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After Xie Lin went to other places to go to university, Fu Yuanzhou thought it would be difficult for the two of them not to be together, but the studies in the third year of high school were too fulfilling, and before he knew it, a semester passed quickly, and it was time for winter vacation again in the blink of an eye.

During this semester, the two of them saw each other often, and Xie Lin would come back to see him. Although the feeling of missing him was eased, the time was short, so the winter vacation meant that the two of them could stay together for a month. Starting from New Year’s Day, Fu Yuanzhou started looking forward to it early.

On the day Xie Lin was going to come back, Fu Yuanzhou still had class, so he deliberately asked for leave to avoid the evening self-study that day, and went home early to see Xie Lin.

Xie Lin sat on the sofa and looked over when he heard the sound of the door opening. His complexion was cold and white, and he was wearing black clothes, which made his handsome eyebrows colder and look more charming and mature.

He was always like this, only when he saw Fu Yuanzhou, would his expression change.

Fu Yuanzhou was not the only one who was happy for his return. The adults were also very happy. As the new year was approaching, Xie Lin’s parents, who had been working abroad for many years, had also returned. The two families gathered for dinner and asked about Xie Lin’s recent situation in detail. He also responded one by one.

Fu Yuanzhou was so happy that he couldn’t help looking at Xie Lin all the time, but he was embarrassed to be too obvious in front of the adults, and he was always restraining, but the parents were all experienced, so how could he hide his little thoughts? But they were also very reasonable and let the two children go soon after the meal, so that they could be alone.

Because of his mind being seen through, Fu Yuanzhou was a little embarrassed at first, so he dawdled and didn’t leave immediately, but Xie Lin was straightforward, and quickly pulled him upstairs, into Fu Yuanzhou’s bedroom, and then he hugged him, and immediately fell down into a passionate kiss.

From his kiss, Fu Yuanzhou could feel that Xie Lin was also longing for him, although he didn’t show it obviously, it was even stronger than him.

He didn’t resist at all, and let Xie Lin kiss him, even though his eyes were wet from lack of oxygen, he still hooked the back of Xie Lin’s neck and responded proactively.

“Less than five months.”

After the lingering kiss, Xie Lin stroked the back of Fu Yuanzhou’s neck and said in a low voice.

He would come back often to make temporary marks for Fu Yuanzhou regularly, but the smell was not very obvious, because Fu Yuanzhou was still wearing a collar, and only when he was very close could he smell the faint smell of red wine and peaches.

The reason why he wore a collar was to avoid too much attention in school. After all, Fu Yuanzhou was still a senior in high school, but after one semester, everyone still got to know that he had Xie Lin’s temporary mark, and the school turned a blind eye to it. For one thing, they didn’t have school rules to prohibit students from falling in love.

“Yes, there are still more than four months.”

Fu Yuanzhou agreed, then it would be his turn to take the college entrance examination. After that, he would be able to be with Xie Lin—as long as he didn’t fail the exam. His school was very sure, but even if he didn’t perform well, he would definitely go to the city where Xie Lin was located to go to school. This was what they had already decided.

Whether this time was long or not, Fu Yuanzhou was nervous about the exam, but he couldn’t wait to enter the exam room tomorrow. With this kind of contradictory psychology, he looked at Xie Lin little by little, and his eyes slid all the way to Xie Lin’s hand and he couldn’t help being happy when he saw that ring.

After entering university, Xie Lin had always been wearing a ring. Fu Yuanzhou couldn’t do it. Jewelry was not allowed in high school, but it was still okay at home. He immediately took out the ring and put it on his hand and put it together with Xie Lin’s hand. Xie Lin quickly took his hand and kissed his knuckles lightly.

Fu Yuanzhou had to go to school the next day, and Xie Lin went with him in the car. Fu Yuanzhou had worn his ring all night, and now it was time to take it off, so he took it off and asked Xie Lin to keep it for him.

“Then I’m leaving.”

Fu Yuanzhou waved to Xie Lin, without the ring, his hand looked empty, Xie Lin looked at it for a few seconds, and said to him before he got off the car: “Hand over here.


Fu Yuanzhou obediently stretched out his hand, Xie Lin took his hand and handed it to his lips, leaving a circle of shallow bite marks on his knuckles, which almost overlapped with the place where the ring was worn.

“A new ring.” Xie Lin said.


Fu Yuanzhou’s face turned red, although the traces would disappear soon, but…but why was Xie Lin so good at playing?

“I’ll pick you up at night.”

Xie Lin kissed the back of his hand again and let him go. Fu Yuanzhou got out of the car with a flushed face. Watching the car go away, he suddenly had another idea.

That night, Xie Lin saw the bite marks on his chest while taking a bath, and the corners of his lips were slightly raised, revealing a faint smile.


Fu Yuanzhou sent a text message to Shen Xigou to remind him to take medicine.

Over the past year or so, the relationship between the two of them had gradually eased, and the contact information that was originally blocked had been unblocked. Sometimes the two would chat briefly, but most of the communication was Fu Yuanzhou urging Shen Xigou to take his medicine on time.

“I’m going back.”

The conversation between the two didn’t end soon, and Shen Xigou sent Fu Yuanzhou another message: “It’s been a long time since I went back. I want to see my parents.”

Indeed, Shen Xigou and him hadn’t seen each other for a year and a half. Looking back, he also spent this year’s New Year’s Day and Spring Festival there. Fu Yuanzhou’s father asked him if he was lonely, and Shen Xigou just smiled and didn’t respond.

“It’s fine to go back.” Fu Yuanzhou replied, and at the same time reminded him, “Remember to pay attention to your body.”

“Don’t worry, I will.”

Seeing Shen Xigou’s reply, Fu Yuanzhou wanted to ask him if he would come again in the future but held back.

Shen Xigou also didn’t say when he would come again, but continued: “Afterwards, I will continue to travel and go to the places I have been to again.”

“My purpose at that time was very simple, I just wanted to choose a place to spread my own ashes, maybe this time I will have a different feeling, I want to thank you, Yuanzhou, it is you who taught me to love this world, cherish my own life, and gave me the motivation to live.”

That night, Fu Yuanzhou tossed and turned on the bed, unable to fall asleep. He thought about all the experiences he had with Shen Xigou in the past, and what Shen Xigou said to him during the day, and suddenly felt a mixed emotion of being happy but wanting to cry.

It was different.

The current Shen Xigou had become different from the past.

When Shen Xigou left, he didn’t bring many things with him, only a suitcase. Fu Yuanzhou saw him coming out from the window, and quickly went out of the house, talking to him a few words.

Still the same, he told Shen Xigou to take care of his illness, Shen Xigou responded with a smile, until the conversation was about to end, then he hesitated for a while, and finally spoke.

“I’m sorry.” He said, “At the beginning I alienated you and feared you for no reason, I’m sorry…”

Shen Xigou stared at him blankly for a while, his eyes were a little red, he turned his head quickly, his voice a little hoarse: “It’s okay.”

He paused for a few seconds, and asked softly: “Can I know the reason? If you are willing to tell me.”

His attitude was cautious, and Fu Yuanzhou was heartbroken. He couldn’t tell what happened in his previous life, he could only try to organize his words as much as possible: “I was indeed…before that, I was deeply hurt.”

Shen Xigou’s breath was stagnant: “Is it because of me?”

“Yes… and no.”

Fu Yuanzhou closed his eyes, the scars left in his heart by those things were still indelible, but he also knew that the Shen Xigou now was different from the past, and he may not be able to let go completely, but…

“It’s all over.”

He said to Shen Xigou.

Even if he won’t forget it, but that was indeed a thing of the past, Shen Xigou was no longer the same, he only wanted them to be well in the future, he won’t hurt them, and won’t hurt himself.

“I’ll contact you later.” Fu Yuanzhou said, “I wish you all the best.”


Shen Xigou was silent for a long time, then smiled gently at him: “See you later.”

“See you later.”

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