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It was already dinner time when they left the school infirmary. The students who had gone out on weekends were all basically back. The playground had become crowded, with people playing around and walking. The rest time was always several times more leisurely than usual. It was also very lively, indicating a new week was about to start.

Yan Han moved his shoulders, thinking that he would have to wear a school uniform and skirt tomorrow, and he couldn’t help but feel a little bit resistant.

But he was about to leave Lin Jianlu soon and felt relaxed again in his heart.

He cheered up again to thank Lin Jianlu and said goodbye by the way.

But before he could say goodbye, Lin Jianlu, who was walking with his hands in his pockets, suddenly said, “Let’s have dinner together.”

Yan Han:???

What the hell? Want to have dinner together?!

Yan Han subconsciously refused: “Ah no, I…”

After thinking about it for a long time, but not being able to think of any reason to shirk, Yan Han had to bite the bullet and say: “I’m trying to lose weight.”

“You have to eat a little bit to lose weight, especially if you are injured.” Lin Jianlu seemed very insistent, “It’s okay if you don’t want to eat. Let’s go get a meal packed and take it back to the dormitory.”

“I… don’t want it anymore.” Yan Han shook his injured arm with only half a sleeve left, “Me going to the cafeteria like this is too eye-catching, it will cause a sensation, okay, I’ll go back… “

The words whirled around in his mouth, Yan Han hadn’t thought how misleading the following words would be. However, Lin Jianlu didn’t say a word, he just took off his coat and put it on Yan Han.

Yan Han: “…”

As the weather had gotten warmer, Lin Jianlu wore a dark blue baseball uniform outside and only a half-sleeved T-shirt inside.

He was very tall, and he looked more upright when he took off his jacket. But his shoulders were wider than the average man. If you looked closely, the figure was also burly. Even the bare arms had beautiful muscle texture. Obviously, he didn’t miss going to the gym very often.

Not to mention, this kind of Lin Jianlu was more handsome than before when he wore his school uniforms neatly.

He didn’t feel it outside before, but now when he stood on the campus and looked at Lin Jianlu, it seemed that the other party was no longer the school discipline committee member, and there was a little smoke.

If it weren’t for him having a calm temperament with no expression, Yan Han would have thought that this was a change of person.

After lingering on the muscular knotted arm of the other party for a short time, he glanced away, Yan Han felt that he was gay, and Lin Jianlu, the type of a big hunk who looked like a gentleman when dressed and a hunk when undressed was just right for his taste. If he looked too much at a certain part of the body, biological reactions were prone to occur, and that effect would not be good.

It just happened that he was a little hungry, and anyway, he had to pass by the cafeteria when he returned to the dormitory.

He gathered his clothes and said, “Then let’s go.”

To get to the cafeteria, you had to cross the playground. Yan Han felt that someone had been looking in this direction all the time, but he didn’t know what happened, so he could only classify it as Lin Jianlu’s idol aura.

The sun gradually went down, and the temperature dropped sharply in the evening of the setting sun. So, Yan Han couldn’t help tightening the coat around himself.

Lin Jianlu’s height visually measured over 1.85 meters, and the clothes he wore were two sizes bigger than Yan Han. It was just enough to cover his entire upper body, which was quite warm.


“I will wash it and return it to you.” Yan Han said.

Lin Jianlu glanced at him and said, “No need to return it back.”

“No… Don’t worry, I’ll wash it out at the dry cleaners for you, and pack it up after washing, so that they won’t touch it in storage.” Yan Han said again.

Lin Jianlu said nothing at all.

Two people walked to the cafeteria and went directly to the third floor.

The first and second floors had the windows for ordinary fast-food boxed lunches. The environmental sanitation was actually quite qualified, but it did not match the compulsive standard of Master Lin.

There was a small stove on the third floor, where the price was slightly more expensive. Yan Han had not come up yet, so the specific situation was not known to him.

But now it was catching up with the meal, and even on the third floor there were quite a lot of people.

Of the two of them, one was obsessed with cleanliness and couldn’t make contact with people, and the other was still smelling of blood after an arm injury. It was not convenient to squeeze into the crowd, so they could only stand in the corner and look at each other.

Yan Han was suddenly curious about how Master Lin usually ate.

“I just can’t get in touch with people. The cleanliness of the food… I don’t require much.” Lin Jianlu explained to him.

“…” What kind of strange cleanliness obsession was this?

A person as rough as Yan Han was obviously unrelated to this disease. He didn’t know the specific situation. He was just curious: “No one can do it?”

Lin Jianlu turned his head and glanced at him, then nodded, “No one will do.”

“…Isn’t that miserable.” What if you fall in love with someone in the future?

Yan·Virgin·Han suddenly felt pity for him.

They stood side by side on the third floor where people came and went, even if they were crowded in a corner, it was quite abrupt.

Although there were fewer people at the windows on the third floor, there were still many people eating.

Almost all the seats were full of people.

Yan Han found out that someone had even taken out their cell phone to secretly take pictures of them.

There were also people who looked at them from time to time, whispering, not knowing what they were talking about.

Although most of those looks came from girls, some also came from young boys.

If he were a few years younger, he might still enjoy this kind of much-anticipated feeling.

It was a pity that he was not at that age, and the gender was also…not that gender.

Everything was a bit dull, and it made him care less about other people’s eyes.

“You wait for me here.” Lin Jianlu said suddenly.

After he said that, he took his long legs and walked in one direction.

“Oh.” Yan Han breathed a sigh of relief, acquiescing that he was so eye-catching because he stood with the legendary classmate Lin Jianlu.

In fact, despite being a big man, he was still afraid of being stared at.

But he couldn’t stand that this was the school, and his setting in the school… was not a man.

This riding was very scary.

He saw Lin Jianlu walk for two minutes, then he returned back soon after, holding a cup of milk tea in his hand and passing it to him.

A series of gasps suddenly sounded all around.

He didn’t know if the quiet aura around Lin Jianlu was too strong, but Yan Han felt that this kind of gasp was particularly loud.

Then in full view of everyone, he took the milk tea from Lin Jianlu.

Took it with both hands.

This cup was really a bit big.

Yan Han said stiffly, “Thank you.”

“Drink first, your face is very bad.” Lin Jianlu said, “I don’t know if you like sweets or not, so I let someone add some sugar.”


He really didn’t like sweet ones.

He had never touched milk tea before.

But he didn’t know if it was because of the bleeding, but Brother Yan was really feeling dizzy right now.

Accepting the other party’s kindness, he completely mechanically inserted the straw into the cup, took a sip, and a warm milky fragrance poured into his throat, accompanied by these sweet red bean particles…

Yan Han’s eyes widened.

—It turned out to be red date milk tea.

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