Korean Dramas

  • Blood: I liked this novel despite it having many over-the-top elements… I really want a Season 2 for this drama but it doesn’t seem likely at this moment since it’s been 6 years since the first season had aired. I loved the ML very much…. he had a good chemistry with the FL despite having obvious K-drama tropes such as hero saving the heroine when they were children, rivals to lovers and many more…
  • Coffee Prince: Coffee Prince is one of my most favorite K-dramas. All the character in this drama are amazing. I did not like the second male lead in the second half but that’s another thing. The best thing about this show is that the ML was willing to wait for the FL no matter how long it took for her to achieve her dream, which I think is commendable. Moreover, it is a gender bender and then there is Gong Yoo.. Do you need any more reasons to love this drama. (Ep: 17) (Available on: Netflix)
  • Descendants of the Sun: Love this show… The main couple is awesome… Song Joong Ki is love….. Furthermore, the patriotism and the way it is displayed in the show is amazing…. (Ep: 16) (Available on: Netflix)
  • Extraordinary You: This drama is set in a fictional world where one of the cannon fodder characters realizes that she is a character from a comic book and decides to do something about it, awesome characters, loved the female lead, just the ending made me a little sad but the show was worth it. (Ep: 32) (Genre: Romance)
  • Nail Shop Paris: The story of this drama was too nonsensical for words… But I just love gender bender characters and the way it was dealt with in this drama was amazing and it is a pretty short one too which makes it even better to watch. (Ep: 10) (Available on: Dramacool)
  • She was Pretty: K-dramas are usually all about beauty and aesthetics, and I dig that. But I also loved this drama which had a slightly different premise wherein the FL was actually a swan turned into an ugly duckling and not the usual way around. The second ML was amazing, you can watch this show just for him. Enjoy… (Ep: 16) (Genre: Rom-com)

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