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EVLM Ch. 40


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Next morning. Jiang’s house.

Chen Jinjiao had just taken a sip of coffee when she raised her eyes and saw Jiang Zheng walking in with circles around her eyes.

“I thought you didn’t come home last night.”

Jiang Zheng was stunned, “Why wouldn’t I come home at night?”

Chen Jinjiao glanced at the news headlines that kept updating, “Ji Muye went to listen to your concert last night?”

Jiang Zheng: “…”

“Oh no,” Chen Jinjiao laughed, “He actually went to that pretty girl’s concert.”

Jiang Zheng sat on the stool with her chin resting on the table, and said listlessly, “Yes.”

Chen Jinjiao’s eyes rolled, this girl was jealous?

Whoops, good thing.

“When will you invite Ji Muye to our house for a meal?”

Jiang Zheng was so frightened that she almost knocked her chin on the table, “Why?


Jiang Zheng: “…In what capacity should he come to eat at home?”

Chen Jinjiao thought for a while, then smiled and said, “Your combination partner?” This smile was particularly meaningful.

Jiang Zheng: “………”

Last night, she had a dream about sunflowers. For a while she dreamed that she was standing in a field of sunflowers, and after that she dreamed of Ji Muye stuffing sunflowers into her arms.

Aunt Chen Meiting handed over a cup of warm water, and after drinking it, she said, “Zhengzheng, Auntie wants to ask you something.”

Jiang Zheng lifted her head up, “What?”

Chen Meiting pointed earnestly, “What? It’s called cp? What is a cp fan? Why are you and Ji Muye’s cp called ZhengYe?”

Jiang Zheng couldn’t laugh or cry. Why was it so exciting early in the morning?

“The other day I saw someone post a QR code, saying that it was just a group of ZhengYe cp fans. They would share photos and videos. I finally learned how to download files and registered again with my account number and society group. Then when I introduced myself, I said I am 50 years old,” Chen Meiting was speechless, “They insisted that I was a new account fan, so they kicked me out of the group…”

Jiang Zheng: ” …”

At this time, her elder brother Jiang Ran walked over, “Whose car did you drive back in last night?”

Jiang Zheng blinked, “It’s just the staff.”

Jiang Ran glanced at her suspiciously, but based on the trust in his sister, he didn’t continue to ask.

“Where are you, where was Ji Muye? Why is he smelling around you like a cock?”

Jiang Zheng snorted, “Brother, when will you find a sister-in-law for me?”

Chen Jinjiao snorted and said with a smile, “I owe you so much, which kid would like him?”

Jiang Ran snorted coldly, picked up his coffee, turned around and left.

Jiang Zheng pinched the bridge of her nose and recalled vigorously, “There was someone! She was called Su, Su Xuan…”

Jiang Ran paused and stepped back into the room at a faster pace.

Jiang Zheng remembered that her elder brother Jiang Ran once had a vigorous relationship. In her memory up to the age of 18, the two of them were so sweet that they were only one step away from getting married. But nowadays she had not seen Su Xuan come to look for her brother.

Chen Jinjiao snorted coldly, “Your brother was dumped by someone. He has been alone for so many years, that I suspect that your brother is afraid.”

Jiang Zheng couldn’t believe it, how could such a thing happen to her brother?

“Terror City” was a weekly variety show, and it would be broadcast live every Saturday from 9:00 am. As for the end time, it depended on the time when the guests completed the task. The first episode of “Wuyou City” had ended at about two o’clock in the afternoon. It took five hours in total. In view of the rarity of the subject matter and the great contributions of the guests, the ratings of the first episode were quite impressive, and the feedback from various actors was also excellent.

Now there were six guests, and three of them were broadcasting prequels in the second episode. The rumors about the true and false were not known. The topic and discussion were extremely high, and everyone was looking forward to the second episode.

This Friday, the six guests flew together to a certain coastal city on the west line, had a rest overnight, and were picked up by the program crew then taken to a yard early the next morning.

The six people wore blindfolds as usual and were then taken to a speedboat by the staff.

When they opened their eyes, everyone found themselves on the boundless sea… The live broadcast barrage flew across.

#Ming people don’t say dark words, I came to see sister Zheng’s bug show.

#Hahahaha I just came to see Liang Xiaoduan crying.

#Horror Island?

#Deserted island? Escape?

Sure enough, Liang Xiaoduan lived up to their expectations. Just as they took off her blindfold and she looked at the endless sea, her face immediately changed, and she asked in a trembling voice, “Where are they taking us?”

Ke Cancan was particularly unlucky in the last episode. She was caught by the NPCs and taken to the dungeon right at the beginning, and she played the role of soy sauce the whole time. There were not many scenes and topics, so she was holding her breath since early in the morning and wanted to show herself in this episode.

“This type of speedboat can run up to 100 miles according to the amount of fuel. I studied the map at the hotel last night. There is indeed an uninhabited island 80 miles west of this city. We should be going there.”

Obviously, she had come here after doing her homework, so someone immediately jumped on the barrage to praise her serious attitude.

Xiao Cheng continued: “An uninhabited island? How big is the area? Are there mountains on the island? Are the plants lush?”

Xiao Cheng asked several questions in succession, Ke Cancan stammered for a while, “I can’t remember.”

Everyone: “… …”

#So Ke Cancan was lying?

#Huh? Have you noticed that Ji Muye and Jiang Zheng haven’t spoken at all?

#Exactly. Jiang Zheng kept looking at the sea, without even looking at Ji Muye.

#My God! Is it because of Liang Xiaoduan?

#We’ve explained it all. You don’t say it.

Ji Muye’s eyes glanced over Jiang Zheng indifferently. Since they lifted the blindfold just now, she greeted everyone faintly, and then fell into a state of silence.

Seeing Jiang Zheng, his heart kept going up and down, it would have been fine if he hadn’t found anything before, but now that he found out, even if he managed the construction 10,000 times before coming here, he still couldn’t hold back the ups and downs, how dare she look at Ji Muye with a wild look.

He Xiao handed over a bottle, and asked with some concern: “Teacher Jiang, are you a little seasick?”

Jiang Zheng turned around and was stunned for a while, “A little bit. Thank you.”

She took the water bottle and twisted it once, without having unscrewed the cap.

As she was about to do it for the second time, suddenly two hands appeared in front of her.

One belonged to He Xiao, and the other belonged to Ji Muye.

#????Come, come, Shura Field is here!

#Huh, I’m so torn, should I stand behind Ye or He?

#So this is not a scandal of three people at all, but a Shura field of four people? Stimulating!

Seeing this scene, Liang Xiaoduan immediately handed the water bottle in her hand to He Xiao, “Brother He, can you help me?”

Over there, Ji Muye took the bottle from Jiang Zheng’s hand, lightly squeezed the bottle cap, and then handed it over.

Jiang Zheng lowered her voice and said thank you.

Ji Muye said something blunt.

#What happened? In the last episode, Jiang Zheng talked and laughed with Ji Muye and offered to protect him. Why is she being so polite and rude in this episode?

#Yes. I haven’t had enough sugar yet.

#Are Jiang Zheng’s ears red??

#Right. famous. Fuck, it’s red.

The speedboat passed quickly, and the man who drove the boat did not say a word the whole time. The guests looked around anxiously.

Xiao Cheng jokingly said: “Wait a while, a shark will appear on the surface, and the few of us would be enough to squeeze it in.”

Ke Cancan didn’t bother to pay attention to him, when she suddenly saw an island in front, which was now on the ground, and was immediately startled: “Island, island.”

Everyone looked up and saw that there was an island not far away. The towering peak of a mountain was faintly hidden in the clouds, and because it was far away, the details could not be seen clearly. So, it was not known whether there were people living on the island.

The speedboat speeded up, and within 15 minutes, it approached the periphery of the island.

This was not an uninhabited island. There were many people walking and playing on the white sandy beach. The beach had a row of buildings similar to villas, and these neat buildings had five or six floors.

The most striking thing about the whole island was the circular building located at the core of the island, with Roman columns, domes, beautiful colorful glass windows, and it looked like a Christian church, but there was no hanging cross.

The speedboat stopped at the yard, and the six people disembarked one by one.

Stepping on the wooden plank road, the people on the beach below greeted them very openly. If they did not know that this was the filming location of the second episode of “Terror City”, they would have thought it was a holiday island in East Asia.

The six of them walked along the plank road in a daze.

At the end of the plank road, there was a wooden signboard with six characters written on it: Welcome to Paradise Island.

Liang Xiaoduan sat down and said, “Paradise Island? It doesn’t sound very auspicious!”

Jiang Zheng took a step forward and carefully looked at the map on the sign.

This time, the program team didn’t set up obstacles on the map, instead, they showed them everywhere.

Follow the information on the identification plate?

This paradise island not only had the church buildings, villas, and beach swimming pools that they had seen, but also had hospitals, cinemas, commercial streets, and even a large-scale power station, it had a complete infrastructure and service facilities that any society required.

People here could meet almost all needs without going outside.

The cross street started from the church building, and the whole city was symmetrical.

Suddenly, a young man in beach clothes ran over, and he bowed apologetically, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m late.”

He introduced himself as Mo Ji, the guide of this paradise island. All the people who came here for the first time were greeted by him and it was he who explained the whole process.

“Welcome everyone to Paradise Island.” Mo Ji exuded a healthy radiance, and his appearance was very simple and honest, “As you can see, our Paradise Island lives up to its name. There are no worries, no pains, and no crime. Everyone lives in harmony with each other, the relationships are harmonious, and they are full of brilliance…”

#Mo Ji? Ink? Could the director be a little bit more involved when he chooses his name?

#So the theme of this issue of Terror City is Utopia City?

#It sounds so fake. Who will believe it?

Mo Ji continued: “Everything here is free. Food, lodging, travel, shopping and entertainment are well arranged by the whole family. You just need to have your heart and sunshine in your arms and enjoy life here as much as you can.”

Jiang Zheng frowned, subconsciously looking in Ji Muye’s direction. In the last episode in Wuyou City, the two cooperated tacitly and saw through the conspiracy of the third lady in one fell swoop. This episode… she just looked and found that Ji Muye was also looking at her.

The eyes of the two touched lightly in the air, and they immediately understood the meaning in each other’s eyes.

This guy named Mo Ji seemed to be honest, but he was actually super deceitful.

Jiang Zheng suddenly realized something, and quickly looked away.

Liang Xiaoduan muttered, “It’s fine if there are no zombies. I’m afraid of bloody things.”

He Xiao was very straightforward, “You are afraid of more than zombies. Didn’t you cry just now?”

Liang Xiaoduan: “…”

Jiang Zheng stared at Mo Ji, “How many years have you been here?”

Mo Ji revealed regret, “I have only been here for three years. Many people came here much earlier than me.” Who would choose the hard mode, who would not want to live in heaven while alive.

Ji Muye followed up and asked, “Where’s your family?”

Mo Ji said calmly, “My home is here, and everyone here is my family.”

Had he been brainwashed by someone?

It was especially like the propaganda and marketing organization.

Liang Xiaoduan was wrong, invisible horror was more terrifying than visible blood.

Next, Mo Ji turned into a tour guide and led the six of them around Paradise Island.

According to him, this paradise island was discovered and built by a man named Ming Dongfang 30 years ago. With a heart filled with kindness, this person spent his entire life building a paradise here, so that those who were struggling in the secular world, those who were seriously ill, or the elderly could come to live here.

Walking on the dirt road, the scenery on both sides was no different from that of ordinary cities.

People were chatting in groups of threes and fours in the cafes along the street, young people were walking together under the trees, and children were chasing and playing with each other. All they saw were beautiful and harmonious pictures. Nobody had to go to work or school.

The six guests became even more nervous.

Suddenly the distant bell rang, and Mo Ji showed joy, “You are very lucky today. Our godman is preaching the doctrine in the church today, casting spells for the believers to drive away diseases. Let’s go, or there will be no place inside.”

Sure enough, everyone who was wandering on the street ran quickly in the direction of the church.

The six people had no time to react and were surrounded by the surging crowd as they entered the church.

Everyone was respectful and walked quietly, “Okay, wait.”

Mo Ji led them to the first row.

After waiting for five minutes, a man in a white robe slowly walked over. This should be the godman that Mo Ji had mentioned.

Everyone applauded vigorously to welcome him.

Jiang Zheng looked at this man silently, with white hair and white eyebrows, but his face was unbelievably rosy, without any creases, and he was kind like a lump of dough, and his eyes were extraordinarily compassionate.

Mo Ji was full of excitement and trembling excitedly.

The eyes of the godman passed over the six people, and then fell on Jiang Zheng.

Jiang Zheng suddenly felt dissatisfied.

At this moment, the godman walked over slowly and stood in front of her.

He slowly…

Mo Ji said in a low voice: “Godman, you, pray for blessings. You are so lucky to be seen by this person the first time you came.”

Jiang Zheng didn’t believe this set of nonsense. When the man was about to reach, she suddenly leaned back and dodged.

Others gasped, not understanding why someone would reject the godman.

Jiang Zheng smiled, stared at the godman, and said humanly: “Have you washed?”

The godman’s face paused, “Let us be together, let us understand each other in kindness, and trust let us embrace each other.”

His paw poked over again… Suddenly someone grabbed his wrist, twisted it, pushed it, and then he staggered two steps unexpectedly, grunting in pain.

Mo Ji and the other believers took a breath again, unable to believe that someone would treat the godman like this.

The “bad guy” Ji Muye stood up with a smile, and stood in front of Jiang Zheng, “Godman, I’m in pain.”

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