TBVSR Ch. 87

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Zhen Xuxu studied literature, and it was a little hard to imagine that a professor of physics would raise a daughter who studied literature.

On the second day after Qiu Li woke up, he lay on the hard bed in the dormitory, staring at the white ceiling in a daze.

After the hangover, his forehead hurt a bit.

The roommate on the upper bunk rushed in and told him excitedly that there was a super beautiful girl who had been waiting for him downstairs all morning.

Qiu Li’s mind went crazy, he didn’t even bother to put on his shoes, and ran to the balcony with one bare foot, and saw Zhen Xuxu downstairs.

Standing under the ginkgo tree, she raised her hand at him, with a beautiful and bright smile on her lips.

Qiu Li’s hot blood dissipated in an instant, and he lazily returned to the dormitory, feeling ridiculous at his absurd idea just now.

It was Qiu Li who didn’t want her first, that girl was so determined and wanted to be strong, how could she cross mountains and seas and come to him without face.

What was he looking forward to?

Qiu Li washed his face, wore a black sweater, stepped on flip flops, and went downstairs lazily.

Seeing him coming down, Zhen Xuxu hurried to him, holding a dessert box in her hand: “Here, last time I saw you eat a lot of cakes, I guess you must like desserts.”

A sober Qiu Li seemed to be better than when he was drunk. They got along a bit, and although he didn’t take the dessert box, he let her go without saying anything.

“What’s the matter?”

“It’s okay, I’m just curious, I remember my mother said, you were going to be admitted to Beicheng University, why did you come to Haicheng?”

Qiu Li’s face darkened.

Ren Xian had almost become a thorn in his heart, he couldn’t say her name and couldn’t think about her.

During his most miserable and painful childhood years, his mother was his only hope of living, and his only remaining nostalgia for this world.

Longing for so long, working hard for so long… Finally, fate told him that everything was wishful thinking, and his mother was dead!

Zhen Xuxu had a mother, but he didn’t. His mother was dead!

She died.

She died.

She was dead…

Zhen Xuxu had all the happiness he longed for. Perhaps, this was why he had feelings for her.

But this perception only made him feel sick.

Qiu Li’s face was not good-looking, and Zhen Xuxu smiled and guessed: “No… because you found out that I was in Haicheng, right? Did you fall in love with me at first sight?”

Qiu Li said coldly: “I have a girlfriend.”

Zhen Xuxu opened her big eyes, she didn’t expect him to have a girlfriend: “Don’t kid, I don’t think you look like someone with a girlfriend at all, which girl can stand your character.”

“Believe it or not.” Qiu Li walked towards the cafeteria.

Zhen Xuxu continued to follow him, chasing after him as she said: “The last question, why didn’t your girlfriend come to Haicheng with you? You answer me, and I will invite you to the cafeteria on the second floor for dinner.”

He looked back at Zhen Xuxu: “I have a very serious mental illness. I regarded your mother as my mother for many years. If that girl is with me, I am afraid that I will wake up from my dream and kill her one day. Believe it or not.”

Zhen Xuxu reacted after a long time, then suddenly burst out laughing, and only took his words as a humorous joke: “Haha…, crazy criticism, I like it. But speaking of it, if you fall in love with me, then my mother will indirectly be your mother.”

These words, like a heavy hammer, slammed into Qiu Li’s heart.

If she was with him, would Ren Xian really… be his mother?

On the one hand, Qiu Li crazily resisted this absurd idea, but on the other hand, it was eroding his heart like a deadly poison.

Jiang Yu.

Jiang Yu.

Xiao Yu…

The hands under his sleeves trembled uncontrollably.

Other people in this world besides Xiao Yu… It didn’t matter if he hurt them casually.

Qiu Li raised the corner of his mouth.

This was the first time Zhen Xuxu saw him smile, lazily, with thin lips slightly raised, and dark eyes as deep as an abyss. When he glanced at her, her heartbeat couldn’t stop speeding up.

She found a bad signal, she seemed to be really fascinated by this man.

The cafeteria on the second floor had a wide variety of meals, including delicious stir-fried dishes, north and south-style pastries, and exquisite small cake desserts.

Many students were willing to eat here, even if the price was much higher than the canteen on the first floor.

Qiu Li mechanically ate the tasteless food in his mouth, even though the girl who could make him feel the taste was right in front of him, but he had no interest in exchanging food with her at all.

She was not Xiao Yu, so he was really not interested at all, even if the temptation of perception was right in front of him, he would rather stand in the unconscious black and white world.

Even if he was very sure that this girl had fallen in love with him.

Zhen Xuxu watched him eat, although he was not happy, but it was really mechanical, as if he was not enjoying the food at all, but just repeating the chewing action.

He also ate a lot and tended to overeat.

When he was going to pick up food for the nth time, Zhen Xuxu stopped him: “Even if you are eating at a buffet, you don’t need to eat so much, be careful of gaining weight.”

Ever since he came to Haicheng, he felt empty in his heart as if he had lost the whole world, Qiu Li started to eat a lot, trying to fill up the emptiness and paleness in his abandoned heart in this way.


“No, help yourself anyway.”

Not far away, a few girls from the student union greeted Zhen Xuxu, and when they saw Qiu Li across the table, they couldn’t stop winking at her.

Their university life was coming to an end, and it was really rare to see Goddess Zhen, who had eyes above her head, dating a boy.

And why did she not get together with Wu Yifan?

But when they saw clearly the appearance of the boy opposite, they instantly felt that the goddess Zhen Xuxu, who was not married to Wu Yifan, really found a real idol “meal replacement”!

This appearance…didn’t lose to any idol at all.

During that time, everyone could see that Zhen Xuxu, a talented girl from the Faculty of Arts, started chasing after a boy.

Qiu Li was actually not outstanding in the college, because he didn’t care about his studies at all, and he didn’t usually do proper business. In Haicheng University, a key college where most of his classmates worked hard, he attended classes during the day and went to clubs at night, playing cards and drinking like a jerk.

His only advantage may be his appearance.

But how could a talented girl from the Faculty of Arts be such a superficial person who only looked at her face.

The boys who were rejected by Zhen Xuxu sighed, feeling incredible.

In fact, at the beginning, Zhen Xuxu had a good impression of Qiu Li only because of his face, and had the so-called love at first sight.

But the reason why she liked him in the future was entirely because she felt… There was a story about this man.

It must have been an extraordinary adventure she had never experienced.

Zhen Xuxu, who grew up in a greenhouse and was carefully cared for, was ambitious and longed for the sun and wind on the edge of the cliff, so she couldn’t wait to experience a desperate and vigorous legendary love.

Qiu Li was different from those boys who chased her. Those boys were from rich families and mediocre characters, and they were talking about dreams, future and challenges. So actually, it was pretty boring.

On the contrary, Qiu Li, a guy who had no attitude towards life at all, made her find him interesting.

Asking herself, Zhen Xuxu felt that she was not inferior to any other outstanding girl in the world. Her family background, ability, appearance and talent all made her full of confidence.

It was only a matter of time before Qiu Li was taken down.

At dusk, the hip-hop club organized a small competition in the cultural square, full of youth and excitement.

It was Zhen Xuxu’s turn to play soon, and she sent several messages to Qiu Li, asking him to come over to watch the game, worried that he could not find his way as a freshman, and even sent him the location.

But Qiu Li didn’t show up until she finished dancing the hot jazz dance that she had carefully prepared.

Her girlfriends were asking her why her boyfriend didn’t come to watch her compete.

Zhen Xuxu could only reason that he was not feeling well.

In fact, he wasn’t her boyfriend, as Qiu Li hadn’t established a relationship with her at all.

It was just because Zhen Xuxu’s conditions were so good in all aspects, so that the students had the feeling that “there is no boy in the world that she can’t catch up with”.

So they all acquiesced internally that Qiu Li was her boyfriend.

After chasing for so long, Zhen Xuxu was actually a little impatient, but she couldn’t bear to give up.

The colder Qiu Li was to her, the more she wanted to chase him down.

She liked him and she really liked him. She liked him so much that every time she thought of him, there would be a reaction.

As her little friend said, the best way to test loving someone was whether you had the urge to touch him, kiss him, possess him, do anything for him…

There was no doubt that Zhen Xuxu just liked him. She liked him so much that she must have him.

At least, since she was a child, there was nothing she wants that she couldn’t get, and the same went for her boyfriend.

After the street dance was over, Zhen Xuxu went to the chess and card building angrily, and found Qiu Li in the box on the second floor.

He was sitting on the old soil-coloured sofa, with his left arm resting on the back of the sofa, his skin was very white under the overhead light, his pair of glowing peach blossom eyes were dark and silent, expressionless, his gaze swept over her lightly like a feather, and then silently moved away, and landed on the cards in his hand.

Sometimes Zhen Xuxu was really angry with herself. When she didn’t see him, she was rehearsing how to scold him. But it was obvious that when she saw the smile on his mouth, she immediately softened her heart.

It was no use hating him.

“Why didn’t you come to see my competition?”

She said reproachfully, “I sent you a lot of text messages, but you didn’t read them?”


“Then, why didn’t you come?”

“I don’t care about street dancing. Not interested.”

“So you’re only interested in playing cards and drinking?”

Qiu Li didn’t bother to pay attention to her, and played a card and threw a pair of twos, winning the round.

Duan Bo yelled in dissatisfaction: “Brother Li, can you stop memorizing the cards every time, it’s really boring to play against you.”

“Yes, whoever memorizes the cards can beat you.”

The money was pushed out and thrown to them: “Happiness is the most important thing.”

Duan Bo got the money, of course he was happy, and said with a smile, “Okay, I’ll treat you to dinner tonight, let’s go for a walk.”

Zhen Xuxu stopped Qiu Li and biting her lower lip, asked, “If you like playing cards, I can also learn to play with you. I can learn whatever you are interested in, as long as you like it.”

Qiu Li looked at the girl’s humble expression. With a straight face, he said blankly: “I am most interested in ballet.”


Who wanted to learn ballet but young girls these days, and they couldn’t dance on the street, it was neither cool nor trendy, it was too old-fashioned.

Zhen Xuxu said: “If you really like it, I can learn it too.”

She had good dancing skills, so if there was any difficulty in ballet, it could be done in minutes.

Qiu Li turned his head and lit a cigarette, then sneered casually and said, “If you can do the black swan’s 32 spins, I will watch you dance.”

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