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APY Ch. 148: What have you done to me?


Translator: SJade, Editor: Dj22031

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A light flashed in Han Yi’s beautiful peach blossom eyes, he didn’t move, just stared blankly at Yu Xiaoxuan’s movements, of course he could see that Yu Xiaoxuan was already drunk, as she had just drunk a bottle of red wine. Would she not get drunk even after finishing a whole bottle of wine?

Yu Xiaoxuan stuck out her tongue and licked Han Yi’s lips again, but it was still not sweet. She frowned and seemed a little confused. She tilted her head back, pulled away from Han Yi, and then lowered her head, as if thinking, why was this jelly not sweet.

The touch on her lips left, Han Yi frowned in dissatisfaction and looked at Yu Xiaoxuan who was bowing her head, and as a dark light flashed in his eyes, he stretched out his hand and pulled Yu Xiaoxuan into his arms, then he lowered his head and kissed her.

His tongue flexibly pried open Yu Xiaoxuan’s teeth, drove straight in, and began to sweep around. The smell of red wine spread in his mouth, and Han Yi couldn’t help closing his eyes.

On the other hand, Yu Xiaoxuan frowned, and when she realized something was wrong, she only had time to turn her head away.

The air was suddenly filled with the sour smell of digested food and the strong smell of alcohol. Feeling the wetness on his neck and chest, Han Yi’s face was darker than the bottom of the pot, and his body exuded bursts of cold air.

He didn’t even dare to take a look at himself, for fear that after seeing it, he wouldn’t help but chop the person in front of him into pieces.

Yu Xiaoxuan vomited out and felt much more comfortable. As soon as her body softened, she fell to the ground. Han Yi’s body reacted one step faster than his brain and supported her, but it was just that more vomit fell on him. He was also infected with Yu Xiaoxuan.

He endured the nausea that rolled in his stomach, and pulled Yu Xiaoxuan into the bathroom of the guest room, threw her under the shower head, and turned on hot water.

At the beginning, the water was bitingly cold, so Yu Xiaoxuan couldn’t help shaking, then Han Yi held her hair, and after confirming that it was hot water, he poured the hot water on her body.

He looked at himself, and then at Yu Xiaoxuan, whose eyes were hazy, after thinking about it, he put down her head, fixed her position, and walked out.

After taking a quick battle bath, Han Yi quickly returned, still holding a bathrobe, Yu Xiaoxuan sat on the ground with her eyes closed, as if she was asleep, and the water was still spraying on her shaggy head.

Han Yi laughed angrily, thinking: You can sure fall asleep. Are you a pig, Yu Xiaoxuan?

After turning off the water, Han Yi looked at Yu Xiaoxuan’s soaked clothes, hesitated for a moment, stepped forward, closed his eyes and reached out to take them off.

The delicate and smooth skin of Yu Xiaoxuan made Han Yi a little nervous. He gulped his saliva and quickened his movements. Then, he wrapped her whole body in a bathrobe, and opened his eyes.

He took her back to the bed, and then went to the bathroom to take out a dry towel to dry her hair, and then he went to clean the living room.

“Damn girl, I’ll let you go now, but I’ll settle the account with you when you wake up tomorrow.” Han Yi said viciously while flushing the bathroom.

After Han Yi finished cleaning the bathroom, it was already four o’clock in the morning. His eyes could hardly open. When he passed by Yu Xiaoxuan’s bed, he realized that the girl had kicked the quilt off the bed again. The heating was stopped, almost making the girl freeze to death.

He wanted to pretend that he didn’t see it, but after taking two steps, Han Yi turned back and covered her with the quilt, but before he could reach the door, Yu Xiaoxuan’s voice of thirst came from behind, asking for water.

After such a tossing, Han Yi sat beside Yu Xiaoxuan’s bed and stared at the woman who was sleeping like a pig, but Yu Xiaoxuan didn’t react at all to this stare, instead his eyes became sourer.

“I must have owed you in my last life.” Han Yi said to himself.

“Ah…ah…ah, metamorphosis, demon.” The sharp harsh voice woke Han Yi up from the dream, and he hadn’t opened his eyes yet before his head was smashed by the pillow.

Han Yi’s face was very dark, “Yu Xiaoxuan, what are you doing!” He glared at her fiercely, his eyes were burning, he was woken up not long after falling asleep, and it would be strange if he was in a good mood.

Yu Xiaoxuan wrapped herself tightly with the quilt, her face turned pale, and pointed at him, “You…you big pervert, what have you done to me?” What did I do? What could I do to her? Han Yi’s eyes were still blank at first, but when he saw Yu Xiaoxuan’s actions and the bullied expression on her face, his face couldn’t get darker.

“Put away the thoughts in your head,” Han Yi sneered, not forgetting to look her up and down, “You have no boobs and no buttocks, what will I do to you? I’m afraid you will do something to me. What?”

Yu Xiaoxuan looked ashamed and angry, but was rendered speechless by Han Yi, “You…you…” Suddenly, her eyes fell on herself, “Where are my clothes?”

“In the bathroom, in the trash can.” Han Yi was a little impatient, he was very sleepy now and needed a break urgently.

“What did you change my clothes for me?” Yu Xiaoxuan looked horrified.

Han Yi sneered, “Who else do you think would have done it?”

“Han Yi, you rascal, I’ll kill you.” Yu Xiaoxuan roared in anger, she was about to bite Han Yi when she jumped on him, Han Yi’s expression changed, looking at her pointed little tiger teeth made his neck feel cold. The wound she had bitten last night was still not healed, so he hurriedly ducked, letting Yu Xiaoxuan pounce, and then, when Yu Xiaoxuan didn’t react fast enough, he pulled his hand back, so Yu Xiaoxuan was forced to lie on the bed, her posture a little embarrassing.

“Han Yi, you bastard, let me go.” Yu Xiaoxuan struggled, but Han Yi easily restrained her due to the huge physical disparity between men and women.

Han Yi made her sit on his lap, with one hand holding hers, looked down at her, proud of himself, while thinking, who asked you to bite me, now let’s see how you bite.

“If I let go of you, you will bite me again, it’s beautiful to think about.” Han Yi was not stupid, how could he let go of her, “Yu Xiaoxuan, this young master is here to tell you, even though I changed your clothes, but I didn’t even look at you at all, with your bean sprout-like figure, I don’t like you at all.”

Yu Xiaoxuan didn’t care what he said, she just wanted to break free from his shackles, but the harder she struggled, the stronger Han Yi held her hand. In the end, Yu Xiaoxuan even frowned in pain and couldn’t help but groan. Hearing her groan, Han Yi was taken aback, and his hands loosened.

“Han Yi, you are a stinky bastard, you only know how to bully others…” She didn’t know if it was because of the pain or other reasons, Yu Xiaoxuan’s voice was a little choked and her eyes were red.

Han Yi was really startled this time, and subconsciously let go of her hand, let her get off his lap, and sat on the side. Yu Xiaoxuan didn’t get up, she just lay there and cried.

“Uuuuu…, you bastard, taking advantage of the situation while I’m drunk.” Yu Xiaoxuan was very aggrieved.”

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