WMPLT Ch. 47

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Xinghai Satellite TV re-broadcasted the first episode on Saturday night. This time father Zhai and mother Zhai couldn’t help but take a look.

Because both Pei Xu and Huo Cheng came to visit their home, they were now really curious about the guests participating in the show.

They didn’t know if Pei Xu and Huo Cheng looked the same, but at first glance, oh, the situation was different from what they thought.

They all thought that Zhai Xingchen and Wen Nuo, two amateur handsome boys, were just there for fun.

But after watching it completely, they found that there were quite a lot of scenes of Zhai Xingchen.

Maybe it was because he met the real person today, the more father Zhai saw, the more he fell in love with Huo Cheng.

Open, generous, masculine, cheerful and humorous, and a self-made boss, wasn’t this the type of son-in-law, a father-in-law liked most?

Father Zhai: “There is Xiao Pei, he is quite polite and a good boy. Why is he so cold in the show?”

Mother Zhai said matter-of-factly: “It’s also possible. I heard that the program crew of variety shows like theirs will create characters for them.”

But mother Zhai liked Pei Xu very much.

Maybe because she read too many novels, she felt that Pei Xu was very much in the style of romance novels. He was handsome and had a good temper. Moreover, he was kind to Zhai Xingchen, he also took the initiative to take him to school on the first day.

The whole person was calm and seemed to have a bit of cold innocence.

They disliked Hu Ying the most. They thought he was too arrogant. They wondered if it was because of the editing. The way he looked at Zhai Xingchen seemed a bit arrogant.

On the other hand, Lin Qingning and Duan Yihua, who made a good impression in the trailer and behind-the-scenes, had a relatively low presence in the show.

At the end of the show, there was a shot of Huo Cheng and Zhai Xingchen lying on the sofa. Eight people, four groups, appeared on the screen together. The picture was frozen and the theme song played. The couple couldn’t get enough of what they were watching.

Just when they were about to turn off the TV, after two commercials had been played after the program, the TV station suddenly played a trailer for “Red and Blue Signal”.

This trailer was the kind of personal trailer that Xinghai Satellite TV often broadcasted, with no plot content.

It was just that this time it was Zhai Xingchen’s.

In this shot, which only lasted about ten seconds, Zhai Xingchen was standing in the famous music stand in Nancheng, and a very pleasant male voice called: “Zhai Xingchen.”

Zhai Xingchen, who was feeding the pigeons, looked back at the camera and smiled slightly. The picture turned into slow motion, and a romantic and cheerful theme song played.

At twelve o’clock in the evening, Zhai Xingchen received his 100,000 yuan salary.

He was very excited and immediately took a look at Pei Xu’s fund.

The stock market fund market had been in a slump recently and had been dominated by fluctuations. The market continued to fall in the fourth quarter. Many well-known funds with stable returns had not been able to escape this blow. When you clicked on their comment areas, all the traders were cursing.

Only Pei Xu’s fund had always stood out.

Pei Xu only operated mixed funds. As the name suggested, mixed funds were not just funds in a certain field. They could also buy all kinds of stocks such as liquor, medical, new energy, military, semiconductors, cyclical stocks, etc., which tested the fund manager’s ability to adjust positions more than thematic funds.

Pei Xu currently had three funds in his hands, each with an annual income of more than 100 million, and the curve was even more beautiful, almost a 45-degree straight line. The number of followers was more than one million, and the fund size had exceeded 20 billion.

With such a large fund size, it could still maintain stability in a volatile market. Pei Xu had become a god among traders these days.

He clicked on the comment area, and the high-like comments in the recommendation category were:

Dad Pei, I shouldn’t have asked you to compensate the young master!

Brother Pei won’t pay!

It turns out that mixed chicken, Brother Pei YYDS!

But when he clicked on the latest comments, the comments were not very optimistic.

You can make big money by being low-key. How many funds will be ruined as soon as they become popular? Recently, Brother Pei has been on a love show, and he is going to be popular. I think brothers can withdraw.

It’s over, Brother Pei is going to be popular, this chicken should be killed.

Hey, I just discovered this treasure chicken, please protect Brother Pei from becoming famous!

I just watched the first issue, and I think brothers can rest assured that Brother Pei has a bad face, bad reviews, and will never become popular.

Bless “Red and Blue Signal” to hit the streets, and bless Brother Pei not to attract fans.

Zhai Xingchen was very happy to see it.

These traders were so interesting. They didn’t behave for the sake of their wallet.

Zhai Xingchen felt the pleasure of God’s perspective.

He knew that in the next volatile market, Pei Xu was about to become a god, and his performance would kill most of the major players in an instant.

Pei Xu’s fund, one should buy it with their eyes closed.

He felt that Pei Xu’s abilities could not be fully demonstrated in the show. He was not like Huo Cheng, whose company’s APP was used by many young people, and everyone could see how talented he was, nor was he like Yan Zhi, an e-sports star with a lot of fans, who could capture a lot of fans with a few fierce operations. Their power was visible to the naked eye.

But in today’s sluggish market, only senior traders could understand Pei Xu’s awesomeness.

These days, you only buy funds to get back your capital. There were too many cases where you wanted to buy the bottom and ended up being robbed by it.

A calm mind, keen insight, accurate foresight, and decisive courage were not the qualities that ordinary people had when playing stocks.

It was the charm of the mind.

Zhai Xingchen bought a fund of 80,000 yuan, then lay down, glanced at the white down jacket on the bedside, and bought Huo Cheng’s stocks worth 20,000 yuan.

Although this was Huo Cheng’s wish and he was not short of money, he couldn’t take Huo Cheng’s clothes for nothing. He had to buy something of similar price and return it.

Zhai Xingchen actually missed them at that moment, the overbearing and enthusiastic Huo Cheng, the cold but simple Pei Xu, the infinitely charming Yan Zhi, the dignified and mature Duan Yihua, the beautiful Hu Ying, the lovely Wen Nuo, and there was also the gentle and calm Lin Qingning.

They were all really good, kind, careful and gentle.

Zhai Xingchen felt that true love and goodwill in the world could not be let down. Whether it was from lovers, relatives and friends, readers, viewers, netizens or passers-by who had never met before.

He sincerely hoped that these outstanding people could be together and gain their love in the coming journey.

The ratings for the first episode of “Red and Blue Signal” came out early Sunday morning.

It broke 2 directly.

In the past two years, TV stations had declined, and online platforms had become increasingly powerful. This was why the last two seasons of “Red and Blue Signal” began to be broadcast live online. Nowadays, it was great that a TV series could break 1, and it could win the annual satellite TV championship. The ratings of variety shows would be higher, but it was rare to break 2. The first broadcast broke 2, which was already quite impressive.

“Red and Blue Signal” had a good news, and Guo Bing invited the entire program team to have dinner together in the evening.

“The premiere got off to a great start. Thank you everyone for your hard work. Keep up the good work and try to break last season’s record!”

“Director, aren’t your demands a little too high?”

Last season’s “Red and Blue Signal 3” reached its highest ratings of 5 points, which was an unparalleled rating back then, let alone two years later.

Guo Bing said with a smile: “People must have dreams.”

In fact, he didn’t expect the ratings to be as high as in the third season. After all, things were different now, so he would be satisfied if he could break 3.

Breaking 3 was definitely a hit variety show.

Guo Bing drank a lot that night.

In fact, he was under a lot of pressure this season.

Xinghai TV, as the top TV station in China, had gone downhill in the past two years. Their station director and other leaders had high hopes for him. So, he was under great pressure. This was one of the important reasons why the fourth season of “Red and Blue Signal” was released a year later.

This season had the highest guest allocation, the largest investment, and record-breaking publicity expenses. Almost all of his net worth had been bet on it.

He had been staying in the editing room for the past two days, editing the feature film with screenwriter Liu according to the CP line they set. Before, he could not stare at all the shots 24 hours a day. Now he had streamlined it and the scenes selected by the staff, they were all shots full of details, such as Pei Xu’s inadvertent peek at Zhai Xingchen, such as Yan Zhi’s resistance to other people’s physical contact when getting things in the kitchen, and the subtle touches to Zhai Xingchen, such as the most inconspicuous Wen Nuo pursing his lips and glanced at the scene between Zhai Xingchen and Hu Ying, such as the sudden kiss when Hu Ying hugged the pink rabbit Zhai Xingchen gave him.

Ah, for a man in his thirties, he was like a groundhog barking.

Whether his show could be a hit or not depended mainly on Zhai Xingchen.

Guo Bing drank too much and couldn’t help but make a video call to Zhai Xingchen.

As soon as the call was connected, he saw director Guo Bing’s red face, confused eyes, and his face almost hit the screen.

“Xingchen.” Guo Bing called, “Xingchen.”

Zhai Xingchen kept responding and asked, “Director, have you drunk too much?”

Guo Bing smiled and said: “Xingchen.”

Screenwriter Liu next to him smiled and said: “Did you watch the first episode of our program? The response was very good.”

Zhai Xingchen smiled and said, “I haven’t watched it. I’m sorry. I’ll watch it later when I have the courage.”

He had watched many interviews with guests who participated in the romance show. They said that there was always a big gap between the edited version of the romance show and the actual one. Sometimes he was clearly watching A, but the editor edited him to look like he was watching B, just to create drama.

He didn’t know if “Red and Blue Signal” was like this.

“It’s fine if you don’t watch. Just relax and shoot, and watch again when it’s over.” Screenwriter Liu said, “Are you outside?”

Zhai Xingchen said “Yeah” and said, “I’m walking on the beach.”

While he was still a complete amateur, he should enjoy this free time where he could wander around as he pleased.

After he finished speaking, he turned the camera to the beach.

The starry sky was vast, and the moonlight was swaying on the sea.

But these were not as good as Zhai Xingchen’s young and bright face.

Suddenly he saw Guo Bing approaching again and say drunkenly: “Xingchen.”

Zhai Xingchen pointed the camera at himself and responded with a smile: “Here I am.”

He smiled brightly, his skin glowing white, and he looked so sweet.

He was really good-looking. Who wouldn’t like such a boy?

Guo Bing couldn’t help but say: “Xingchen, open your heart and fall in love on our show. You are at your best age.”

Zhai Xingchen was stunned for a moment, then laughed.

After hanging up the video call, Zhai Xingchen stood at the beach for a while, the sea breeze ruffling his hair.

Tomorrow they would leave for Beicheng.

Beicheng was too far from Nancheng. If they set off in the morning, it would probably be around sunset when they get there.

He stood at the beach for a while, then walked home along the coastline. When he reached the north-south avenue of Changping Village, he suddenly saw a motorcycle passing by him. It suddenly spun around and stopped in front of him.

The other person took off his helmet and looked at him blankly.

The sea breeze ruffled the man’s hair.

It was strict persistence.

He didn’t wear a suit or glasses, just a motorcycle suit. He had a handsome face and strange and sharp eyebrows.

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