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AROEDM Ch. 49.2


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Then he continued to swipe his phone. After a while, the group chat prompt rang. It was Yuan Ye who was asking if he wanted to play games today.

This was a game group. There were five or six people in it in total, all of them were his classmates from Class 7, plus one Yu Fei. Recently Yu Fei also got into this game and bought a full-level account to play with them, so he generally carried Yu Fei with him, rather than opening black, it was better to say that n guarantees one, n depends on how many people play the game that day.

Fortunately, Yu Fei’s mobile phone operation was much better than his handle operation, and he could get started quickly, and now he had good equipment, otherwise Fu Yuanzhou would be embarrassed to take him to harm his own people.

Only he and Yuan Ye were playing the game today, plus Yu Fei. Everyone else couldn’t come. Yu Fei said in the group that he would come. After less than half a minute, Fu Yuanzhou heard a knock on the house door, so he went to open it, then he saw Yu Fei’s smiling face outside.

“Zhou, can I come over and play games with you?”

Yu Fei’s eyebrows were curved, and the pale red mole under his eyes made him look extremely gentle.

“Okay.” Fu Yuanzhou said, just guessing that Xie Lin would be here soon, although Xie Lin didn’t play games, “Where’s Xie Lin, he didn’t come?”

“He is having a video conference with the school, maybe he’ll come in a while.”

Hearing that Fu Yuanzhou specifically asked about Xie Lin, Yu Fei’s smile faded a little, but he didn’t show too much emotion, and shook his phone with a smile: “Let’s start.”

The two of them sat on the sofa, side by side, so they could see each other’s perspectives, and Yuan Ye opened a voice call to direct them.

In terms of games, Yuan Ye was a well-deserved top god, with strong field control and accurate judgment. Under his command, their team had won consecutive battles, but today’s game process was not so uneventful.

When Yuan Ye played games, he satirized people with no mercy, and his opponents suffered, even his teammates suffered, except for Fu Yuanzhou, and this was especially so for Yu Fei, although Yu Fei had made a lot of progress recently, but it was not enough in Yuan Ye’s eyes. He had received the most ridicule, usually Fu Yuanzhou stopped Yuan Ye in order to protect Yu Fei.

“If I hadn’t met you in person, I would have suspected that you were a monster.”

Yuan Ye said to Yu Fei in the voice chat.

“The feeling you give me is that you are pressing the keyboard with your eyes, listening to the sound effects of the game with your hands, and identifying the orientation on the screen with your ears. Otherwise, there is a problem with your brain, since it is giving your hands wrong instructions.”

“Don’t say that.” Fu Yuanzhou naturally wanted to protect Yu Fei, “You can’t blame Yu Fei just now, I also made a mistake.”

“Your mistake came from his mistake.” He always had such double standards.

“It’s okay, I’ll work harder.”

Yu Fei smiled, as if he didn’t care, then he put down the phone and gently grabbed Fu Yuanzhou’s hand: “Thank you for saving me just now, you’re tired, right? Come, let me rub your hands.”

“Ah, I…”

Fu Yuanzhou wanted to refuse, but Yu Fei had already started pressing his hand, his hand was indeed a little sore, and Yu Fei pressed it well. It was the effect that he couldn’t press himself, so he didn’t break free.

“Are you comfortable?” Yu Fei asked in a low voice with a smile.

“Well, it’s good, uh… a little lighter…”

“…” Yuan Ye was silent for a while, and when he spoke again, his tone was not good, “You two are staying together?”

“Yeah, didn’t you notice that there were only two people on the call? I and Yuan Yuan used the same phone.” Yu Fei smiled, “Come on, Yuan Yuan, I’ll help you press the other hand.”

This time Yuan Ye was silent for a longer time, and then Yu Fei’s character suddenly received a private message.

“Who let you and Fu Yuanzhou get along alone?”

Yu Fei glanced at it, put down Fu Yuanzhou’s hand, and replied calmly: “In order to exclude my brother, what’s wrong with me being alone with Zhou?”

The reason why they often dragged Fu Yuanzhou to play games was because Xie Lin didn’t play games, so that they could attract Fu Yuanzhou’s attention and not let him have any time to pay attention to Xie Lin.

It was very difficult for only one person to often pull Fu Yuanzhou, and Yuan Ye was often rejected, but Yu Fei’s acting like a spoiled child would usually make Fu Yuanzhou soft-hearted, however it was too tricky to depend on playing games, and he couldn’t cheat Fu Yuanzhou every day.

So, the two joined together, and Yu Fei joined the game group. The other people in the group had been greeted by Yuan Ye in advance, and he had told them not to be light bulbs. Those classmates understood it and often made excuses to shirk away from playing.

“It’s very late,” Yuan Ye said, “don’t just stay at his house.”

“We are only separated by a wall, and I can go back at any time.”

Yuan Ye knew that they had moved, and even knew the address, so Yu Fei didn’t need to hide it when he replied: “So why can’t I come? If you have to be angry, you should be angry at why you live far away.”

“Wait.” After Yuan Ye finished saying this, he decided to log off the game and his voice call was interrupted. Fu Yuanzhou was wondering why Yuan Ye suddenly left. After a while, the doorbell of his house rang. After opening the door, Yuan Ye was standing outside the door with an uneven breath, as if he had come in a hurry.

“Why are you here?” Fu Yuanzhou was extremely surprised.

“Come and see you.” Yuan Ye’s expression was still a little cold, but when he saw Fu Yuanzhou, his brows stretched and he laughed, “I was outside just now, not far from here.”

Fu Yuanzhou knew the address of Yuan Ye’s house, which was not near here. He shouldn’t have come from home, and he didn’t know what he was doing just now.

“Did I bother you?” Yuan Ye asked.

“No, I’m quite free.” Fu Yuanzhou told the truth.

“Oh, then, let’s continue playing games?”

Yuan Ye smiled and glanced at Yu Fei with sharp eyes.

Yu Fei protested against him, but he always hated admitting defeat. The result of the protest was that he also came, and now no one would be able to take advantage.

“It’s getting late, it’s time for sleep, you’d better go back.” Yu Fei smiled.

“Are you going home?” Yuan Ye leaned against the wall lazily, “Oh, I’m not going back today, so I’ll stay in your and your brother’s house, no problem? I remember you have a three-bedroom.”

“Yes problem.” Yu Fei said.

“Then what should I do, I can’t go back.” Yuan Ye spread his hands, his expression calm, “Otherwise, I will live in Fu Yuanzhou’s house?”

“No.” Before Fu Yuanzhou could speak, Yu Fei said, “The cabs have not stopped running now. Why can’t you go back?”

Yuan Ye laughed: “I was kicked out by my dad, he told me to get out and never go home again, I was displaced.”

“Ah? Was kicked out by your dad?” Fu Yuanzhou was surprised again, then he asked worriedly, “You guys quarreled?”

“It’s normal, you should ask me when I don’t quarrel with him.” Yuan Ye shrugged, “It’s just that it broke out completely today, and he kicked me out.”

He lowered his head as he spoke. His eyebrows showed a low expression, like a poor dog, begging Fu Yuanzhou: “Let me stay, or I will sleep on the street today…”

“You stay in a hotel, if you don’t have money, I can lend it to you. Here it is.” Yu Fei said.

“I don’t have an ID card.” Yuan Ye smiled proudly.

Of course, Fu Yuanzhou couldn’t ignore his friend’s troubles, so he said, “You stay and live, just live in—”

“Stay with my brother and I.” Yu Fei replied.

“Didn’t you not want to let me live just now?” Yuan Ye tilted his head, “Besides, your brother hasn’t agreed yet. If he doesn’t allow it, you can’t do anything about it.”

“You can live.”

Suddenly, Xie Lin’s voice came from the door, he walked in, looking cold, and said lightly, “You come to my house.”

“Have you finished your meeting?” Seeing Xie Lin coming in, Fu Yuanzhou said hello, thinking that he didn’t know how much Xie Lin had heard about the conversation just now, but fortunately he didn’t say anything he shouldn’t say.

“Thank you, senior.” Yuan Ye smiled.

Even if the matter of Yuan Ye staying was settled, Fu Yuanzhou called him aside and asked him in a low voice, “Are you and your dad all right? You are going to spend the night outside, so don’t forget to say hello to your family.”

“It’s like this, I’m used to it.” Yuan Ye had an indifferent attitude, “I won’t say hello, he won’t care.”

“Then you have to tell your mother, right?”

“My mother went back to her parents’ house, and my father went crazy with anger.”

Yuan Ye looked at the ceiling and sighed: “I really envy you, I also want to move out.” He suddenly laughed, “Senior, do you want to rent out the spare room you have left? You can consider renting it to me, I I plan to move out.”

Xie Lin didn’t even look at him: “Not renting.”

“Alas, what a pity.” This result was expected by Yuan Ye, and he was not disappointed, he still smiled and said to Fu Yuanzhou, “Then I’ll find a house near here and be closer to you, anyway, I won a lot of money in the competition, and I am not short of money.”

“But it is not the way for you to continue like this.” Fu Yuanzhou said, “It is impossible for you not to go home.”

“Of course I have to go back, and I have to get some good things to move out.” Yuan Ye smiled.

Seeing his attitude, Fu Yuanzhou also felt a little helpless. He knew from a long time ago that Yuan Ye had a bad relationship with his father. Yuan Ye’s father used to be a soldier. He was very strict about things, and that is why Yuan Ye had developed a deviant temperament.

Yuan Ye loved games and aspired to become a professional player, but in the eyes of his father, this was something that must not be allowed.

At that time, Fu Yuanzhou was young and frivolous. He supported his good buddies, so he hated Yuan Ye’s father’s coercion and indifference, and fully supported Yuan Ye. Occasionally, Yuan Ye’s father asked him about Yuan Ye’s whereabouts, but he just didn’t tell him.

Later, Yuan Ye suffered a hand injury and went abroad for treatment. He didn’t even ask for a penny from his family. The living and treatment expenses were all based on the prize money from his competitions. Fu Yuanzhou naturally sponsored a lot, but he didn’t know whether Yuan Ye used it later.

After Yuan Ye went abroad, his father contacted Fu Yuanzhou again, and this time he also asked Fu Yuanzhou to meet.

When Yuan Ye left, his father didn’t show up, and it seemed that he really didn’t care about his son. But Fu Yuanzhou couldn’t make any comments. Their father and son had cut off their relationship, so it was completely reasonable not to come to see him off at the airport, but as a friend of Yuan Ye, he was somewhat mindful and didn’t want to meet his father.

But Yuan Ye’s father came to him, and Fu Yuanzhou was taken aback when they met. He felt that in the past two or three years, the man had aged a lot, and he had lost the cold and hard aura he used to have. He was more like an ordinary father.

“I know you have taken good care of Yuan Ye in recent years, thank you very much.”

The man bowed solemnly to him, but Fu Yuanzhou hurriedly avoided it, he couldn’t afford it. Then the man handed him a bank card, and when he took the card, Fu Yuanzhou saw a photo in the pocket of his wallet, a photo of Yuan Ye during training.

There was a lot of money in the bank card. In addition to the money that Fu Yuanzhou gave to Yuan Ye, the extra part was sent to Yuan Ye as his father had asked him to transfer it to Yuan Ye. The purpose was his hope that Yuan Ye would take good treatment abroad and not treat himself badly.

After chatting with the man, Fu Yuanzhou had mixed feelings in his heart, not only the money, but even the doctor who was Yuan Ye’s doctor abroad was contacted by the man through various relationships, but all this, let alone their friends, even Yuan Ye himself didn’t know about it.

It turned out that the man had been paying attention to his son all these years. He regretted breaking up with Yuan Ye, but he couldn’t let go of his dignity as a father and reunite with his son. It was not until Yuan Ye was injured and his career as a professional player was cut off, that he really regretted it, but it was too late.

At that time, Fu Yuanzhou was greatly touched, and even more so after his rebirth. He was very lucky to be able to start over and prevent the tragedy from happening, but not everyone had such an opportunity, and even he himself had gotten a second chance after so much suffering.

That’s why he cherished his friendship with Yuan Ye and the others, and after seeing the first side of Yuan Ye after his rebirth, he thought that this time, he must make Yuan Ye realize his dream of becoming a professional player. Yuan Ye was injured three years later. So far, he didn’t know the reason, but this time he must be optimistic about Yuan Ye.

There was one more thing, he wanted to ease the relationship between Yuan Ye and his father, so that his father could understand and support his son’s dream as soon as possible, now it seemed that their relationship had gradually started breaking up at this time, and he must find a way to stop it.

In his last life, he hurt his parents miserably, and he regretted it, so he didn’t want Yuan Ye to regret as much as him in the future.

Fu Yuanzhou thought for a while and said to Yuan Ye, “Give me your dad’s WeChat ID, and I’ll say hello to your dad and say that you are staying with us tonight.”

“Don’t add him, it’s unnecessary.” This was the first time that Fu Yuanzhou had been responsive to his requests.

“If you don’t give it to me,” Fu Yuanzhou threatened in desperation, “I won’t play games with you in the future.”

“Don’t.” Yuan Ye really compromised, “Wait a moment, I’ll ask my mother, I have already deleted my dad’s WeChat.”

Fu Yuanzhou: “…” Fortunately, it was not too late.

Yuan Ye asked his mother and gave the number to Fu Yuanzhou. Fu Yuanzhou added his father’s WeChat and said in the verification information that he was a classmate of Yuan Ye. Unexpectedly, the verification passed quickly.

“Hello, classmate.”

“Hello, uncle, my name is Fu Yuanzhou. I’m a friend of Yuan Ye. I’m sorry to bother you so late.”

Fu Yuanzhou replied, lamenting in his heart that Yuan Ye’s father really valued his child. He even said hello to his junior.

“You are Fu Yuanzhou?” Yuan Ye’s father asked.

“Yes, Yuan Ye mentioned me to you?”

“Well, I have heard it before. Hello, Yuanzhou. It’s so late, what’s the matter with you adding me on WeChat? Is it related to Yuan Ye?”

“Yes, I’m here to tell you, Yuan Ye is staying at my house tonight, please don’t worry.”

After Fu Yuanzhou finished speaking, he found that the other side didn’t reply for several minutes.

The author has something to say: Yuan Ye’s father’s mental journey:

I saw the verification message: Is it Yuan Ye’s classmate? Quickly pass the verification!

“Hello, classmate.” ← You can’t ignore Yuan Ye’s classmates, he must have a good relationship with them.

“You are Fu Yuanzhou?” It was this kid who added him! Of course, Yuan Ye had never talked to him about the Omega he liked…

“I’m here to tell you, Yuan Ye is staying with me tonight.” ← Shocked for three seconds, he cursed his son as not a human being in his heart, and then he even thought about the name of his grandchildren.

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