LGHIHW Ch. 30: Arc 1.26

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Xuan Ming was a rather indifferent person. The information the Lord God sent to the system was not wrong. He really didn’t love anyone except work. But now, he was looking directly at the woman sitting opposite him, his eyes full of obsession, fanaticism and desire for aggression.

This kind of momentum coupled with his pure masculine face was like a heat source, steaming the surrounding air.

Lin Yayan glared at him with a blushing face, then lowered her head “shyly”, and laughed in her heart: “Men are all like this, when they see a beautiful woman, they can’t walk straight!”

The system revealed: “No matter how beautiful you are, he didn’t like it. The main reason for this is that my props are effective.”

Lin Yayan: “…”

Holding her breath secretly, Lin Yayan asked: “What’s his favorability level for me now?”

The system happily replied: “It’s already 80.”

“Why is it only 80!” Lin Yayan was very disappointed: “90 means deep love, but he still needs 10 points to reach the standard for having feelings for me!”

“Why are you in a hurry? The favorability level is still rising and will soon reach 90.” The system said with confidence.

Their conversation naturally reached Xuan Ming’s ears. He knew something was wrong with his situation, it was as if a broadcaster was forcibly implanted in his mind, telling him over and over again: You should like the girl sitting across from you, she is so beautiful and charming. Your soul is hers alone.

However, what Xuan Ming saw from his eyes was a disgusting thing with coldness and greed written all over her face. Her smiles at people were all hypocritical, and her kindness to people had a specific purpose. She wanted to win everyone’s love just for points.

How could Xuan Ming be attracted to such a thing? He was not a garbage bin.

The feeling of dizziness and heart palpitations was quickly suppressed by the sober consciousness, replaced by gushing disgust, Xuan Ming looked away, and the lines on the side of his face were as cold as an ice sculpture’s.

The system exclaimed: “Why did the favorability level drop?!”

Blushing with embarrassment, Lin Yayan almost jumped up while picking up food for Xuan’s mother, “How much has the favorability dropped?”

“It dropped to 70, no, no, no, now it’s 60, 50, 40… It can’t go on like this!” This was the first time the system had encountered this situation.

“The item I spent 100,000 points to buy, has this effect? Are you trying to trick me, system!” Lin Yayan tried her best to maintain the sweet smile on her face, but the voice in her mind was distorted.

“Wait a minute, I’ll increase the power, but you have to charge me 500 energy points.” The system didn’t forget to blackmail the host even at this time.

“System, if there is a problem with your props, you have to be responsible for solving it for me. This is your obligation. Why should I recharge for you?” Lin Yayan felt that she had suffered a big loss.

“It’s okay if you don’t recharge. I can’t adjust the power of the props without energy points, so your 100,000 points will just be wasted.” It was not like it had to spend the money itself, so the system was not in a hurry anyway.

Lin Yayan had no choice, so she struggled for a few seconds before saying angrily: “Okay, okay, I’ll charge it for you! You can charge it yourself!”

“Okay, 500 points have been filled in the energy tank. I will help the host increase the power of the props immediately.” The system’s voice was full of joy.

Xuan Ming, who was holding his forehead to survive the dizziness, was attacked again. He clearly felt that Lin Yayan was a visual pollution, but he had to look at her uncontrollably.

What was even more weird was that her face slowly changed its appearance. The soft lines slightly added some delicate edges and corners, the beautiful facial features gradually turned light, and the narrow phoenix eyes became more colorful; her cloudy pupils suddenly turned into a cold and profound one; and her thin red lips slanted upward, clearly showing a smile, which was extremely proud.

This face was always in Xuan Ming’s heart, and it was engraved in his subconscious unconsciously. Who else could it be if it wasn’t the Curly Hair?

Xuan Ming’s dilated pupils suddenly focused, and then burst into scorching light, and his breathing became thick and heavy due to dizziness and throbbing.

Lin Yayan’s whole body felt hot due to his aggressive gaze, and she really blushed this time.

The system said in a daze: “The favorability level is so high! 799, 800, 801…”

Lin Yayan was shocked: “Isn’t the highest favorability degree only 100? How did it reach 799? I have even conquered the immortals in the cultivation world, and the favorability degree was still only 99!”

The system guessed: “Maybe I accidentally adjusted the power too high.”

Lin Yayan said with satisfaction: “That’s all thanks to you, the system. If this continues, the mission target will love me to the core.”

Xuan Ming heard the conversation between the two, but his mind, which was occupied by obsession and love, was unable to process the information. He only knew that he could not move his eyes away from this indifferent, handsome, but extremely proud face.

He seemed to be looking at him like this all the time, praising him, being impressed by him, and being obsessed with him.

“The favorability level is still rising, and it’s already 999. Is love at first sight so powerful?” the system muttered, full of doubts.

It stood to reason that an item by whose use favorability soared so quickly would not be sold for just 100,000 points.

Lin Yayan wasn’t listening to the system at all. She was glaring at the man opposite, pretending to be embarrassed.

However, she had no idea that her beautiful face looked different in Xuan Ming’s eyes, like a proud and cunning little fox, grinning scornfully even in front of the hunter’s gun.

Xuan Ming’s cold face also burst into a smile; his expression unbelievably gentle.

System: “The favorability is 1099. One glance will increase the favorability by 100, the host can stare a few more times.”

Lin Yayan was so smug that she stared several times.

At this moment, the cell phone placed by Xuan Ming on the table began to vibrate. The person named “Little Curly Hair” had sent a few photos of delicious food and asked in a matter-of-fact tone: “I want to eat these pastries tomorrow morning. Please bring them to the laboratory.

Only then did Xuan Ming forcefully move his gaze away from Lin Yayan’s face, and looked at the text message, with traces of dark light flowing in his deep pupils. The little curly hair was clearly sitting opposite, why was he in the phone again?

After a while, he picked up the phone and leaned halfway on the wheelchair, as if he was reviewing it carefully. At some point, he picked up a fork with his other hand and stabbed his thigh fiercely, once, twice, three times…

With the table hiding him, no one knew what he was doing.

The joyful system was suddenly struck by lightning: “The favorability has decreased! 999, 699, 99, -199… Oh my god, what happened just now!”

Lin Yayan, whose ears were “blushing”, turned pale with fright for a second.

Xuan Ming took off his coat, covered his blood-stained legs, wiped his hands with a napkin, and then took the phone and replied seriously: “Okay, I will help you prepare breakfast tomorrow morning.”

An emoji was posted over there, and the chubby little fox made an OK gesture with its claws.

Xuan Ming couldn’t help laughing lowly, and asked again: [What are you doing?]

[I’m watching a variety show.]

[What variety show?]

[Brainless variety show.]

[You also watch things that don’t use your brain?]

It took more than ten seconds for a popular science to be sent out: [Excessive thinking will destroy your brain, because the brain can only summarize and store knowledge when it is completely relaxed. The operating mechanism of the brain is similar to that of a computer. The less external input is, the fewer programs are executed, so the work efficiency of the file management system is higher. Regularly emptying your mind, thinking about it, and doing nothing is crucial to maintaining your intelligence and creativity. If you don’t want to be stupid, don’t think about work every moment.]

Xuan Ming pursed his lips and smiled for a while before replying: [Okay, I will pay more attention to rest in the future.]

Little Curly Hair: [You can still be taught #Puppy nodding#]

Xuan Ming searched for a long time before he found an emoji of stroking a little fox’s head and sent it. After doing all this, he waited with bated breath for a few minutes, and when there was no more movement, he sighed and put down the phone.

After putting it down, he felt itchy again. He opened the chat interface, turned over the few messages and read the reviews, smiling and shaking his head.

Lin Yayan and the system sitting opposite him were completely ignored.

“Why doesn’t he look at me?” Lin Yayan gritted her teeth and asked, “System, what is he doing?”

“There is no monitor here. What you see is what I see. Obviously, he is playing with his mobile phone.” The system said in frustration: “His favorability towards you is now -1099!”

“F**k his grandma! Is Xuan Ming sick? When you like someone, your favorability can be as high as 1099, and when you don’t like them, it can be as low as -1099. Is he psychotic?”

“There’s something really wrong with him, but I can’t find it on the scan.”

“System, have my 100,000 points been wasted?”

“That’s what it looks like so far.”

“I don’t care, system you have to be responsible for this!”

“How about you buy another prop? I also have a heartthrob halo. Do you want it? 500,000 points…”

Xuan Ming didn’t bother to listen to the conversation between the two, he just nodded at his family and said, “I’m done eating, you continue.” After saying that, he controlled the wheelchair to slide towards the elevator.

He was fascinated by the props twice in a row. Although the time was only ten seconds, he was noticed by Father Xuan, Mother Xuan and others. So, after a night passed, news suddenly spread that the Xuan family’s son was planning to marry the Lin family’s daughter.

“Lin Yayan and I getting engaged?” Xuan Ming held a huge food box on his lap with a gloomy expression.

“Yes, Mom could see that you like her very much. You were too reckless last night, just staring at her so fixedly.” Mother Xuan said gratifiedly: “I always thought you are married to your job, but I didn’t expect one day you will also fall in love with a girl, it’s really rare.”

Xuan Ming’s frown slowly relaxed, then he nodded and said, “Okay, you guys get ready.”

Mother Xuan quickly took out her mobile phone and said excitedly: “I’ll call your Aunt Lin to discuss it. She told me in confidence that the child Yayan has been secretly in love with you for many years. She came to our house yesterday to have a blind date with you. The two of you getting together is fate.”

Xuan Ming curled his lips and smiled, but his eyes were covered with frost.

Turning around, he released Qiao Yanan’s number from the blacklist, glanced briefly at the messages she sent these days, and replied: [I’ll talk about your matter later, I’m getting engaged recently, and I’m very busy.]

The best way to deal with these greedy hyenas was to let them kill each other.

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