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Now all the things that had to be packed up and taken to the apartment had been moved out. After Fu Yuanzhou returned to the living room, he sat down for a while, and when his mother came back, her hands were empty, and the gift had been returned to Shen Xigou.

“He took it,” said Mother Fu.

“Really…” Fu Yuanzhou asked in a complicated mood, “What was his reaction?”

Mother Fu said, “No special reaction, he said it doesn’t matter. Could it be that you are afraid that he will be sad?”

“No. Thank you Mom.”

Fu Yuanzhou denied it all, then he got up and went back to his room to review his homework. When he was reviewing the papers, his writing speed became slower and slower, and his heart had an indescribable feeling.

In fact, he used to like the watch that Shen Xigou gave him. Although he didn’t wear it often because he was afraid that the watch would be damaged, he would put it in the most conspicuous position and wear it every time he saw Shen Xigou.

As a gift in exchange, he gave Shen Xigou a tie clip and a pair of sapphire cufflinks. Before meeting, in order to confirm their identities, they exchanged photos, and then he caught a glimpse of the cufflinks when choosing gifts, and he thought that the pair of sapphires matched Shen Xigou’s eyes.

That night, Fu Yuanzhou was dreaming again, and what he dreamed was something related to Shen Xigou again.

They had gone to a cocktail party. Shen Xigou was wearing a white suit and used the tie clip and cufflinks Fu Yuanzhou had gifted him. He liked the gift Fu Yuanzhou gave him very much and would wear it whenever he had the chance.

There were many acquaintances of Shen Xigou at the reception, and they drank a lot of wine. Shen Xigou was a little drunk, and he could not walk very steadily.

Fu Yuanzhou was staying at Shen Xigou’s house at the time. He helped Shen Xigou into the house. It was almost midnight, and the housekeeper had already left, because Shen Xigou never let anyone other than him stay in his house overnight, so there were only the two of them in the house. Therefore, he had to serve Shen Xigou.

Shen Xigou couldn’t help drinking, his eyes were half-closed, he hugged Fu Yuanzhou tightly and didn’t let go, and his breath was hot and smelled of alcohol, as he whispered in Fu Yuanzhou’s ear, “Seven…”

Fu Yuanzhou ducked back, his ears were a little itchy from the airflow, he patted Shen Xigou’s back, trying to wake him up a bit: “Xigou, stop hugging, go wash and sleep.”

The drunk Shen Xigou didn’t seem to understand him very much, so Fu Yuanzhou pulled Shen Xigou into the bedroom, let him sit on the bed and wait for a while, then he went to the bathroom connected to the bedroom to adjust the smart bathtub and draw a bath for him. Then he went out to pull Shen Xigou into the bathroom again.

“You take a bath by yourself, wash up after bathing, and then go to bed, is it alright?” Fu Yuanzhou asked, he was still very experienced in dealing with drunk people. He used to drink with friends, and those drunks would always get drunk. However, talking to them took a lot of patience, and he had to break each sentence up so they could understand.

Shen Xigou lowered his eyes and nodded. Fu Yuanzhou looked at him and left uneasily. He was just out of the bedroom when he heard a loud “whoosh” inside, which startled him.

He immediately turned back, pushed open the bathroom door, and saw Shen Xigou sitting in the bathtub. Maybe he had accidentally fallen in. Just now, Fu Yuanzhou helped him take off his suit jacket, but the rest of his clothes were still neatly put on, and now water was splashed all over him, and he was soaked all over.

This made Shen Xigou much more awake, but his first reaction was not to stand up, but to look down to see if his tie clip and cufflinks were damaged.

“This thing is not so delicate.” Fu Yuanzhou walked over in a funny and helpless way, reaching out to Shen Xigou, “You get up first.”


Shen Xigou looked up at him, he raised his face, his wet brown hair falling down softly, the water droplets fell from the ends of his hair, and his eyelashes were dyed with water vapor, making his blue eyes look like a misty sea.

His complexion was pale, and his white shirt was wet. It was now thus sticking close to his body, outlining the tight and smooth lines of his body. The black tattooed “Seven” was faintly revealed on his chest. It was he who had tattooed Fu Yuanzhou’s name on his heart.

He held Fu Yuanzhou’s hand and smiled lightly.

At this moment, Fu Yuanzhou felt that Shen Xigou was very good-looking. Although it was inappropriate to describe him like that, he thought of a fairy tale at this time. He was a human passing by the sea and seemed to have picked up a mermaid sitting on a reef.

After that, another few years passed, and then Fu Yuanzhou was imprisoned by Shen Xigou.

They stayed together day and night and slept in the same bed. Every day when he opened his eyes, what he saw was either the ceiling or Shen Xigou.

When drowsy, he would occasionally sleep facing Shen Xigou, but he would never turn his back to Shen Xigou, because as soon as he turned around, Shen Xigou would hug him from behind and hold his hand to prevent him from doing anything secretly.

Even when he was taking a bath, Shen Xigou had to look at him.

At first, of course Fu Yuanzhou didn’t allow it, and he resisted, but it was useless. Later, he became numb and let Shen Xigou watch. Anyway, he would turn his back to Shen Xigou every time, just pretending that he didn’t exist.

Shen Xigou was very quiet. As long as the sound of water sounded, he would not hear any unnecessary sounds. After Fu Yuanzhou finished washing, he was forced to wait for Shen Xigou to finish washing. Usually, he stared at the wall in a trance and waited until Shen Xigou finished washing. He would only turn back after Shen Xigou had put on his clothes.

Occasionally, he would accidentally see Shen Xigou in the mirror. Most of the young man’s body was hidden in the bathtub, only his upper body was exposed, and he could vaguely see the scars left by self-mutilation. But as he was being steamed by the heat, his complexion was finally no longer too pale, in fact his facial features became more bewitching, especially those blue eyes, which made Fu Yuanzhou’s heart tremble when he looked over.

It turned out that the one who he met was not a mermaid, but a beautiful and terrifying sea monster, and he would be eaten up bit by bit by the other party.

When he woke up, Fu Yuanzhou opened his eyes. It was still midnight, but he couldn’t sleep anymore.

He didn’t know what he wanted to do either. He walked out of the room with his bare feet, walking quietly and aimlessly in the corridor. The window at the end of the corridor was facing Shen Xigou’s villa. He was standing on the second floor, and he unexpectedly saw Shen Xigou on the opposite side.

The light on the opposite side was not turned off, so he could see the situation inside clearly. Shen Xigou was leaning quietly on the sofa, he must have fallen asleep, and most of the blankets covering him had fallen off, maybe he felt the coldness, so he had slightly curled his legs, and looked a little pitiful.

Fu Yuanzhou stood there for a few seconds, then turned around and went back to his room.

After the weekend, in addition to the move, there was one more thing that Fu Yuanzhou remembered, which was Ran Shutang’s birthday.

In the past few days, he had been thinking about what gift to give to Ran Shutang, and he had specially obtained it in a hurry through some relationship. Thursday was the day he handed it over to him.

Seeing that Fu Yuanzhou actually gave Ran Shutang a birthday present, and even though they had already that their relationship had improved, Class 1 was still shocked beyond belief.

In particular because the gift that Fu Yuanzhou gave was a heavy box from the outside. For a moment, they even suspected that there were dangerous items such as bombs inside. Some people even shouted: “Brother Yuan, don’t be impulsive!”

Fu Yuanzhou turned over. He rolled his eyes and let Ran Shutang open it to take a look. Ran Shutang didn’t seem to expect that he would give him a gift, so he took it over and opened the heavy box on the table. Inside was a set of out-of-print French books with a signature board attached to it. It had the author’s signature.

Ever since he knew that Ran Shutang was celebrating his birthday, Fu Yuanzhou had been inquiring about his preferences, and knowing that he knew French and liked this author, he went to buy this set of out-of-print books and the author’s signature as a gift for Ran Shutang.

In fact, he knew that Ran Shutang liked chess, and he had considered sending a set of customized chess pieces but considering that the two of them got acquainted because of the chess game, and after learning that Ran Shutang liked him, it would be too ambiguous to send that. So, he gave up on the idea.

In addition, he also knew that Ran Shutang liked cats very much, but unfortunately Ran Shutang was allergic to cat hair, so there must be no cats at home, and things related to cats must not be given, so he gave this gift after thinking twice.

Fu Yuanzhou was very attentive when it came to giving gifts. When he was dating Yu Fei in the past, he would always give her gifts on festivals. For others, too, he would start preparing early every year before their birthday.

This was also a very troublesome task. Every time Fu Yuanzhou was racking his brains to think about what to send this time, he would especially hate Xie Lin. They had known each other for the longest time, sometimes on other festivals also he had to give him gifts, so he had long been unable to think of what to give Xie Lin.

When Ran Shutang saw the gift, he immediately knew that it must be a gift that Fu Yuanzhou had spent a lot of time choosing. He was so moved that his eyes were a little red, and his face was also red. He said softly, “Thank you, I’m very happy.

“As long as you like it.” Fu Yuanzhou was also very happy to see that the person who received the gift liked it.

“But this gift is too precious, I can’t accept it.” Ran Shutang slowly pushed the box to Fu Yuanzhou, he knew the value of this set of books, “You are willing to give me a birthday present, this heart is the best blessing.”

“What are you talking about, the mind is the mind, and the gift is the gift, so don’t confuse the two.” Fu Yuanzhou waved his hand and said, “I want to thank you even more. Thanks to your review materials, I was able to do well in the midterm exam this time. Class 1 is just around the corner.” He smiled and said calmly, “If I can be admitted to Tsinghua University or Peking University in the future, it would be thanks to you tutoring me. Isn’t this kind of tutoring worth this set of books?”

“Thank you.” Ran Shutang finally accepted the books and promised, “I will continue to organize the review materials for you in the future.” After speaking, he paused, hesitated for a few seconds, and then asked, “My family wants to celebrate my birthday at home this weekend, do you want to come and play?”

Solo invitation… Fu Yuanzhou’s heart skipped a beat, and he politely declined, “I can’t do it this weekend, I have to move, I will be busy with that.” It was not that he lied, this weekend, he really was going to clean up the apartment and move in.

“Hey, Brother Yuan, why are you moving? Your big villa is so comfortable, why do you want to move out?” asked a person who had been to his house during the National Day.

“I’m going to move out and live by myself.” Fu Yuanzhou laughed, “How about you, do you want to come and play?”

“Come on, live by yourself? It’s so cool! We’re going!”

The students responded one after another, as if they couldn’t wait, the appointment was made for next weekend. Fu Yuanzhou thought that since it was everyone gathering together, it would be okay to call Ran Shutang, so he asked, “Are you free to come over to play?”

“Okay, thank you.” Ran Shutang did not refuse.

In the blink of an eye, on Friday night, Fu Yuanzhou was counting things in his room when he suddenly received a WeChat message from Xie Lin.

“I’m going out to live tomorrow.”

“Not bad.” Fu Yuanzhou sent an emoji, “I feel pretty cool.”

“We’re the only ones here,” Xie Lin said.

Fu Yuanzhou was stunned for a moment, feeling that the words seemed too ambiguous, so he emphasized: “There is also Xiaofei and Auntie.”

“We are getting closer.” Xie Lin said, “Can we continue our relationship for the remaining two days??”

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T/N: I feel that FZ is either very dense or is being deliberate because nobody gets their friend’s name tattooed on their heart, no matter how close they are… Why did he think SX did that??? Moreover, specially enquiring about somebody’s preferences in order to give them the perfect gift is not at all an ambiguous action, IDK what the author was trying to do, but FZ literally comes out as a character who doesn’t know what he wants in life… He doesn’t want SX to hurt but then he hates him as well… It’s exasperating (Rant over)… Anyway I love RS (he’s a cutie pie and really seems to like FZ without any expectations).

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