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RNMG Ch. 9


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Si Huang, who had passed out in a coma, didn’t know when she woke up, but it was already the next night.

The clothes on her body were wrinkled, and there was a strange smell of blood and sweat coming from her body. Si Huang didn’t need to look in the mirror to know that she looked terrible now.

She shook her head and interrupted Five Treasure God’s excited thoughts as soon as she woke up, “Let me rest my brain.”

Five Treasure God went silent.

She took a rare 20-minute aromatherapy bath in the bathroom. After getting up, Si Huang felt refreshed, and clearly felt the changes in her body.

A hint of surprise flashed in her eyes, and she walked to the large mirror on the floor.

Even if Si Huang had seen many handsome men and beauties, he had to say that the person in the mirror was indeed blessed. The slender body could be seen to be in a harmonious golden ratio. The jade-like moisturized and translucent feeling of the skin was amazing just by looking at it. It made people wonder if it was really as smooth as jade on touching, but they also found it blasphemous to touch it easily.

The face didn’t seem to have changed, but it seemed to have changed as well. Si Huang narrowed her eyes and finally found the reason.

Her complexion had improved, making the already delicate and perfect facial features more radiant, and the pupils of her eyes blacker, while the whites were whiter as if they had been washed.

Even Si Huang, who was a woman in essence, had to admit that when she would go out like this, she would simply be like a monster who was doing harm to the world, or the kind that had demonic energy emanating from her.

[Your Majesty, you are really amazing, you even lasted until the end! Because of your excellent performance, the effect is also leveraged! You also got a special reward! 】

Taking advantage of Si Huang’s silence, Five Treasure God jumped out again.

Si Huang turned sideways, delighted at his smooth back with no marks of whiplash, and asked casually, “Special reward?”

Five Treasure God announced in a lofty tone: [The appearance has also been strengthened! 】

Laughing because Five Treasure God learned another modern vocabulary, Si Huang said, “That’s it.” She put on a bathrobe and went out.

Five Treasure God: [What do you call this! The five masters are known as the five masters. The first master had the perfect appearance. This is very important and will be of great help to the skills that your Majesty will learn later! 】He paused for a while, his voice was a little lower, 【Although His Majesty’s appearance has already exploded, the strengthening effect does not seem to be large, hehe. 】

Si Huang only noticed the sentence ‘Learning stunts related to appearance’, and her expression was a bit strange, but she didn’t rush to ask. When she was halfway through putting on her pants, she suddenly paused, “Five Treasure God, have I grown taller?”

[Well, Five centimeters taller. 】

Si Huang sighed lightly, it turned out that the feeling of pain and tearing of flesh and bone growth came from here yesterday. She took off her half-worn trousers and chose a pair of longer black slacks. She wore a long-sleeved white T-shirt and a black pullover sweater. A set of simple attire seemed stunning when worn by Si Huang as if she was a supermodel of an international famous brand.

“It’s only a few days and I have to re-order my clothes.” Shaking her head lightly, Si Huang took out a black baseball cap and went out.

During the period, she saw a few missed calls from yesterday on her mobile phone, she raised her eyebrows and ignored it, setting it to silent vibration and stuffed it into her trousers pocket.

Speaking of these missed calls, it was necessary to go back in time to a day ago.

Si Zhihan, who was hung up on by Si Huang on his own initiative, had complicated emotions, which were more inexplicable than anger. This was the first time he had heard Si Huang speak to him like this with resistance.

Even so, Si Zhihan never thought that Si Huang really dared to resist himself and not go home. He didn’t even see Si Huang when he got home and thought that Si Huang had a long way to come back.

As soon as Bai Qinglan saw Si Zhihan come back, she cried and complained about Si Huang’s sins. Si Hua didn’t come down until dinner time. His pale face and the bandages on his forehead made him look weak and pitiful, which made Bai Qinglan shout curses. Si Zhihan, who was a little irritated, naturally transferred his anger to Si Huang, who had not yet returned.

Si Huang hadn’t come back until even when three mouthfuls of dinner were over. Of course, Bai Qinglan didn’t miss the opportunity to continue to speak ill of her. Si Zhihan’s gloomy face also showed his dissatisfaction with Si Huang.

Si Hua put the tablet in front of Si Zhihan: “Dad, look at this.”

The tablet displayed the three most popular posts on the Huaxing Art School forum, which spread more widely after three days. Si Hua didn’t notice the change in Si Zhihan’s eyes and complained aggrievedly: “It turns out that the role of Director Liu which had already been decided to belong to me was given to him, but I don’t know what means Si Huang used to steal it. He never learned acting, just pretending on the spot, how can he really act well, he shouldn’t lose our graceful face in the end.”

Pa –

Si Hua was blinded by a sudden slap.

Bai Qinglan let out a scream and hurried over to see Si Hua’s situation.

Si Zhihan stood up flushed with anger, pointed at the mother and son and gritted his teeth: “Si Huang is still a minor, and anything humiliating will be related to his parents’ education and Fenghua’s reputation! What if I teach her a lesson at home? It’s nothing, but we mustn’t show a joke to the outside world! And plastic surgery? If it’s true, how much will the last fake face be worth? Bai Qinglan! Don’t you understand the truth?”

Si Hua still had a look of resentment and grievance, but Bai Qinglan suddenly woke up and looked annoyed.

Si Zhihan didn’t continue to teach them a lesson. He made a phone call and said, “Hello, Secretary Wang? Well, the news about Si Huang’s plastic surgery and family discord should be resolved immediately, I don’t want to see anything more about this negative news. Others? Don’t need to worry about it, just ignore the negative news, well, I will see the results tomorrow.”

After hanging up the phone, Si Zhihan glanced at Si Hua, who was still a little dazed and resentful, “Think more in the future, I’ll let Si Huang give you Director Liu’s role.”

Si Hua was not happy when he heard that the character would be returned to him, and the word ‘let’ made him even more ashamed.

In the next time, Si Zhihan waited for Si Huang to come home, but until night fell, Si Huang was nowhere to be seen, and after making several calls in a row, no one answered. Si Zhihan, who was in a rage, suddenly returned to his senses. So, what Si Huang said on the phone before was true!

The author has something to say: How tall is Si Huang now? There are rewards for correct answers! (Don’t worry, His Majesty is handsome, he will not exceed 1.8 meters in the future, but it is also the standard male god height~)

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