KHSW Ch. 282

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The captain’s tone was even harsher, “Didn’t I say that just now? If you have any questions, you need to report.”

Ignoring Shen Bingqian’s question, the captain looked at the stopwatch in his hand, “There are still five minutes.”

They immediately knelt down to unpack their luggage.

Bing Yanyan couldn’t help but start to regret, why didn’t she listen to Ling Xi just now, and think about which three things she should keep.

Chi Jingyu glanced in Ling Xi’s direction, and she was indeed right.

Shen Bingqian’s face was slightly sullen. If she knew that the army camp was like this, she would definitely not agree to Ou Mengxue.

“Two minutes left… Time is up.”

When the captain was checking, he found that Ling Xi only brought three things, body warmer, sleeping pills, and a lighter, “Why did you bring sleeping pills and a lighter?”

“Reporting to the captain, I have insomnia, so I brought sleeping pills just in case. In addition, if we need to survive in the wild, it will definitely not work to make fire by drilling wood. It is more convenient to use a lighter.”

Of course, how could she tell her real reason?

Smoking was not allowed in the army battalion, and they would definitely not bring lighters. Moreover, she could only use the excuse of insomnia to bring in sleeping pills.

At that time, it would definitely come in handy.

“If you are surviving in the wild, wouldn’t you expose your target if you use a lighter?”

“Reporting captain, you said that you can keep three things, and I only brought these three things.”

The captain looked at her who looked straight ahead when she spoke and stood in an extremely standard military posture. He paid no more attention to her and walked away again.

Bing Yanyan was relieved to see that the captain just glanced at her belongings and then walked away.

“What are you bringing?” The captain stopped in front of Shen Bingqian.

Shen Bingqian said with a displeased face: “Don’t you know, captain? It’s skin care products and cosmetics. I only brought two of them.”

Inside the box were clearly two cosmetic bags full of bottles and cans, but she said they were only two things.

The captain’s eyes became very sharp, “Pour it out.”

Shen Bingqian looked into his eyes timidly, squatted down obediently, and poured out all the skin care products and cosmetics inside.

“You can only keep three.”

Shen Bingqian’s face was full of reluctance, well, she endured it, and picked out a lipstick, an eyebrow pencil and a BB cream from it.

Seeing that she chose these things, a conspiracy-like lustre flashed across the captain’s eyes. In the army battalion, makeup was not allowed, but if she must choose this way, then she couldn’t blame others for not giving her the right opportunity to choose.

In the female dormitory.

“Why is this dormitory so dilapidated?” Shen Bingqian looked disgusted and helpless.

Bing Yanyan glanced at her impatiently, “You should have thought of the living conditions in the army battalion, why did you come here then?”

Shen Bingqian ignored her, instead she gathered around Ling Xi, “Ling Xi, why don’t we apply to see if there is a better dormitory arrangement for us, after all, you are such a distinguished star!”

Ling Xi cast a sideways glance at her, “Bingqian, you are a popular singer, so you can go, it should be fine, I don’t need to change dormitories for the time being.”

Shen Bingqian smiled awkwardly: “Then I’ll ask.”

After Shen Bingqian left, Bing Yanyan was speechless, “She thinks she is a rich lady? Isn’t she just a singer? You’re awesome, she is still just an eighteenth-line star!”

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