YXBG Ch. 6: Chang Mei

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In the evening, Chang Mei took a shower, and her white skin became pink, while the steam could be seen in the air.

Ai, the water seemed to be too hot today, and her head became dizzy.

She was unable to stand straight, and her husband hugged her in that moment. And whispered, “Dizzy?”

She looked up with misty eyes. “It was too warm…”

The weather had turned cold. Inside the house, the heater had already been turned on, but Chang Mei really hated cold weather, and couldn’t stand it at all so she took hot showers. 

Yin Ruoji immediately held her. “You will be dizzier in a while.” His smile was full of lust; Chang Mei’s face immediately became red like a shrimp.

“But we can’t do it!” She sat on the bed and pushed him away. “Tonight, Xiaomei will sleep with me!”

He frowned. “She has been sleeping with you for a month, what should I do?” Suddenly he understood his son’s disappointment.

Since Xiaomei came, his “welfare” had also been greatly threatened.

Chang Mei wanted to push him away, but he had already sealed her lips.  His big hand was bluntly put into her bathrobe. Chang Mei snorted and couldn’t help but embrace her husband’s neck and respond enthusiastically to him.

“Mom” not far from the room Xiaomei’s voice could be heard, she already took a shower and wanted to sleep with her mother.

With a “gudong”, Yin Ruojiji was kicked to the ground mercilessly by Chang Mei. She hurriedly got up and ran to meet her daughter. 

Xiaomei rushed over happily, thinking that sleeping with mother is the best.

Eh? What happened, just now my foot was still walking on the ground, but suddenly I’m flying?

In the next second, she had been thrown outside the door. Xiaomei was trapped in her soft bathrobe and turned around, only to find that her father was there, and she looked at him with a little bewilderment.

“Sleep by yourself tonight.” Yin Ruoji immediately gave the order.

“Huh? Why?” Xiaomei wailed.

“Because Mom and Dad want to mate.” He explained with a frown. Chang Mei blushed immediately: “Husband, don’t say such strange things!” Nasty, our son learned from you!

“Mating?” Xiaomei repeated stupidly.

“Yes, mating.” The man as the parent did not blush at all and said these two words solemnly.

“Oh…” Xiaomei’s face was still confused, but looking at her father’s appearance, it seemed to be a very important matter, she said timidly, “Then when you mate, can’t I be by the side?”

Chang Mei quickly stopped her husband from speaking even more absurd words, and coaxed: “Xiaomei, mother will sleep with you tomorrow, okay?”

“Not tomorrow.” That would be too cheap. “Not this week!

“Ah?!” Xiaomei sniffed her nose sadly, and said pitifully: “Well, then Xiaomei will sleep alone. Then when mother has finished mating, she must sleep with Xiaomei.”

Chang Mei hastily raised her hand and promised: “Okay. Yes, mother promises. Xiaomei, sleeping alone at night; must be brave and not be afraid.”

“En.” Yin Xiaomei, who was abandoned, struggled to get up with her bathrobe, and went back to her room one step at a time.


After experiencing the joy, Yin Ruoji hugged his beloved wife tightly and fell asleep. Chang Mei couldn’t sleep, looking at his sleeping face, her heart was full of happiness. Her hand stroked his stiff nose and thick black eyebrows. He was like a sleeping prince, his face turned soft and affectionate in repose.

Chang Mei couldn’t help thinking of when the two met for the first time. At that time, he didn’t talk much, but he always gave people a feeling of wholehearted trust.

At the age of 18, Chang Mei, like other girls, was full of energy and youth. The only difference was that her face was like a ceramic doll carefully crafted by a skilled European craftsman, which made people unable to look away from her at the first glance. It was because of this that she was chased home by an unknown little director and told that she must star in his next movie.

At that time, her parents tried their best to oppose it. The financial resources of the Chang family could be seen from their luxurious residence that resembled the Babylonian palace. They didn’t need it and didn’t want their daughter to show up on screen like this. The director persisted. He came there every day to persuade and left the script to her, saying that she was made for the role of the heroine in the script. If she refused to act, he would rather not make the movie.

She read the script carefully, and the story in it moved her so much that she cried all night. Later, her parents couldn’t bear the director’s repeated requests, so they agreed.

Chang Mei had never filmed before, but she felt like she was going to die after only trying this one time. That stern director always had to shoot back and forth dozens of times because of one improper expression. Sometimes the rain shot was too fake, and she would have to be showered on several times for him to be satisfied. Although it later proved that all these efforts and the continuous perfection of details was worthwhile, Chang Mei lost more than ten catties of weight after filming the film and was almost as thin as a piece of paper.

What she didn’t expect was that this movie actually caused such a sensational effect. At that time, she became a well-known star and a goddess in the hearts of many teenagers. Her outstanding performance in the movie, her graceful dancing, especially the affection conveyed in her big, beautiful eyes, won her various top awards. And that little-known director became famous, and he was now a domestic gold director.

Chang Mei’s life became uncomfortable because of this movie. Although the entertainment reporters at that time were not as crazy as they are today, she was overwhelmed by them.

When her parents took her to a dinner party, she was forced to become a runaway Cinderella by enthusiastic fans and excited reporters. She hid behind the curtains on the terrace, in shock. Alas, she sighed and looked at the starry sky through the snow-white gauze curtains. It was a good thing that people liked her, but she was really not good at dealing with this kind of situation.

She didn’t know how long it had been, she thought, those people should have already left! Suddenly, a grim voice sounded: “Who is there?”

Chang Mei was too frightened to move, let alone answer. After a while, the man hesitated and walked over.

She panicked about what to do, run away now?

Like lifting the bride’s veil, or like opening the last layer of tissue paper wrapped in a gift, Yin Ruoji moved the gauzy curtain and was faced with a pair of beautiful and panicked eyes. He was in a daze and forgot to speak.

Chang Mei pushed him away angrily, looking around like a small beast and fled. That man was so rude, she thought with embarrassment, why bother her? She just hid well behind the curtain.

Then Yin Ruoji even launched a fierce love offensive against her. His father was a former comrade-in-arms of Chang Mei’s father. He had been developing in Taiwan and only recently returned to the mainland with his son. Dinner was prepared for them. Both parents were satisfied with the marriage, but Chang Mei loudly objected: “No! I’ll only be 19 years old next month! I don’t want to get engaged so early.”

She was now in trouble at school. When news of the engagement would come out, the media would be boiling. However, Yin Ruoji seemed to possess a lot of determination. He would be on time at the gate of her school almost every afternoon, rushing to take her away in front of reporters.

Chang Mei sat in his car, feeling a little uneasy: “Thank you.” This was the first time she took the initiative to speak to him since he came to pick her up. Now her news were overwhelming, and even Yin Ruoji had suffered. These misfortunes made her feel a little guilty.

“It’s okay, my parents want to ask you to eat at home.” He invited her politely.

“Um…” Chang Mei began to rack her brains again for excuses to refuse, saying that her stomach hurts? No, she used it yesterday. Or maybe the aunt[1] is here? It was far-fetched. Yin Ruoji immediately looked at her pitiful look, with an uncontrollable smile on his face: “If you don’t object, I’ll tell mom.”

“Oh, good…” Chang Mei nodded helplessly. After all, Aunt Yin treated her well, it would be too unreasonable if she always refused her invitation.

Yin Ruoji immediately parked the car in the garage at home and got out of the car to open the door for her. Chang Mei stepped out absent-mindedly, and slipped uncontrollably, “Ah!” She whispered softly, and fell into Yin Ruoji’s sturdy embrace, and his powerful arms immediately hugged her tightly. The owner of the arm whispered: “It’s okay!”

Chang Mei pushed him away quickly and got goose bumps on her body. She hated men touching her. “I can go by myself, don’t take the opportunity to eat my tofu!” she frowned and accused.

Yin Ruoji immediately shrugged. When there was tofu to eat, how could he not seize the opportunity? He had never advertised himself as a good person. He rarely liked someone, but when he did, he could do all kinds of silly things.

Although she hated Yin Ruoji, Chang Mei could not deny that the meals made by the chefs of the Yin family were really delicious. She ate very satisfyingly every time. After the meal, Aunt Yin hurriedly gave Yin Ruoji a wink: “If it is alright, take Chang Mei to the garden and eat some fruit, I also prepared some wine.”

In the evening of the summer night, there were star like fireflies flying in the garden. Because there were many mosquito-repellent plants planted, people in the garden did not need to worry about mosquito bites. Chang Mei drank the wine. Because of its mellowness, she drank half the bottle unconsciously, and she found it a little hard to concentrate.

“You drank too much.” When she wanted to drink again, Yin Ruoji held her hand and drank the wine for her.

Chang Mei’s sluggish eyes were out of focus, but she knew that Yin Ruoji immediately drank her wine. “You… why did you drink mine?” she said weakly, very unwilling.

Yin Ruoji approached her immediately and said in an almost bewitching voice: “Then, you can take the wine back from my mouth.” He slowly approached the person who was thinking about it, and carefully touched her hair and cheeks with his fingertips.

Chang Mei felt that she must be too drunk, otherwise, how could she not push him away? But the sweet wine smell coming from Yin Ruoji’s mouth was tempting her to taste it, making her approach him without hesitation.

Yin Ruoji’s long persistence finally got the best return. He kept deepening the kiss, forcing her to entangle with his tongue until she was limp in his arms. He looked at the little woman in his arms and muttered: “I love you.”

Chang Mei’s chaotic brain showed a hint of clarity because of the refreshing fragrance of mint that suddenly poured out of his mouth. What was she doing?!

Yin Ruoji smiled and pressed a kiss on her lips: “Will you marry me?” He looked affectionately at the little woman in front of him.

Chang Mei screamed and sat up, she was sober for the most part, my God, her first kiss! Her first kiss! Her first kiss was actually snatched by this nasty man! This big sand pig! This dead hooligan! This porn monkey!

She took off her high heels and beat the man in front of her fiercely, while yelling out the curses in her heart, making the Yin family couple and the servants who were peeping while hiding on the side almost laugh out loud. They had never seen Yin Ruoji get beaten like this, porn monkey? This title was really glorious!

After that incident, Chang Mei was ashamed and regretful, and never dared to meet Yin Ruoji again. Although she was almost suffocated by the reporters, it was better than being in the same car with Yin Ruoji. She didn’t know how to face him at all! And the man who rushed over every time, looked at the little woman surrounded by reporters, a little angrily.

Damn, she wouldn’t think that she could get rid of him like this! She had tasted the goods and it was impossible to return them! He remembered the wine-scented kiss again and rubbed his lips with the back of his hand thoughtfully.

This woman belonged to him! He only wants to spend his life alone with her!

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[1] Menstruation.

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