FPH Ch. 39

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Chu Zhaoyang’s expressionless face looked extremely gloomy. When he heard Gu Nian calling him, his deep and cold black eyes revealed a deep sneer, and he turned around and walked to the parking lot without saying a word.

Gu Nian panicked, and hurriedly chased after him saying, “Chu Zhaoyang, I’m sorry!”

Chu Zhaoyang ignored her totally, his expression was cold, and he walked forward without looking sideways, as if he couldn’t see her at all.

Only then did Gu Nian know that even though Chu Zhaoyang looked cold before, but how warm his eyes were when he looked at her.

But now, there was only a piece of ice left inside.

Gu Nian felt a dull pain in her heart. Looking at Chu Zhaoyang’s back striding away from her, there was a voice in her heart telling her that she couldn’t just let Chu Zhaoyang leave, otherwise the two would never have a chance again.

She chased after him, grabbed Chu Zhaoyang’s left arm, and hurriedly said, “Chu Zhaoyang, I’m sorry, just listen to my explanation.”

Chu Zhaoyang finally stopped, and Gu Nian was overjoyed when she saw Chu Zhaoyang turn his head, but the sneer in his eyes had become more intense, which made Gu Nian’s original joy suddenly dull.

“No need.” Chu Zhaoyang sneered coldly, and directly wrenched his arm out of her palm.

Gu Nian was afraid that he would leave, so she held it tightly. She had to use force. Suddenly, the injury on his shoulder caused Chu Zhaoyang to sweat so much that his forehead was in pain.

He gritted his teeth, and strode forward. No matter how painful the shoulder injury was, it couldn’t compare to the pain in his heart at this time.

Hearing Gu Nian’s “Yan Lu” just now, it was as if he had been knocked off a cliff, and his body was shattered to pieces.

It turned out that she didn’t like him as much as he thought, or she didn’t like him at all, it was him alone who was too affectionate.

From Yan Chuwei’s few words, he knew how deep Gu Nian’s feelings for Yan Lu were. The words “Yan Lu” were a curse to Gu Nian, and also to him.

Chu Zhaoyang thought he was ridiculous, how stupid he was, to think Gu Nian liked him?

In fact, Gu Nian never said that from the beginning to the end, everything was just his misunderstanding!

Chu Zhaoyang hummed in a self-deprecating manner, and he strode to the side of the black Bentley.

Gu Nian grabbed his arm: “Chu Zhaoyang, I didn’t mean to leave you.”

She didn’t have such deep feelings for Yan Lu now. After the precipitation of time, now the feelings for Yan Lu were more like a reluctance to part with a dear friend.

If you had a good friend who had been dead for a long time, you suddenly find out that he was not dead but alive, could a person not be excited or unhappy?

That’s how she felt when she saw that person just now. If Yan Lu really didn’t die, she would be very happy, but nothing more than that.

But how would she explain these words to Chu Zhaoyang?

Chu Zhaoyang didn’t express his feelings for her clearly. He seemed to act differently to her, but he always felt a little distant, which made her not sure.

Would he misunderstand if she explained so much to him so self-consciously? Would he laugh at her for being self-confident and self-motivated?

Therefore, Gu Nian hesitated, holding Chu Zhaoyang’s arm, unable to speak.

At this moment, Chu Zhaoyang suddenly raised his hand and covered the back of her hand.

Gu Nian looked at Chu Zhaoyang in surprise, but saw that Chu Zhaoyang just slowly pulled her hand away from his arm, and mocked: “If you can’t say it, don’t say it.”

Then, he got into the car directly started the car, there was no worry about her getting in the car.

Gu Nian didn’t dare to hesitate, so she hurried to the other side and got into the co-pilot seat.

Turning her head, she explained to Chu Zhaoyang’s cold profile: “Chu Zhaoyang, I don’t care about Yan Lu-“

At this time, she couldn’t care so much.

Being misunderstood by him and being laughed at by him was better than now, seeing him be so cold and angry with her.

And, indeed, she did it wrong.

She shouldn’t have left him without saying anything.

“Get off!”

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