FPH Ch. 16

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Gu Nian didn’t look at him, but felt that he was sticking very close, and said in a panic, “I said, I said!”

Chu Zhaoyang was only a short distance away from touching her lips. Hearing her words, he really wanted to ignore her and let the kiss continue.

But seeing her dodging, there was nothing but regret in his heart. He pursed his lips, sucked in his mouth, licked his lips, and raised his head with unhappy eyes.

Gu Nian looked up at him, annoyed, she really didn’t know what was going on with Chu Zhaoyang.

Why did he still want to know her private affairs and had even threatened to kiss her?

“My mother asked me to come, I didn’t want to come.” Gu Nian replied reluctantly.

“So, you didn’t want to have a blind date yourself?” Chu Zhaoyang’s mood was a little better, and his words became longer.

Gu Nian let out a heavy snort and said in an unpleasant tone: “Mr. Chu, you helped me just now and took me out of the embarrassing situation. I’m very grateful. But we are really not familiar enough to talk about private affairs. I’m not familiar with it—”

Gu Nian glanced at the zero distance between the two, and her tone was stiff: “That we can be so close.”

Chu Zhaoyang pretended not to hear it, and still looked at her with a heavy gaze.

The meaning was obvious, if she didn’t say it, he won’t let her go.

Gu Nian really didn’t know where she had provoked Chu Zhaoyang. He had nothing to do with her and still wanted to know what she was doing.

It wasn’t such a glorious thing, Gu Nian didn’t start, and whispered, “I didn’t want to come.”

Although Chu Zhaoyang’s face didn’t change much, his mood was obviously different. The dark eyes showed a little bit of brilliance, and the whole person was like clouds and rain.

He knew that she did not come to the blind date of her own free will. She liked him the most.

Chu Zhaoyang thought happily, completely ignoring Gu Nian’s resistance to him just now.

Then, his hand reached out to Gu Nian again.

Gu Nian had been scared out of the conditioned reflex by him, and jumped to the side like a needle, only to see that Chu Zhaoyang’s hand was actually reaching for the car door.

Gu Nian’s face turned red with embarrassment.

Chu Zhaoyang opened the car door, let Gu Nian sit inside, and said, “I’ll take you home.”

“No need—” Gu Nian was about to refuse, but when she caught Chu Zhaoyang’s persistent gaze, she got stuck and sat down spinelessly.

Chu Zhaoyang was very satisfied, and his mood became more comfortable, but he did not immediately go around to the other side to get into the car, instead he leaned over into the passenger side.

Gu Nian wanted to hide when she saw his hand stretched out. As a result, Chu Zhaoyang squeezed the seat belt beside her, and skilfully pulled it to the side of her leg and fastened it for her.

The space inside the car was narrow, and when he came in like this, he almost filled the space here, and the aroma of mint kept coming in her nose.

Gu Nian held her breath nervously. Now that the two of them were this close, as long as her chest rose and fell even a little, she would rub against his shoulder.

Her tense lips trembled slightly, and she unconsciously licked her lower lip, while the smell of mint kept getting closer.

The light in Chu Zhaoyang’s black eyes suddenly turned hot, and a hot stream of heat rushed down. The fire that had not been suppressed just now rose again.

The warm wind blew in from the open car door, blowing her hair, and wafting thinly under her nose, bringing a warm and sweet aroma.

Her lustrous ears were burning as her hair fluttered.

Chu Zhaoyang grabbed the seat belt, he was breathing heavily, and the hot breath sprayed all over her ears.

Gu Nian was shivering from the heat, her ears had turned even redder, she wanted to hide, but there was nowhere to hide.

Chu Zhaoyang watched the bright colour of her white ears, and couldn’t help swallowing, breathing heavily.

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