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It could only be said that the purpose of the man and him was the same, so they had been able to get along for so many years in such a cold, non-provocative relationship. Many times, the man just asked the guards to help convey what he wanted him to do.

But the emotions that were suppressed in his heart did not disappear. Whenever it came to this time, Jing Yan thought of his mother, the woman who would live freely, wantonly and radiantly if she hadn’t fallen in love with that man. A smiling, cheerful, gentle, free and easy woman, the woman who lay weakly on the hospital bed when she was sick, and who still smiled when she saw her friend and her husband, he couldn’t sleep at night.

Jing Yan wanted to be the king, but if he was born in an ordinary family, he would definitely have other goals of his own. But it was just fantasy, the past could not be changed, his mother fell in love with someone who was not worthy of love.

He even clearly remembered the six months he stayed by his mother’s bedside, he was always thinking about why his father didn’t come, he even complained to his mother, but his mother chuckled to reassure him, and when his mother was in critical condition, at that time, when he was in a panic, he was pulled away by the nurses, he could only huddle in a ball outside the door, trembling, thinking repeatedly why his father didn’t come.

That feeling was too torturous.

He also vaguely remembered that the woman came to visit his mother, and when she left, he said goodbye to her outside the door. The woman said, “Your father is the wolf king, so he will definitely be very busy. Be considerate of him.” After listening to this, he cheered up and said with a flick of his tail to the woman, “Well, I know, goodbye auntie!”

The sadness and pain when his mother died, the shock and anger when he got to know the truth, the first time he recognized the essence of his father and understood that the man who loved them very much but couldn’t take care of his family because he was busy was just a fantasy in his heart. That was the coldest and darkest period of Jing Yan’s childhood.

And the memory of that time was always on his mind these two days every year, stretching out its claws from the shadows and crawling out to find him.

He didn’t want to affect Jing Yi and Jiao Yue, so he always kept silent on these two days every year.

He also didn’t know how to talk to Qiao Xi, because he knew that Qiao Xi would definitely feel down when he heard it.

But maybe it was because after the nightmare, when he opened his eyes, he saw the person he loved in front of him. At that moment, a great sense of security and fulfillment poured into his heart, which made his tense heart relax. He finally learned how to tell Qiao Xi about this.

Qiao Xi’s mood was very complicated at the moment. He originally thought that the relationship between Jing Yan and the wolf king and the wolf queen just had a few problems that would inevitably arise after the arrival of a malicious stepmother.

He said: “Jing Yan, if your mother could see you now, she would be relieved. But she would also be sad when she sees you now.”

“This line may be a bit cliché, but it is also what I have to do. What I said, the other thing is-” He raised his arms, wrapped his arms around Jing Yan, and whispered something against his ear.

Live happily, keep growing, and move steadily towards the throne that will eventually be yours.

“Don’t go back to thinking about bad things. At this time of year, think about the happy days you and your mother used to have, and then go to the grave with a relaxed mood, just like having a family reunion,” Qiao Xi stroked Jing Yan’s face, said warmly, “There are more happy times than sad times, right? Don’t only think about the unhappy and forget the happy. If you always go to see your mother with that heavy heart, your mother will be unhappy too.”

Jing Yan trembled.

Scenes from the past flashed before his eyes.

It was dim at first, like black-and-white portraits, the stiff, pale face of her mother, leaden clouds and cold raindrops hitting her face.

But soon, the warm light dipped in, and in the dense light, he saw his mother’s eyebrows and eyes.

His mother squatted in the flower field, smiled and waved to him, shouting, “A Yan, come here.”

The flowers against her face made her the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, the most beautiful woman in the world.

The house was quiet.

After a while, Jing Yan’s whole body loosened, as if he had completely unloaded the heavy load that he had been carrying for an unknown time to the ground. Although he was tired, at least his body was no longer stiff.

He tightened his hands, hugged Qiao Xi, buried his head in Qiao Xi’s shoulders, and said in a muffled voice, “Qiao Xiaoxi…”

Qiao Xi patted Jing Yan’s back lightly and sighed in his heart.

Jing Yan.

Jing Yan.

The next day was a sunny day.

The group got up early and took the speeder to the royal cemetery.

Chris, like Qiao Xi, woke up full of energy after sleeping for one night.

After knowing that he was showing signs of transformation, he almost jumped up and yelled with joy, but after Jiao Yue told him what day it was, he immediately covered his mouth.

Although he had not lived here for a long time, they had known each other for many years. It’s just that although he knew in which year Jing Yan’s mother died, he didn’t know which day it was. He hadn’t expected…

“Jing Yan seems to be in a good mood?”

Chris whispered to Jiao Yue in front of the tombstone.

Jiao Yue also looked at Jing Yan’s back thoughtfully.

Indeed, Jing Yan seemed to be much better than previous years this year.

“But the dark circles are still heavy.” Chris muttered.

Jing Yan heard this muttering, he turned around and said, “…I had a nightmare last night, but I still didn’t sleep well.”

He glanced at Hei Yu.

Hei Yu was shocked and said: “Nightmare? Impossible! I even made a dreamless mode for you!”

“This means that your miracle still has a way to go to crack.” Jing Yan said dryly.

The cracking method was the psychological shadow.

Everyone: “…”

He could laugh, it seemed that he was really in a good state.

After saying hello to Jing Yan’s mother one by one, they consciously walked aside and gave the place to Jing Yan and Jing Yi.

Just as Qiao Xi was about to leave, Jing Yan stopped him.

Jing Yan smiled at him: “Qiao Xiaoxi, come here, I’ll introduce you to my mother.”

Qiao Xi blushed.

Jiao Yue smiled and said, “Go.”

Everyone looked at him with a smile, and Qiao Xi walked over and stood next to him.

Jing Yi had closed his eyes, probably talking to his mother in his heart.

When he opened his eyes, Jing Yan spoke softly.

The breeze was blowing, and it was a little cold, but did not have the chill of the previous days.

Qiao Xi looked at the photo on the tombstone.

He had seen other photos of Jing Yan’s mother on the Internet before. She was a woman with very similar eyebrows and eyes to Jing Yan, beautiful, elegant, generous and dignified.

The personalities of Jing Yan and Jing Yi were also inherited from their mother.

Qiao Xi felt that the aunt had really given the two brothers the most precious gift when they were born.

This gift allowed them to support each other for so many years, grow up strong and happy, and enable them to walk along the straight road and stride towards the light.

Auntie, take a good look at them.

Qiao Xi said in his heart.

On the way back, because of exhaustion all night, Qiao Xi and Jing Yan cuddled with each other and fell asleep, and no one came to disturb them.

He didn’t know if it was because of the topic last night that Qiao Xi had a dream.

…it’s just that the dream was a little weird.

In the dream, Jing Yan became the wolf king. He and Jing Yan got married. After a year of marriage, they had a child and they hugged each other.

When he woke up, the flying car had already landed beside the wooden house, and Qiao Xi was still a little dazed when her feet landed on the ground.

Jing Yan looked back at him and wondered: “What’s wrong?”

“…” Qiao Xi tilted his head and asked him, “If we two get married, what will happen to the heir to the throne?”

He looked at Jing Yi who was squatting on the ground picking up leaves.

In the history of orcs, male queens were indeed rare, but since male queens had appeared, the heir to the throne was a question that needed to be carefully considered.

Would Jing Yan let Jing Yi come?

… After all, he couldn’t have a baby like in his dream!

Jing Yi stood up, noticed Qiao Xi’s gaze, and was startled: “It has nothing to do with me! I don’t want to be the beast king!”

Jing Yan stared at him: “Why doesn’t it have anything to do with you?”

Qiao Xi was stunned.

Jing Yi immediately thought of something, patted his head and said, “Yes, it has something to do with me. My brother said that he will choose my child as his heir!”

Qiao Xi understood, and said apologetically, “I’m sorry.”

Jing Yi caused trouble for Jing Yi’s children… also caused trouble?

“It’s all right, my brother and I have already discussed it,” Jing Yi said carelessly, “I like girls, as long as the other party doesn’t want children, there will definitely be children in the future. I don’t like being a king, maybe my child will like it, anyway, my brother also said that we will see the situation later.”

Although he was still young when his mother died, the memories of that time were indeed still scattered in Jing Yi’s mind.

He remembered how his mother was in bed, and how his brother had to take care of him and his mother at the same time.

It could be said that his brother had been protecting him, and Jing Yi also knew that if it wasn’t for his brother, he would not be able to live so carefreely at this age.

His brother propped up the sky for him, so he could become the Jing Yi he was now.

Therefore, now that his brother had found his own happiness, he must support him unconditionally.

As long as there were no accidents, there would definitely be children in the future. Anyway, he believed that he had no ability and was not interested in being the wolf king, but his children might have.

When Qiao Xi was feeling moved, he saw Jing Yi “hehe” and say with a smile: “But brother, you have to help me introduce a few more ladies. I really like them the most!”

Qiao Xi: “…”

How to say, since Jing Yi went to the fox clan, he really exuded an air of enchanted stallion.

Jing Yan said with a blank face: “I will introduce you, but there are no ‘a few’. If you fail, I will beat you up.”

Jing Yi shuddered, and subconsciously touched his tail.

Auntie, sometimes it’s okay to move your eyes a little bit. Oh, cough.

Qiao Xi thought secretly in his heart.

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