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Ling Yue’s words immediately made Gu Anxin afraid to sit down.

She stood awkwardly and looked at other customers, “Third Brother, what’s the matter with you? There are colleagues waiting for me over there.”

“Colleague refers to him?” Ling Yue pointed to Du Ming who was standing at the counter talking to the waiter. That man had just gotten very close to Gu Anxin, which had exceeded Ling Yue’s definition of a safe distance.

Although he hasn’t confessed yet, since yesterday, Gu Anxin had been classified by him into the category of “possession”. Things in this category were not allowed to go beyond a safe distance.

Seeing Ling Yue looking at Du Ming with some hostility, Gu Anxin quickly pulled his finger down, “Don’t point at him like that, it’s impolite, at least they are my colleagues, and we will get along day and night in the future.”

The words “people” and “getting along day and night” immediately hurt Ling Yue’s eardrums. Men and women who fell in love would indeed become more sensitive. He looked at Gu Anxin solemnly.

Gu Anxin was a little anxious, and Alice told her to come over to the coffee shop to have a look, but Ling Yue kept ignoring the point. Seeing that Du Ming had finished negotiating with the waiter and was waiting for her, she couldn’t help urging Ling Yue, “Third Brother, what’s the matter with you? If it’s okay, I’m leaving, my colleagues are still waiting for me.”

Being urged by her like this, Ling Yue suddenly lost his mood. Although he really wanted to express his feelings to her immediately, he still stubbornly said two words: “It’s okay!”

Gu Anxin frowned, “What’s your problem? You specially called me here and said it’s okay. I told you that my colleague had a birthday party. Aren’t you wasting everyone’s time?”

Gu Anxin complained, and left, leaving Ling Yue looking at her back with a gloomy expression of hatred.

If Gu Anxin wasn’t the woman he liked, her saying such things to him would be courting death!

Just watched Gu Anxin follow that Du Ming to leave the coffee shop, so in the end the prepared roses stayed buried under the table before they had time to show up.

Alice had been standing outside the glass window, seeing that Ling Yue let her go before giving the roses to Gu Anxin, she ran in anxiously, “Sir, what’s wrong with you? Miss Gu has already left, why didn’t you tell her clearly?” Before Alice finished speaking, Ling Yue suddenly raised his head, staring at Alice with serious eyes.

Alice quickly shut up, but she couldn’t help but feel strange in her heart, the boss did everything quickly and neatly, but today he was timid, which was really strange.

A well-planned confession ended without a problem, and our heroine didn’t even come to know anything about it.

Not only Alice felt it was a pity, but of course Ling Yue couldn’t pass this threshold even more.

“Go and see where she went, and report back to me.” Ling Yue said to Alice after calming down his emotions.

Seeing that he still did not give up on this confession, Alice nodded quickly, “Right away, sir.”

Alice hurried out to follow Gu Anxin.

After Gu Anxin had dinner with everyone at Ping An Restaurant, she followed Du Ming and others to a nearby KTV.

She used to be restricted by working at home. So, she had no friends all the year round. It had been a long time since she had fun with so many people. She was also a little happy. She was willing to drink a little if someone gave her a drink, but she didn’t drink very well, and she was a little drunk by the end.

It was already agreed before that if Gu Anxin got drunk, Du Ming would send her home, but Du Ming was even more drunk than her. It was impossible for this birthday star to be a flower protector and send Gu Anxin home today.

The rest of the people were in pairs, either having their boyfriends to pick them up, or with husbands to protect them. Most of the men were drunk, and several of the men’s girlfriends came and carried them back.

Gu Anxin, unexpectedly just placed the order.

Standing in front of the KTV, watching everyone leave, Gu Anxin was so drunk that she was not sober, but she still sniffed sadly. The loneliness became more intense after comparison.

She wanted to take a taxi back immediately, but as soon as she reached out to stop the car, she felt a rush of vomiting. She hadn’t had a drink for a long time, and her stomach was very uncomfortable tonight.

A beautiful woman, standing in front of the KTV nightlife venue like this, vomiting like this would definitely attract lustful people.

Gu Anxin also met such people. After vomiting, when she looked up, she saw a man looking at her with green eyes.

“Miss, are you drunk? Where are you going? I’ll take you back.” The man said as he came over and grabbed Gu Anxin’s arm, pulling her to get into a van on the side of the road.

Although Gu Anxin was not very sober, subconsciously she still rejected the touch of a strange man. She barely stood up straight, broke away from the man’s hand, and opened her eyes, “Who are you? I don’t know you.”

At this time, a passer-by passed by here, and upon hearing this sentence, he thought that the beauty might be being sexually harassed, and was hesitating whether to come over to help, and looked at the man who was harassing Gu Anxin with strange eyes.

This man was also a veteran, seeing the scrutiny by passers-by, he hurriedly said to Gu Anxin: “I told you not to drink, you just talk nonsense when you are drunk, and you don’t know people anymore. If I throw you on the street, see if you can find Bei?”

Passers-by heard it, oh, it turned out that they were a pair of lovers, the woman was drunk, and the two of them were having a fight, so he didn’t care anymore and left.

Seeing the passers-by leave, the man pulled Gu Anxin even harder, dragging her to the van.

“Be good, be obedient, let’s go home, okay?” While tugging at Gu Anxin, the man was still using words to cover up, so that passers-bys would not meddle in their own business.

Finally, Gu Anxin got into the can. The man looked at Gu Anxin who was lying on the back seat of the van. His whole heart had been infected with lust, and he had already started planning which hotel to go to.

There was a hotel 400 meters ahead. Thinking of this, the wretched man rubbed his hands, pulled the door of the van, and rushed to the hotel.

“Put her down.” A voice sounded inappropriately at this time.

The wretched man full of “obscene” thoughts was suddenly interrupted, very upset, he took a closer look and thought who it was, wasn’t he just a cripple sitting in a wheelchair!

“What do you want, kid?” The wretched man looked at Ling Yue’s wheelchair without the slightest bit of fear.

“Put her down.” Ling Yue pointed to the back seat of the van.

The wretched man smiled, “It’s none of your business if I take my wife home? I warn you, don’t meddle in other people’s business, otherwise no one will dare to help you crippled on the road!”

“Wife?” The dark “color” in Ling Yue’s eyes was more obvious than before, and this word obviously angered him.

He was going to confess his love to Gu Anxin today, but before she became his girlfriend, she became someone else’s wife.

Ling Yue was very angry, and the consequences were serious.

He slowly reached into the inner pocket of his jacket and took out a tube of black things.

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