RCFS Ch. 69: Winning First Place 1

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Aww, the host is so handsome!

The previous host wanted it and could not get it, but this host didn’t want it!

That was a clearance item, how confident do you have to be to choose not to want it?

The system was looking forward to it, looking forward to seeing his host’s appearance!

Her WeChat was always open, and Ye Yunxi was wearing headphones, so she could hear reports from her teammates from time to time.

“Yunxi, I have someone here who looks sneaky.”

A video was sent over, and Ye Yunxi glanced at it: “Just a voyeur, you can leave it alone, or beat him up and leave.”

Wang Tingting: ……

She didn’t want to beat someone, but when she heard Yunxi’s words, she suddenly felt itchy!

So, a pervert who was peeking under a girl’s miniskirt was beaten up and thrown directly into the Public Security Bureau.

The voyeur was dazed, eh? Where am I? What happened? Who I am?

“Yunxi, there are also a few sneaky people here.”

Helian Moxie’s video was also posted.

“Call the police, they’r brainwashing grandparents and selling fake drugs.”


“Yunxi, me, my side…”

Sun Chao sent a video, in which several men were sneaking around together, then they entered a high-end KTV together.

“Attention everyone, go to this KTV!”

With the order, everyone was stunned for a moment: “Huh? Yunxi, are you sure they are the people we’re looking for?”

“I think this video is nothing!”

“Yeah, just go to KTV, we often go too!”

“Perhaps you have forgotten who we are looking for.” Ye Yunxi looked up, found the direction, and ran!

“We’re looking for drug dealers!”

Drug dealers?

“What’s wrong with drug dealers?”

Ye Yunxi hooked the corner of her mouth: “Someone is taking drugs!”

Everyone: ……

Could you see this?

But before that, Sun Chao subconsciously looked at the KTV in front of him, and couldn’t help but look horrified: “Junyao’s exam, is actually a battle!!!”

This time, everyone was shocked, actual battle? With a drug dealer? People could die!!!

Did they want to continue?

There was always a sense of life and death.

“Fuck, actual combat? That drug dealer is not fake? Is it real? Is it real? Is it real?! I’m scared to death, what should I do? We have to continue? Will there be mortal danger? By the way, should we report it directly to the instructor and get military support? Should we call the police, blah…blah…blah…”





“Yunxi… I don’t seem to be nervous all of a sudden.”

“Yes, what’s the next step?”


Ye Yunxi burst out laughing: “We will meet at the door of KTV!”

This Fang You was really a living treasure!

Half an hour later, the several people gathered at the door of KTV.

“What should we do, should we go in?”

“Yes, now that the person has been found, we can’t just act rashly, right?”

“And we only know that some people are taking drugs, who knows who the culprit is?”

Everyone was troubled again, so they subconsciously looked at Ye Yunxi.

However, the girl was very calm, she turned to look at Sun Chao, with a bright smile and flying long hair.

“Have you prepared the specialties I asked you to prepare?”


Sun Chao was stunned for a moment, and instantly realized that Ye Yunxi was talking about money!

Holy crap, could this specialty really come in handy!!!

God, Yunxi, you are too amazing!!!

[Ding! Awesomeness XP +10!]

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