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FPH Ch. 13


Translator: SJade, Editor: Dj22031

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The man shouted sternly: “What are you doing! Security, security! Just get this person out of here.”

As a result, the waiter put down the bag and left, as if he didn’t hear him.

The man struggled to get up, but Chu Zhaoyang kicked him in the face and his back. The back of his head slammed to the ground with a bang, making it painful to watch. The guests around looked at it, and many of them showed their grinning expressions in unison, even though they felt a lot of pain.

The man’s face also swelled up, and most of his face was red. He was stunned for a while, and he couldn’t wake up after being smashed for a long time.

Chu Zhaoyang looked down at him coldly, and asked indifferently, “You are very rich?”

The man finally woke up when he heard this, but he couldn’t get up for a while, so he could only fall to the ground and point at Chu Zhaoyang, scolding: “Is this the quality offered here! Manager, why don’t you drive him away!”

Chu Zhaoyang ignored him, and reached out his hand to take the bag on the table next to him with a heavy expression. When unwrapping, they heard the crisp sound of metal colliding inside.

Seeing his hand reach in, what he took out was actually a handful of one-dollar coins, and a “dang bang” sound came out with the light movement of his hand.

The man was in shock, with a puzzled look on his face, Chu Zhaoyang raised his hand and smashed all the coins in his palm into the man’s face.

The coin slapped his face, and it was more painful than hail. Chu Zhaoyang had smashed his doughy face, but now he was smashed like this again, and he cried out in pain.

The man raised his hand to hide but couldn’t dodge the dense rain of coins. After Chu Zhaoyang smashed one, another one followed.

It looked like just one dollar coin, but one couldn’t help but throw a lot of money. They calculated from the number of coins, and the amount of money could not be underestimated.

But Chu Zhaoyang’s face was expressionless, and it seemed that it wasn’t money, but dirt.

The man raised his arm to cover his face, but there were still many coins that smashed his face red.

“What are you doing! You lunatic! You are insane!”

Chu Zhaoyang threw a handful of money into his face again, and then threw the bag aside. He tidied up his clothes slowly, and said indifferently, “I’ll throw money at you.”

“You’re sick!” The man finally took the opportunity to get up, but because of fear, he took two steps back cautiously, thinking that no one noticed, “I’m doing well here, why would you hit someone for no reason, and that as soon as you come up!”

“There are other guests.” Yan Beicheng slowly walked over, followed by Han Zhuoli and others, all of whom had come out to watch the excitement.

Han Zhuoli found Gu Nian standing beside Chu Zhaoyang, and asked Yan Beicheng with his eyes, Yan Beicheng said, yes, this is the girl Chu Zhaoyang likes.

Han Zhuoli came over: “Girl, what kind of vision do you have, why do you have a blind date with such an idiot?”

Didn’t you see the rich and handsome Lao Chu next to you?

Gu Nian: “…”

Who were these people!

Unexpectedly, it was the blind date who asked this question for Gu Nian: “Who are you, he has almost paralyzed me, he should mind his business!”

Chu Zhaoyang thought to himself, Gu Nian liked him but felt that the gap between them was too great, so she did not dare to confess. He came to a blind date with a broken pot, trying to use a relationship to forget him.

It’s just such a short setback, how could this person be compared with him?

But also, there were too few outstanding men like him, and it did take a lot of courage to like him.

So, Chu Zhaoyang raised his hand expressionlessly and directly held Gu Nian’s shoulder, took her into his arms, and looked at the man arrogantly.

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