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“Gu Anxin, it’s still light now. I’ll let you know what true humiliation is. However, a shameless woman like you probably won’t feel humiliated!”

Hearing Du Ming’s sarcasm, the fire in Gu Anxin’s heart was extinguished, and she only felt cold, “Du Ming, you are cruel!”

Gu Anxin turned around and rushed out of Du Ming’s office angrily!

Originally, Gu Anxin thought that those who were innocent would be freed themselves. She was not afraid of those rumours, but from time to time someone would come over and say a few sarcastic words, which really made her want to kill these people.

“I didn’t expect that she would dare to come to work. She just cheated on people with food and drink. Now she actually cheats on people’s feelings?”

“I’ve told you a long time ago that people like her are the best at seducing men. When she rejects others, she says she has a boyfriend, then they break up two days later, and two days later she says her boyfriend is back to look for her. It’s just a joke. If she is so proficient, that’s not life, it’s an emotional drama!”

“Du Ming is really pitiful. This is a loss of money and shame!”

“What’s so embarrassing about him? That woman is still licking her face and showing off while cheating. What’s so embarrassing about him? How could such a good man not find a good woman?”

Gu Anxin stood up from her chair in annoyance and stared hard at the two people standing next to her work station holding water glasses and chatting, “Can you change places if you want to chat?”

The two people looked innocent, looked at each other, and shrugged, “Are you right? We’re not talking about you, so don’t be angry!”

Gu Anxin clenched her fists tightly, the veins on the back of her hands stretched, and she stared at the two people.

Seeing this, Qin Ling quickly grabbed Gu Anxin and said to the two people, “Our company pays well and has a place for leisure and entertainment. If you want to chat, go there. If you are chatting here so loudly that it affects other people’s work, I will report your work situation to the manager, so leave immediately if you don’t want to lose your job!”

The two people curled their lips, rolled their eyes at Gu Anxin, and walked away with their hips swaying.

Qin Ling comforted her, “Don’t worry, these people just see sour grapes when they can’t eat them. One of them has a crush on Du Ming from the company and is jealous of you!”

Gu Anxin bit her lip, somewhat touched by Qin Ling’s thoughtfulness, “Have you never thought that I am that kind of person?”

Qin Ling smiled, “If you can really do this well, I will still admire you!”

Gu Anxin was startled and laughed. She used to think that Qin Ling’s thinking was different from others. She didn’t expect that it was so different, then she said to her, “You have anti-social tendencies!”

With Qin Ling’s words of help, Gu Anxin was cleansed. Although others still cast disdainful glances from time to time, Gu Anxin didn’t care anymore.

There were people who believed in her, and that was enough.

There was no need for her to care about those who didn’t believe in her.

Thinking about it this way, she felt a lot more relaxed. Gu Anxin thought that her morning work would be affected by her emotions, but she didn’t expect that it would go surprisingly smoothly.

Because the person just now came to provoke her, it just gave her inspiration and material for creation. This was the legendary art that came from life!

Because the work went well, she was in a good mood. By the time someone came to deliver the meal at noon, Gu Anxin had forgotten that Ling Yue had made her angry in the morning.

She happily picked up her chopsticks to eat.

But after just two bites, she realized something was wrong. Gu Anxin raised her head and looked around. Everyone was looking at her.

Qin Ling couldn’t help but ask, “Are you…eating Qin Ji’s meal?”

Gu Anxin nodded. The plates and bowls were all written with Qin Ji, “Is it from your family?”

Qin Ling really wanted to knock her on the head, as she said, “Do you know that Qin Ji is a famous private restaurant in our city? The supply is limited, and even if you have money, you may not be able to buy it. I heard that the chef there used to be a royal cook!”

Gu Anxin didn’t expect so much. She used to think that her third brother was poor and disabled, but now, she didn’t think so. He just gave her 300,000 yuan as a nanny. Now he was not deaf, mute or lame. That Alice was right, she could see his status.

The third brother’s identity may be unusual, but if he didn’t want to tell her, she won’t ask. Anyway, she won’t be able to find out anything.

“How about we eat together? I can’t finish all the food!”

Qin Ling shook her head, “Let’s forget it, I’m afraid I’ll have diarrhoea after eating this royal meal!”

The other people looked at Gu Anxin with strange eyes. The busty girl who had previously provoked Gu Anxin said sourly, “It turns out that she is with a rich man. No wonder she doesn’t like Du Ming!”

Gu Anxin’s face darkened.

Qin Ling has already spoken, “You also know that Anxin is with a wealthy person? Aren’t you afraid that she will blow pillow wind and make it difficult for you to survive here?”

The busty girl’s face immediately turned into an eggplant when she thought of a simple lunch all served by Qin Ji, she snorted coldly and turned around to leave.

Everyone else left too.

“Thank you!” Gu Anxin sincerely thanked her. The other person called her a sugar baby. She wanted to explain, but Qin Ling said, “What can you do if you’re just a sugar baby?”

She got angry and left Gu Anxin. They all laughed.

Qin Ling smiled, “Thank you for what? I can’t stand their way of criticizing others even if they don’t want it!”

Gu Anxin had a thrilling day. When she saw the car parked in front of the company after work, she frowned and became angry with her third brother.

When Alice saw Gu Anxin coming out, she immediately got out of the car and opened the door for her, “Miss Gu, get in the car!”

Gu Anxin didn’t show off to Alice, she just lowered her head and got into the car. When she saw Ling Yue lowering his head to handle documents, she curled his lips slightly and looked sideways out the window.

Alice lowered her head and smiled. Miss Gu was really angry. The anger in the morning had not gone away yet. Miss Gu had suffered a lot.

Ling Yue put down the pen in his hand and looked at Gu Anxin sideways. His scorching eyes were met with a fierce glare from Gu Anxin. Ling Yue laughed instead, “Why are you angry?”

Gu Anxin ignored him.

“Was the lunch delicious?”

She continued to ignore him!

“I was so busy today that I didn’t bother to have lunch. If I had known you were angry, I should have gone to keep you company!”

Gu Anxin couldn’t help but look sideways at the documents he put on his lap. He was still dealing with things on his way to get off work. He was really busy. Thinking that he didn’t have lunch, but ordered food for her that one couldn’t easily buy, she felt heartbroken. Her anger thus dissipated a lot.

Seeing that Gu Anxin’s face was slightly relieved, Ling Yue lowered his head to hide his smile. When he raised his head again, his face was already bitter, “I was so busy that I didn’t feel hungry. I’m a little hungry now. Do you have any leftover lunch?”

Hearing that Ling Yue wanted to eat her leftovers, Gu Anxin felt really distressed now, “Stop the car!”

Alice was stunned, and the smile on her lips disappeared. The husband had already resorted to a bitter trick, so why did she get angry and run away instead?

As soon as the car stopped, Gu Anxin opened the door, got out of the car and ran out.

Alice looked at Ling Yue subconsciously, “Sir, do you need me to chase Miss Gu?”

Ling Yue shook his head, with a smile on his lips, watching Gu Anxin rush into a fast food restaurant, “She went to buy me food, why are you chasing after her?”

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