APY Ch. 196.3: Wen Jiaxiyao

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The two words were lingering and tender, and Wen Jiaxiyao shivered fiercely. When she touched her arm, her goosebumps arose.

Wen Jiaxiyao turned around and looked at the person who came, with a look of disgust flashing across her eyes, “Why are you here?”

The man looked at Wen Jiaxiyao affectionately, “I came here specially for you. I asked Uncle Wen, and Uncle Wen said that you came to Linshi, so I came here.”

What the man didn’t say was that in order to come in, he spent a lot of effort in getting the invitation letter for the old man Zhou’s birthday banquet, but these were not important, the important thing was that he came and met Wen Jiaxiyao.

“Didn’t I tell you, don’t follow me anymore.” Wen Jiaxiyao was a little annoyed, this person was a follower, following her from home to abroad, and from abroad to home, wherever she went, he followed her. No matter where, she couldn’t drive him away, it was really annoying.

Seeing that Wen Jiaxiyao was upset, the man’s face was full of helplessness, “That Jiaxiyao, don’t be angry, I just want to see you, just ignore me.”

“Du Nan, what do you want me to say? How many times will it take you to understand that I don’t like you, and I won’t like you, not in the past, not now, and never in the future.”

Du Nan was not angry at all, and looked at Wen Jiaxiyao with tolerance and pampering in his eyes, as if the person in front of him was just a child throwing a tantrum. Anyway, it wasn’t the first time Wen Jiaxiyao said these words, he was used to hearing them a long time ago, as far as he was concerned, as long as Wen Jiaxiyao didn’t get married for a day, he still had a chance.

“Jiaxiyao, I know you don’t like me, but it’s okay, you don’t have anyone you like now, right? I can wait slowly, maybe one day you will like me.” Du Nan said affectionately.

Wen Jiaxiyao clenched her fingers into fists. Looking at the face in front of her, she really wanted to punch him. How could there be such a shameless man? She had rejected him so many times. If he was normal, he should have given up a long time ago. She said all the good and bad things, but in the end this person pretended he didn’t hear it, so what else could she do?

Wen Jiaxiyao was thinking about how to get rid of the man in front of her, when she saw a figure out of the corner of her eye, her eyes lit up, she ran over, grabbed Shen Junyu’s arm, and pulled him in front of Du Nan.

“Who says I don’t have a man I like, he’s right here.” Wen Jiaxiyao pointed to Shen Junyu and said to Du Nan.

Du Nan glanced at Shen Junyu, then the smile on his face disappeared, then he looked at Wen Jiaxiyao and said seriously, “Jiaxiyao, you don’t have to like me, but you can’t make jokes, especially this kind of joke.”

“I’m not kidding, I’m serious, I like this man.”

Du Nan had been by Wen Jiaxiyao’s side all the time, and he knew everyone Wen Jiaxiyao knew.

“Jiaxiyao, we have known each other for so many years. I know everyone who you know. You don’t know this person at all. Why do you like him?”

“I got to know him just five minutes ago. I fell in love with him at first sight.” Wen Jiaxiyao rolled her eyes, impatient with Du Nan’s stalking.

Shen Junyu was pulled over by Wen Jiaxiyao, and he was still puzzled at first, but when he heard this, he didn’t understand anything, so he glanced at Wen Jiaxiyao with a half-smile.

“Jiaxiyao, stop messing around.” Du Nan said, and then looked at Shen Junyu, “I’m really sorry, this gentleman, this is my girlfriend, we had a little awkward fight, I’m really sorry to bring you into it.”

“Who is your girlfriend, who is messing around, Du Nan, let me tell you, don’t talk nonsense here.” Wen Jiaxiyao was furious, she did this, but this Du Nan was still stubborn.

Turning her eyes, she suddenly stood on tiptoe, wrapped her arms around Shen Junyu’s neck, kissed him on the lips, and stayed there for a few seconds before letting go of Shen Junyu.

“Do you believe it now? I really like him, and I want to pursue him.” Wen Jiaxiyao announced to Du Nan, her hand was still interlocking with Shen Junyu’s fingers, she raised it up, and shook it in front of Du Nan.

Du Nan’s eyes were wide open, his face was disbelieving, and his face was pale. He glanced at Wen Jiaxiyao, then at Shen Junyu, and staggered away.

“Can you let me go now?” Shen Junyu said lightly, with a cold note in his voice.

Wen Jiaxiyao’s pretty face flushed, and she quickly let go of the hands intertwined with Shen Junyu’s fingers, and lowered her head, “Just now, I’m sorry.” She was really pushed just now, otherwise she wouldn’t have done that.

The expression on Shen Junyu’s face was a bit cold, as the gentleness in the eyes of the woman in front of him had disappeared, “Can I go now?”

Wen Jiaxiyao said awkwardly, “Well, I am really pushed, you can say what kind of compensation you want, as long as I can do it, I can consider it.”

Shen Junyu sneered, “Next time you want to strike up a conversation, please use a different method. Some men may like this method, but I am definitely not like that.”

After finishing speaking, Shen Junyu walked away.

Wen Jiaxiyao froze in place for a long time, and pointed the middle finger in the direction Shen Junyu was leaving. This bastard, who took her for someone else, actually thought she was trying to strike up a conversation.

She was still aggrieved, this was her first kiss, oh first kiss, it was gone, she still wanted to cry.

It was ridiculous to say, because of Du Nan’s stalking and strict defence, Wen Jiaxiyao was 27 years old this year, but she hadn’t even had a boyfriend, let alone intimate contact with a man.

After Shen Junyu left, his face was still a little ugly, “Brother, what’s wrong with you?” Shen Qinglan asked with a glance at Shen Junyu.

Shen Junyu’s face froze, and he shook his head, “I’m okay, where is Hengyi?”

Shen Junyu was a little surprised that he didn’t see Fu Hengyi.

“He met a friend here just now and went out for a chat.”

“Brother, so you are here. I have been looking for you for a long time.” Shen Xitong said half complaining and half coquettishly.

Shen Junyu was joking with Shen Qinglan at first, but when he saw her coming, the smile on his face faded by two points, “What’s the matter?”

Shen Xitong looked at Shen Junyu with a smile on her face, like a sister who liked her brother very much, “Brother, my friend said that he wants to meet you very much, can you go over and have a few words with him?” Her finger pointed in one direction and there was a young man standing there. Seeing Shen Xitong’s eyes, he raised the cup in his hand and smiled as a gesture.

“Brother, this friend is the son of the owner of a listed company and a leader of the younger generation. Maybe you will have a chance to cooperate in the future. Why don’t you come over and say hello to him?” Shen Xitong said, with a pleading tone.

The smile in Shen Junyu’s eyes faded again, “Shen Xitong, don’t just agree to things you can’t do.”

This was rejection.

As soon as Shen Xitong’s eyes darkened, she knew that this would be the result, but after all, it was about her own face, so she softened her tone, “Brother, this place is outside anyway, and I am also the Shen family in front of outsiders, can you give me some face?”

The smile in Shen Junyu’s eyes completely disappeared, and the eyes that fell on Shen Xitong were very cold, and he still kept a smile on his face, but at this moment, no one would think that his smile was warm, especially Shen Xitong, she only felt that what she was facing at this moment was an iceberg, or an iceberg wrapped in magma, exuding a terrifying aura.

Standing aside, Shen Qinglan naturally felt the emotional changes in Shen Junyu’s body, and gently tugged at his sleeves. Shen Junyu turned his head and glanced at her, alleviating the coldness in his eyes, and then looked at Shen Xitong’s matter, and said, “This is just for this time, and no more after this.”

Shen Xitong secretly heaved a sigh of relief. This man was the biggest sponsor of their concert and also one of her suitors. Although he couldn’t compare with Fu Hengyi, he was still a very good young talent, so Shen Xitong didn’t want him to see her in a mess.

Shen Junyu followed Shen Xitong away, Shen Qinglan glanced around, saw no familiar people, walked to the side bored, took a glass of champagne in her hand, and took a sip from time to time.

She could feel the eyes of the people around her seemingly falling on her, and she didn’t care at all, as long as those people didn’t come to disturb her.

“Qinglan, are you here too?” Wen Jiaxiyao just got rid of a man who came to strike up a conversation, and wanted to come and hide and found Shen Qinglan here.

She couldn’t figure it out, this was Mr. Zhou’s birthday banquet, not a blind date meeting, these men seemed like they had never seen a woman or something, they jumped on them whenever they saw a woman.

She knew that she was good-looking, but she is not so cute as to make them so hungry and thirsty, right?

What Wen Jiaxiyao didn’t know was that tonight she was wearing a fiery red dress with exquisite makeup, adding a touch of enthusiasm, charm and enchantment to her whole person, not to mention, being able to appear in this banquet meant she had some status, and a woman who was beautiful and had status, was naturally the first choice of many men.

Shen Qinglan was not surprised to see Wen Jiaxiyao at all, she had guessed it yesterday, “Senior Wen.”

Wen Jiaxiyao held red wine in her hand, “Qinglan, don’t call me Senior Wen, it’s too unfamiliar, you should call you “Sister Wen” in the future.”

Shen Qinglan nodded obediently, she had never been very entangled in addresses, although she had only met this senior sister a few times, and they didn’t know each other deeply, but they were still able to chat.

“Qinglan, do you know Mr. Zhou?” Wen Jiaxiyao was surprised to see Shen Qinglan here.

“The elders in the family are close friends with Grandpa Zhou, and this time I came here with the elders to pay homage to the old man.” Shen Qinglan explained.

“Me too. In fact, I am not familiar with Mr. Zhou, but the elders of the family have friendship with Mr. Zhou, and this time I happen to be here, which meant that the family is here.” Wen family in Haicheng was in the south, and Linshi was in the north. She was afraid this friendship is not very deep, and it was probably because Wen Jiaxiyao happened to be here that the family members could come over, so there was no special need.

Speaking of the Wen family, its influence in Haicheng was comparable to that of the Fu family in the capital. It was said that they had been people who have served as officials since the Qing Dynasty. A century-old family, the background was naturally not comparable to ordinary families.

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