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TBVSR Ch. 16.2: Once More (she is the only color in his black and white world)


Translator: SJade, Editor: Dj22031

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“If you need my help, feel free to speak.”

Xie Yuan had funded many projects for poor students over the years, and he could see at a glance that this little girl’s family was poor.

Although she had delicate braids and was wearing a school uniform today, the rough pair of sneakers on her feet revealed her poor family life. However, Jiang Yu said, “You misunderstood Mr. Xie, I don’t need your help. There is another thing I want to tell you.”

The matter of him having a daughter was spoken.

When Xie Yuan heard Bu Tanyan’s name, his face changed suddenly, and he looked at Jiang Yu in shock, even with anger, “Who the hell are you! How do you know about her!”

“Mr. Xie, I can’t explain it. You won’t believe it either. I’m only responsible for bringing the news. In any case, you must find your daughter, she must also want to see you.”

Xie Yuan stared at Jiang Yu, judging the truth of her words. Then he sneered: “You don’t want to say, you are my daughter, right?”

“No, no, you misunderstood!” Jiang Yu waved her hands again and again: “How can I be your daughter? I have a mother, and my mother doesn’t know you either. Don’t misunderstand.”

Xie Yuan looked at her whose face was if made out of Bu Tanyan’s face mould, and he hurriedly asked, “Who is your mother?”

“You won’t know my mother, her surname is Jiang.”

Xie Yuan shook his head, trying to remove the thought of “A Tan may not be dead” from his mind. All these absurd ideas were thrown out.

A Tan had already left. Although he was blocked outside the morgue and did not see her body with his own eyes, everyone said she was dead… After so many years, he had forced himself to accept this result.

Therefore, the girl in front of her could not be Bu Tanyan’s daughter.

Xie Yuan stared at her, his voice hoarse: “Who told you this news?”

“I can’t say it, and you won’t believe it.”

Xie Yuan grabbed Jiang Yu’s wrist violently: “I’m sick of it, alright? Just tell me, I have many ways to force you to speak, do you want to try it?”


Xie Yuan’s cold eyes really made Jiang Yu feel terrified.

But Party A was the father, no matter what they did to her, she must put the entrusted task first.

No matter how scared she was, she could only face it.

Qiu Li was like this, and so was Xie Yuan.

Jiang Yu struggled hard and explained: “I don’t know more than you, who and where that child is… I really don’t know anything. Even if you ask me, I can’t say anything, I’m only responsible for bringing the news to you, that’s all.”

Jiang Yu also knew that, in fact, there was no need to explain it too clearly.

Because Xie Yuan already believed it, as long as Xie Yuan believed, then her task would be completed.

Xie Yuan still didn’t let go of Jiang Yu’s hand and wanted to ask more. But, at this moment, a small stone flew over from a distance and smashed into Xie Yuan’s shoulder.

Xie Yuan turned around in pain and saw a young man in grey clothes under the ginkgo tree not far away, looking at him with cold eyes.

That stone was a warning.

In fact, Xie Yuan had already noticed that since he and Jiang Yu came out of the Science and Technology Museum, the young man had been following them from a distance, and his eyes never left them even for a moment.

“Your boyfriend?” he asked Jiang Yu.

“Uh, um.”

Jiang Yu quickly gave Qiu Li a wink, telling him not to act impulsively.

If Qiu Li and Xie Yuan had a conflict here, and Xie Yuan got injured, things would really escalate.

However, Qiu Li didn’t take Jiang Yu’s warning seriously.

He picked up another larger stone on the ground, put it in his hand, weighed it, and looked at Xie Yuan.

The meaning of the threat was obvious, ‘Don’t touch my girl.’

Xie Yuan knew that this kind of angry young boy had no sense of measure in doing things, because he was like that when he was young.

It was not that he was afraid of him, it was just that as an adult, there was no need for him to have a conflict with a kid in school.

He let go of Jiang Yu’s wrist and said patiently, “You didn’t tell me anything, so how could I trust you. How do I know that you didn’t lie to me on purpose, and you don’t have a plan?”

Jiang Yu said neither humbly nor arrogantly: “Actually, you already believed me when you heard the three words Bu Tanyan, didn’t you?”

In this world, almost no one knew that Xie Yuan and Bu Tanyan had a relationship, except for themselves.

“Mr. Xie, instead of investigating how I found out, it’s better to spend time and energy on finding your daughter. As long as there is a slight chance, it’s worth finding her at all costs.”

Jiang Yu was afraid that Qiu Li would do something out of the ordinary again, and decided not to explain it to Xie Yuan again, and left the explanation unclear.

She brought the news and convinced him, so the mission was accomplished.

Finally, she said to him: “Your daughter, she must also want to see you.”

Xie Yuan raised his jaw, still questioning: “How do you know she wants to see me?”

Jiang Yu pondered for a moment, looked at him, and said sincerely: “Because life without a dad…it’s really hard.”

Really hard.

This sentence pierced Xie Yuan’s heart fatally.

There was no expression on his face, but he couldn’t but clench the hand under his sleeve into a fist and tremble.

Yes, he didn’t have time to worry about how Jiang Yu knew this news now.

If he and A Tan really had a daughter, then… he had to find her!

He would find her, even if he had to go till the ends of the earth!

Xie Yuan turned around, strode out of the school gate, and got into his Bentley.

The school leaders hurried up to meet them and said respectfully, “Mr. Xie, we have already reserved a table at the Century City Hotel, you are…”

“For investment matters, come directly to the company to find the relevant person in charge to sign the contract, I have important things to do now. The meal will be avoided if the matter needs to be dealt with.”

He had no time to waste on these matters, as he must start an investigation immediately.

The Bentley sped out of the school gate.

Qiu Li was still standing under the tree, with one hand in his pocket, looking at the yellow ginkgo leaves above his head.

He was in a very bad mood.

In the past, his emotional world was very singular, there was neither happiness nor sadness…

But just now, at the moment when the man touched Jiang Yu’s wrist, intense jealousy swept his world like a wave.

He couldn’t tolerate anyone other than him touching her, not even an inch of her skin or hair.

She was the only color in his black and white world.

It could only be his color.

Jiang Yu breathed a sigh of relief when she saw the Bentley disappearing outside the gate.

At this time, the notification of the [Knowledge] app came over, ‘The task was completed, and after the split, the 120,000 reward was credited to the account.’

Generally speaking, after completing the task, the contact would quickly disappear from her friends column.

Therefore, she had no way to ask the future [Xie Yuan] whether he found his daughter.

However, with the remuneration in the account, her one-year tuition fee for the Esmera Art Center was still a little short, but it was not out of reach!

Jiang Yu raised the phone to Qiu Li and said happily, “Boyfriend, I’ll invite you to dinner tonight!”

Qiu Li didn’t seem happy, instead he turned around and left with a cold face.

Jiang Yu looked at his back and shrugged.

What the hell was wrong with him now?

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