nose would pop out from time to time, which looked very funny.

Mi Wan couldn’t help but reach out and tickle the little pig’s nose and said with a smile: “Your little son has good cultivation aptitude and absorbs the demon power very quickly. However, you have to let him practice transforming when you go back, otherwise it will be very troublesome if he revealed his original shape as soon as he fell asleep.”

“Well, I will teach him when we get back.” Instant Noodle Pig hastily agreed, in fact, since the little piglet was born, he had been looking forward to teaching the little piggy to transform into a human form. He finally had this day.

At this time, the Sparrow Spirit had already ordered a takeaway, and he sent a message to Mi Wan, asking her if she would come out to eat or he should send it to the backyard. Mi Wan thought about it and decided to go out to eat.

“I will go out beforehand.” After speaking, Mi Wan left the backyard and left the house to the Instant Noodle Pig’s family of three.

In the front lobby of the pet shop, there was a corner for guests to rest. There were several sofas and tables, and even a coffee machine, which was very comfortable. However, there were too few customers in the store, so this rest area had become a special rest area for the two employees in the store.

Every time he sat in the rest area for a short rest, Xu Zhuang, who was still renting a house, often sighed: “Staying in the store is more comfortable than staying in my home.”

His sigh was not unreasonable. Yes, after all, this pet shop was remodeled by Butler Ye. In the rest area, whether it was the sofa or the coffee machine, even the coffee beans in the coffee machine were all high-end products carefully selected by him, which was definitely a luxurious enjoyment.

As soon as Sparrow Jing put the food on the table, Mi Wan came out from the backyard. He took a cup and filled it with water for Mi Wan and made himself a cup of coffee at the same time. Taking advantage of the fact that there was no one in the store, he nestled comfortably on the sofa. (Cough, of course, there were no people in this store all year round.)

“Where’s Xu Zhuang?” Mi Wan found that Xu Zhuang was not in the store.

“Oh, half an hour ago, someone saw the adoption information he posted on the Internet and wanted to adopt the Teddy he picked up last time. He got the address and has gone to send Teddy there.” Sparrow Spirit replied.

“Oh.” Mi Wan nodded understandingly.

Thinking of Xu Zhuang, the sparrow spirit suddenly burst out laughing.

“What are you laughing at?” Mi Wan asked curiously.

“I’m laughing at Old Xu.” The sparrow spirit laughed, “He told me just now that if the business is not good this month, he will take the initiative to ask for a lower salary. He said that he can’t just take the money and not work, as he feels sorry for you.”

Mi Wan couldn’t help laughing when she heard it, but at the same time she was a little moved. After all, Comrade Xu who could think this way was really a good employee, much better than this sparrow who just turned his elbow outward.

“Are you familiar with Instant Noodle Pig?” Mi Wan asked suddenly.

“Huh?!” The sparrow spirit was taken aback.

“The one million that their family of three have been just collected, logically speaking, it is impossible for them to be ranked so high. Have you given them a back door entry?” Mi Wan asked very firmly. And it was not just this, the Sparrow had also helped the instant noodle pig several times today.

For example, when he was afraid that she would not be happy, he hugged the bear child piglet from the tree before he could throw a tantrum. Then the instant noodle pig was dragged out from the room during treatment. An ordinary sparrow spirit would not be so kind.

“Hehehe…we’re a bit familiar.” Seeing that Mi Wan saw through it, the sparrow spirit honestly admitted, “You also know that my transformation was not very smooth before, and once I was halfway through the transformation, suddenly I was bumped into by someone, and it was Brother Zhu who helped me solve that matter. Otherwise, I might have been sent back to my hometown by the Demon Hunter Association for exposing my identity. In this way… I will not be able to meet you, boss.”

Nodding in a daze, Mi Wan thought it seems that Instant Noodle Pig has always been a good old demon.

“Brother Zhu and his wife hadn’t divorced at that time, and I went to his house for dinner, and their relationship was very good.” Sparrow spirit said again, “It was also at that time that I had the idea of finding a human girlfriend. It’s just a pity…”

Mi Wan froze while eating, and she suddenly remembered the scene when she and the sparrow spirit met for the first time. It seemed, it seemed, that she should have caused the sparrow spirit to break up with his human girlfriend, right?

Although later, in order to compensate the sparrow spirit, she helped him remove the demon poison in his body, but she was still a little embarrassed to hear it like this all of a sudden.

“Cough…then what, you just…didn’t ask your girlfriend to explain again?” Mi Wan asked in a low voice.

“Girlfriend?” The Sparrow spirit was stunned for a while, then asked in confusion, “What girlfriend?”

“It was the first time we met, your girlfriend.” Mi Wan reminded.

“Oh~~that.” The sparrow spirit had an expression that I would have almost forgotten it if you didn’t mention it, “I haven’t contacted her for a long time, and we didn’t have a deep relationship at first.”

“But you were crying like that at that time.” She said that day, it was because Sparrow Jing cried so sadly outside the convenience store that she felt guilty for making him cry. Otherwise, with her hard-hearted nature after killing countless demons, how could it be so easy for her to feel guilty towards a demon.

“At that time…” The Sparrow Spirit scratched his face embarrassingly, “The reason why I cried so sadly was not entirely because of a broken relationship, but because… At that time I misunderstood that the boss was going to kill me, hehehe… “

Mi Wan fell silent, this guy was scared to cry by herself.

“Then when you fell in love with that girl, did you think about the future?” Unable to ask the instant noodle pig, Mi Wan decided to ask Sparrow Jing, “After all, you have different life spans, she will age faster and die earlier than you after all…”

“We just met at that time, we didn’t even think about getting married, who would think so long-term.” The sparrow spirit replied.

“Lecher! Rogue!” Mi Wan glared at the sparrow spirit with resentment, and the old-fashioned word “Lecher” burst out in anger.

The sparrow spirit, who was suddenly stared at, also looked confused, and almost choked on the coffee in his mouth. But at this time, the sparrow essence was no longer the original sparrow essence. After coughing twice, instead of being afraid, he argued with his boss: “Boss, I don’t agree with what you said. We were introduced by colleagues. I just wanted to get along and fall in love, and the relationship was not deep at the time, not to mention me, the other party didn’t even think about marrying me, we just wanted to try first. Besides, it’s not hundreds of years ago, when we fell in love, we should want to get married, that would be a big burden.”

Mi Wan was stunned, and then realized, yes, now it was not five hundred years ago, human beings’ minds were much more open, and their lives were freer and easier, and they had to keep pace with the times.

Wait, keep up with the times? Why should I keep pace with the times? After advancing with the times, what do you want to do?

Just thinking about it, Mi Wan’s complexion turned dark again: It’s all Fan Chen’s fault, so why did he confess?!!

Wanwu Group.

Although today was the weekend, spring was the best season for plant growth, so the Wanwu Group in spring was extremely busy, and there were few holidays. As the president and demon king, Fan Chen was always worrying about the environment of the earth all year round.

In the office, Quan Juncai was reporting work to Fan Chen again. Fan Chen’s expression changed slightly after listening halfway through, and he felt a chill rise from behind.

“My lord, what’s the matter?” Quan Juncai asked with concern.

“It’s okay.” Fan Chen frowned, and said, “There’s a lot of rain in spring, you try to spare as many people as possible and send them to places with a lot of rain to prevent landslides in advance.”

“It’s already been arranged.” Quan Juncai smiled and said, “And this year’s spring breeze is particularly good, and the growth of vegetation is better than before. Even if there is more precipitation, it will not cause landslides.”

“But we still have to pay attention.” Fan Chen thought for a while, and his brows loosened a little. The greening effect in the past few years was really good. After each sacrifice, his wound did not expand significantly. Moreover, human beings all over the world had also begun to realize the problem of environmental pollution. Although natural resources were still being exploited, the intensity of exploitation had eased to some extent. Humans had even researched many new technologies to re-extract resources from the eliminated garbage.

“Okay.” Quan Juncai wrote it down and continued, “According to our plan last year, I inspected several garbage reprocessing companies. I think this one is not bad, with complete equipment and advanced technology. We can acquire it.”

“Okay. If you think it’s okay, just buy it directly.” In terms of company management, Fan Chen was not as good at it as Quan Juncai, who had attended a business school.

“Yes.” Quan Juncai nodded, closed the folder, but did not leave the office immediately.

“Is there anything else?” Fan Chen asked suspiciously.

“The last one.” Quan Juncai took out a piece of paper from under the folder and handed it to Fan Chen, “This is the best employee selected by our company at the end of last year.”

Fan Chen took it and glanced at it, somewhat surprised, then he raised his eyebrows: it was a familiar demon, wasn’t this best employee the mouse demon he saw yesterday.

“What’s the reward this time?” The best employee every year would have a huge reward, Quan Juncai specifically told him, was there something he needed to deal with?

“Gift pack for demon poison removal.” Quan Juncai said the name of the prize with a smile.

“What?” Fan Chen was taken aback.

“It means that the company will bear the full cost of the employee’s treatment with Master Mi.” Quan Juncai explained again in detail. Because the treatment fee set by Mi Wan was too high, not all demons could afford it, so Quan Juncai specially set up such a demon poison cleaning gift package as a reward at the end of the year. After all, many of the gardeners in their Wanwu Park were in a degenerated state.

“Oh, then you can do it.” Fan Chen nodded understandingly.

“Aren’t you going to handle it yourself?” Quan Juncai said unexpectedly.

Fan Chen glanced at his assistant, and immediately guessed what the other person was thinking. Foxes were the most insightful species, and Quan Juncai was a thousand-year-old vixen. He was afraid he should have seen through him earlier than himself. He knew that Quan Juncai was creating opportunities for him to get in touch with Wan Wan, but…he seemed to scare Wan Wan yesterday, and he felt that he had to give Wan Wan some time to recover.

“I told Wan Wan yesterday.” Fan Chen said suddenly.

“You told, what did you say…” Quan Juncai was confused for a moment, could it be a matter of treatment? Impossible. I told about this big gift package to my lord just now, so it’s impossible for my lord to know in advance and tell Master Mi, so if it’s not about this, then what is it? Could it be…

Quan Juncai came to his senses suddenly, and dared not say anything: “My lord, have you confessed?”

“Yes.” Fan Chen nodded bluntly.

“Was it successful!”


The scene turned instantly awkward~~~

Quan Juncai wished he could turn back time for two seconds, so that he could take back the three words he just said, even if time could not be turned back, the scene of the two of them talking being replaced by chatting on the mobile phone was also fine, at least there would be a chance to withdraw and pretend that nothing happened. However, the reality was cruel, the reality was only the two of them looking at each other, embarrassingly wanting to cry~~

“Cough…then what, victory or defeat is a common matter in military affairs~~” Help, what did I just say?

Fan Chen smiled wryly, and didn’t embarrass Quan Juncai, he waved his hand to signal him to go out.

Quan Juncai wanted to leave a long time ago, so at this time as soon as he got permission, he immediately oiled the soles of his feet, and rushed out with a whoosh. When he returned to his seat, he poured himself three cups of cold water in a row before calming down: “It’s unscientific. With the charm of our Lord, the confession would still be rejected?”

Just after sighing, Quan Juncai suddenly realized a more terrifying thing: This seems to be the first love of their lord, he had been tempted like this once in tens of thousands of years, and he was rejected, what a shadow it must be~ ~~

Quan Juncai had made a decision: he should try not to hang around in front of Lord Demon King during this period of time.

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