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The live broadcast ended in amazement. Su Yemu returned home and squeezed the beans. The skin was already soaked, and it would be almost done after another ten hours of soaking.

For dinner, Su Yemu made spicy chicken[1] and hot and sour potato shreds[2].

The spicy chicken was brownish-red in color and oily, and bursts of spicy taste rushed into the nasal cavity, making the mouth water;

Hot and sour potato shreds, shredded green and red peppers and milky yellow shredded potatoes were made into a plate. The color was beautiful and fresh, and the taste was hot, sour and delicious. It was also a delicious meal.

There was also a must-have soup, bitter melon pork ribs soup[3], which was cool and refreshing. It tasted sweet and slightly bitter. Su Yemu liked to drink it very much.

Xiaonan liked the first two things very much, but she didn’t like the bitter taste of the soup, but she was watched by Su Yemu, so she drank two bowls. The two apprentices except Erha were drinking the soup with a bitter face, and the other two couldn’t tell whether they liked it or not. Among the remaining Professor Li and No. 2, one liked to eat bitter gourd, and the other liked to eat pork ribs.

A group of people barely finished the soup.

In the evening, the recipes were copied as usual, and the three apprentices practiced in the kitchen.

That night, Su Yemu didn’t dream again, so he didn’t worry, that person probably won’t come to him.

At six o’clock in the morning, Su Yemu woke up to squeeze the beans, it was done. After breakfast, Xingwang delivered the stone mill[4] made by Su Yemu yesterday. The most primitive taste must use the most primitive tools.

After getting things ready, Su Yemu started the live broadcast.

Bobo is early, ah, I’m so sleepy, I’ve been up and waiting since five o’clock.

Same sleepiness, my mind was full of the farm last night, I couldn’t sleep, I wanted to live longer.

It’s another new day, Bobo is super cute when he just woke up, and he’s pulling this stupid hair.

Su Yemu took a look at himself in the water, and there was indeed a bunch of hair sticking up on the middle of his head. Su Yemu had already washed his hands and was about to start grinding beans, so he could only ignore it.

Bobo, what is this? Stone? Two stones stacked on top of each other? never seen it.

“This is called a stone mill, and it’s used to grind beans.” The stone mill had been cleaned, and the soaked beans were placed next to the hole above the stone mill, and water was added while pushing the mill; the beans and water fell into the hole and passed through the millstone, while latex-like white pulp overflowed from the crevices of the stone.

Smell the fragrance so soon, the smell of grass, sticky to the touch, slightly hot, so special.

Bobo, is this pulp for us to drink?

Always feel wrong, wrong, wrong.

I also think it’s wrong, oops, I have it, I saw someone, Erha, come and grind.

The Erha who just got up still had red marks on his face. When he heard the voice from the terminal, he looked up and saw his master pushing the mill and ran over quickly: “Master, let me do it!”

Erha took it from Su Yemu and realized that it was a bit heavy; his face turned red, and he pushed around in circles with his mouth puffed out. At this time, the live broadcast room became lively.

Haha, by the way, this is the smell, Erha, come on! It’s up to you to grind the mill.

Erha pushes the mill, haha, inexplicably happy.

The audience in the live broadcast room were laughing happily. It took fifteen minutes to grind the beans, and then they were poured into a large pot to boil. Su Yemu set up the gauze, and the square gauze was hung on the horizontal cross. When they were poured in, it filtered the bean dregs, three times before and after.

Then he put it in the pot again and boiled it on high heat, set aside a part, and poured the rest into an appropriate amount of edible gypsum water, let it stand for an hour, and waited for it to solidify. Su Yemu added an appropriate amount of sugar to the remaining part and boiled it again.

It smells so good, it has a strong bean flavour, I want to drink it.

“Try it, but it’s too hot, drink carefully.” Su Yemu poured a few cups and put it aside, and began to process the okara. Su Yemu was going to make okara cake[5].

Delicious, rich bean flavour, completely different from milk, decided, I want to buy a stone mill, please provide the address Bobo.

“It’s too complicated to buy a stone mill. If you want to make it yourself, you can use a juicer. The specific production method and ratio of ingredients will be posted on the bulletin board later.”

Happy, happy, thank you Bobo, love Bobo.

I didn’t expect that this bean could be made like this, it’s amazing.

What is Bobo doing with this scum? Is this still edible?

“Okara dregs were eaten by poor people a long time ago. It tasted rough and rich people didn’t like it; but as the economy improved, people who were used to delicate dishes of fine rice turned back to eating bean dregs. In addition to high nutritional value, it can be regarded as a change of taste. But the later Okara cakes have been improved.”

Poor people! I’m very poor here!

I heard that the resources are poor, and the people there eat the worst nutritional fluids, and they don’t even have to read books.


In the live broadcast room, everyone silently brushed up gifts, and then talked loudly. The words were all kinds of strange, what kind of bean dregs cake was made of bean dregs! The beans were yellow, and the tofu was yellow or white…

The sound of the system reporting gifts and the conversations of the terminal audience were all mixed together, making the noise cause a headache, but it was very warm.

“Stop swiping the presents, I heard you,” Su Yemu chuckled, “Let’s make Okara cakes!”

Oh, the voice was too low just now, it should be louder.

No, it’s all the terminal’s fault, it’s too loud.

“After the farm opens, viewers who register in the live broadcast room can enjoy a 15% discount.” Su Yemu broke eggs into the bean dregs, added an appropriate amount of flour, salt, minced green onion, shredded carrots, and an appropriate amount of water, and stirred it.

Quickly check to see if I am a registered account, yes, don’t worry.

I’m going, I’m still a savage, register now.

The live broadcast room got busy, so did Su Yemu, spreading the bean dregs into a circle and frying them in hot oil. Erha also came to help, but before helping, he patted Su Yemu’s head with his hand.

Pfft, hahaha, I laughed so hard, when he was grinding the beans just now, I noticed that Erha was always looking at the top of Bobo’s head, and he finally couldn’t help it!

I’ll secretly tell you, I have secretly pulled many times, Bobo’s hair is so soft.

The previous one is too much, I have been tempted and have not acted, how can you do this, I want to pull it too.

“If you pull it again, I’ll be bald.” Su Yemu looked at the mirror in the kitchen, frowned, and turned to Erha, “Go and wash your hands.”

“Oh!” Erha blushed, then he washed his hands before coming over to help make pancakes with Su Yemu.

The bean dreg cake was fried until golden on both sides, and the aroma of milk and beans was overflowing. When it was cooked, the browned surface turned shiny with oil, which looked very beautiful and delicious.

Delicious with soy milk.

It will ring, crunchy, crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, the perfect blend of carrot juice and bean flavour, fresh and delicious.

What’s more touching than having hot food in your mouth? Yes, the food is super, super delicious, and chewy.

Bobo’s craftsmanship has never let me down, and I have supported Bobo for 10,000 years.

Is there a group to secretly kidnap Bobo? Please raise your hand.

This comment was followed by a bunch of comments of approval, and some people even made suggestions, even the escape route came out.

Su Yemu heard it was funny, but Xiaonan who had woken up stared angrily at the terminal, wanting to stare a hole.

Jiang Xiaoyu and Ace had also woken up by this time, so Su Yemu asked Jiang Xiaoyu to come over and let him cook. By the way, he introduced to the audience: “This is my third apprentice, Ace.”

“Hi everyone, my name is Ace.”

Ace turned his back after saying hello, picked up the carrot and began to peel it. He saw the recipe yesterday, and carrots should be added to the bean dregs cake.

Welcome, welcome third junior brother.

What a cool kid, this is the third junior.

Bobo, do you think there is anything missing in the kitchen, such as: beautiful women?

Crying with a cry, Bobo, you evil man, how could you add to the harem again.

“Everyone should get along well.” Su Yemu smiled helplessly, and began to process the ingredients for tofu dregs.

He sliced the mutton, cooked it in the brine prepared before, then he removed and shredded it, added starch and water, stirred it well and set it aside, chopped the mushrooms, and crushed the fried peanuts for later use. He put oil in a hot pan, sautéed the garlic, Chinese prickly ash, dried chili, soy sauce and other seasonings until fragrant, added the mouth grinder and stir fried it, then he added shredded pork, added an appropriate amount of starch water, brought it to a boil, collected the juice, and then put it in the pot.

Then Su Yemu boiled the syrup, the ratio of sugar to water was three to one, boiled on a low heat, then added an appropriate amount of lemon juice, boiled, and then canned.

Sweet and salty, how do you make it Bobo? looking forward to the recipe.

Are you going to make noodles? I didn’t eat more than a few mouthfuls of the braised pork noodles last time, because of that bowl of noodles, now our whole family is your fan.

Who in the world doesn’t love broadcasting? No, what a sinful man.

“No, you’ll find out later.” Su Yemu waited until the time was up, opened the lid of the pot, sliced out the tofu dregs with a spoon, and it took shape.

Su Yemu took two bowls, put the sliced tofu in it, poured the marinade and peanuts on one bowl, and poured syrup on the other bowl.

“Try it and see which flavour you like.” The white and tender tofu dregs looked delicious.

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