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Back in the hotel room, Jiang Zheng’s heart was still beating happily. She sat down in a daze, then raised her head and asked Han Yi, “Brother Mu was a little weird just now. He just said that he wanted a place on my throne. Why use the lines in the play?” She was so frightened that she almost knelt on the spot.

Han Yi poured her a glass of ice water with a sullen face. Ji Muye ran to huddle with Jiang Zheng, she was so frightened that she was like a silly roe deer who had been frightened. “Why not?!” After speaking, he moved his position to the side.

What the hell! Hearing this sentence next to her, she was so frightened that her soul was almost scattered!

What’s the difference between this and YES, I DO? It must be a big misunderstanding, okay?!

If he hadn’t gone in time to pull Jiang Zheng up from the throne, he didn’t know how she would have been molested by Ji Muye.

Jiang Zheng took two sips and said with a slow sigh, “Do you think Brother Mu regrets taking this movie? In the movie, he has to kneel down when he sees me, and was tossed by me with a whip…”

“Alas. It’s pitiful. Yes.” She sighed, her expression very melancholy.

Han Yi choked, “I think he is quite enjoying it!”

Jiang Zheng snorted, then nodded, “Yes. Brother Mu has always been serious and dedicated to filming, and he dared to even jump off the building when the plot required him. Filming is regarded as a kind of enjoyment. It’s true that I was overthinking it.”

Han Yi: “…” Damn.

Jiang Zheng was yawning. These days, she stayed up all night to memorize her lines, so even while eating and taking a bath, she would ponder the emotions of the characters, for fear of losing the chain while filming and dragging Ji Muye down. “Dongnu Country” was a weekly drama, and it would start broadcasting on major platforms in two days. If she was scolded by the audience because of her acting, Ji Muye would be dragged down by her as well.

When Han Yi heard Jiang Zheng muttering these words, he could only put on a smile, “You’re definitely not bad. Don’t worry. I just watched the first two episodes they edited. It would definitely be a hit this time.”

Jiang Zheng breathed a sigh of relief, “Old Han, I trust your vision. That’s fine. This is the first play that Brother Mu will participate in after winning the award. It must be successful. Well, I’m going to memorize the lines.”

Han Yi: “… …” Ji Muye, his biggest golden finger is our family’s Zheng!

“Dongnu Country” had been very low-key since the beginning of filming. The crew strictly enforced confidentiality, and no one was allowed to release news without permission. The official blog posted a text version of the poster two days before the broadcast. The content information was simple. It only said that the two episodes would premiere on major platforms this weekend. Only the names of the producer, screenwriter and director were listed on the poster. However, the combination of these four people together was amazing in itself, especially the screenwriter Yu Juan, who either did not make a move, or when he did, he made a masterpiece.

Therefore, many netizens became very interested in this drama after seeing the poster.

The crew thought they could hide the names of the male and female protagonists until the broadcast, but they underestimated the fans’ powerful insight and association.

A fan of Jiang Zheng happened to be an airport ground staff. She went to the group and broke the news that she saw Zhengzheng flying to western Sichuan some time ago. And Jiang Zheng’s itinerary in April had been blank for many days. They couldn’t understand. Jiang Zheng’s studio would release her official itinerary every month. What was she going to do for so many days, why was there a private itinerary? Should not be ah. Model worker Zhengzheng would not waste any time. Then some people thought of the mysterious drama “Dongnu Country”. Wasn’t this drama just describing the local history of western Sichuan?

There happened to be a fan of both Jiang Zheng and Ji Muye, who found that the dates of the blank days in their April schedules corresponded with each other. She put this discovery into the group to discuss.

Everyone was shocked! Extremely shocked!

What the hell! The two rivals won’t be filming together, right? What kind of boy and girl group was this? Was it so exciting?

Immediately someone jumped out and pointed out that this inference was baseless. It must be a conclusion drawn by CP fans who didn’t give up and were just fantasizing by themselves. There were feuds and contradictions between Jiang Zheng and Ji Muye. They just couldn’t film together.

CP fans were unconvinced and ran to the Weibo of “Dongnu Country” director Xing Weimin to ask questions.

As a result, Xing Weimin quickly replied: Yes.

These two words suddenly blew the fans of both sides into a frenzy.

That night, the official blog of “East Girl Country” posted nine promotional photos of the characters, including the makeup photos of Jiang Zheng, Ji Muye and other actors, and then the most eye-catching photo in the middle was the stills of the male and female lead actors. According to Director Xing, this still photo was fresh and steaming.

Sure enough, it was hot enough, and this news immediately climbed into the hot searches.

In the stills, the dawn was just setting in, the pear blossoms were flying, and the two of them rode a horse together, both of their skirts were flying, their ponytails were raised, and some petals were falling on their shoulders. The most exciting thing was that Jiang Zheng was hugged tightly by Ji Muye. They didn’t feel anything when they were separated, but after being in the same frame, Ji Muye’s brows and Jiang Zheng’s drooping eyes calmly made the whole picture look lively and fresh. Just looking at this still photo, they had already made up countless plots in their brain.

This Weibo was immediately captured by fans and passers-by.


#What happened? I’m confused!

#Amazing. Finally, there are ready-made materials for me to consume sugar. Has this CP fan’s life reached its peak?!

#The front foot clarifies the scandal, and the back foot is in the same frame, it’s all a routine.

#I checked the history of Dongnu country, this country the power rested with women. My Zhengzheng must be the queen, is Ji Muye the husband of the queen? Damn, I suddenly feel that the plot is so exciting!

#This is too serious to hide. It will start broadcasting tomorrow and they hung up the poster today. In the end, it is the two giants participating in the show, which must have emboldened them.

#Emmm is more complicated. Why does my brother Ji want to take on this drama? This looks like a heroine-centric drama. Jiang Zheng ranked first, while Brother Ji is purely a foil.

#We have to believe in Brother Ji’s vision. In the early years, even if he played a supporting role, he could cover the limelight of the protagonist. What’s more, he is still the number one male in “Dongnu Country”. He will never be suppressed by the big devil Jiang.

#Plays can be played together, other…what else is impossible? you know.

#I am optimistic that they might fall in love because of the drama.

Han Yi flipped through the comments while groaning, fall in love because of the drama? Ha ha! Netizens could say anything.

At the same time, Jing Meini stared at the phone and twitched the corners of her mouth, fall in love because of drama? Ha ha! That guy hasn’t started acting yet, I’m afraid he’s already had ideas that he shouldn’t have.

The publicity team was busy with the work for the premiere week, while the filming on the set continued.

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