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Yan Yan cried for a long time watching that movie, so his fair face was flushed, as if he had applied rouge on the corners of her eyes and the tip of his nose, it embellished that beautiful face and made it a bit more glamorous, which made people feel even more pitiful looking at him.

Ji Juechuan didn’t expect to see this scene and froze in place with the doll in his hand.

Yan Yan refused to let him take the opportunity to apologize, he just sat up from the bed, grabbed his fingertips, and sniffed: “Did you know that you were wrong?”

If Ji Juechuan really knew that he was wrong, he should not do it again next time. He would not talk so loudly to him like yesterday.

Ji Juechuan came back to his senses after his fingers were tugged a few times, and lowered his eyes: “Yes, I see.”

He took two tissues from the bedside table and wiped away the tears hanging from Yan Yan’s long eyelashes. His fingers accidentally touched the soft cheek, and his fingertips felt hot.

Yan Yan was taken aback by his actions and looked at him blankly with wet eyes.

“Why are you crying like this?” Ji Juechuan squeezed the tissue in his hand with his lowered hand, his tone sounding flat.

Hearing this sentence, Yan Yan remembered that he had cried for a long time while watching a movie, and it must be very obvious now.

He quickly raised his hand to wipe his face a few times, and sure enough, he touched a few drops of wet tears.

When he realized that Ji Juechuan saw him crying miserably, Yan Yan turned his head in embarrassment, unwilling to let Ji Juechuan see his face again.

Ji Juechuan pursed his lips, thinking how Lu Ji said that Yan Yan was also crying when he came out of the office yesterday, and felt that Yan Yan was still feeling wronged because of yesterday’s incident.

He began to faintly regret his attitude towards Yan Yan yesterday.

After Yan Yan turned his head, the room became quiet again. He bit his lip, wondering whether Ji Juechuan would laugh at him in his heart for crying like this.

He started crying in the second half of the movie, and now his eyes must be swollen from crying, so he must look ugly.

But he was even more embarrassed to tell Ji Juechuan that he cried because of a movie, so he could only keep silent.

The room was quiet for a while, then he heard Ji Juechuan finally say: “I bought you a gift.”

Yan Yan blinked, and was attracted by this sentence, so he turned to look at him: “What gift?”

Just after asking, he saw Ji Juechuan picking up the huge Shiba Inu doll from his feet.

Yan Yan froze for a moment, his mouth opened slightly in surprise.

Ji Juechuan didn’t feel anything when he was watched by so many people in the store just now, but now facing Yan Yan’s surprised expression, he felt a little uncomfortable.

Would this gift be too silly? Sure enough, it was better to buy jewelry, right?

He frowned, thinking about whether to buy a new gift, when he felt the Shiba Inu he was carrying being pulled away.

Looking up, Yan Yan was holding the chubby Shiba Inu doll in his arms, his red eyes from crying just now were bent, and the corners of his lips curled up slightly.

“Thank you, husband.”

Hearing the familiar address again, Ji Juechuan breathed a sigh of relief, and the boulder that had been hanging in his heart for a day finally fell to the ground.

Fortunately, his guess was right, Yan Yan really liked this Shiba Inu doll.

Yan Yan hugged the Shiba Inu for a while, then buried his face in the Shiba Inu’s furry belly and rubbed his face in it. When he turned around, he saw Ji Juechuan still standing by the bed.

He blinked, put the Shiba Inu doll beside him, stroked the Shiba Inu’s head, and looked up at Ji Juechuan.

“Honey, go take a shower, it’s getting late, and you have to get up early tomorrow.”

He would be broadcasting live tomorrow morning, so he couldn’t oversleep.

“Yeah.” Ji Juechuan’s eyes stayed on him for a while, then he looked away and went into the bathroom.

When the bathroom door was closed, Yan Yan rolled around on the bed with the Shiba Inu in his arms, pinching the ears of the Shiba Inu for a while, then pinching the tail of the Shiba Inu for a while.

After playing for a while, his sleepiness rose.

His eyes were about to close, but he forced himself to sit up again with sleepiness.

Can’t sleep, I have to say goodnight to Ji Juechuan later.

When Yan Yan was a child and didn’t share a room with his parents anymore, he always had to wait for his parents to lie down and say good night before going to bed, so when he slept with Ji Juechuan now, he also habitually said good night to him before going to sleep.

He didn’t say goodnight to Ji Juechuan yesterday because he was a little angry, but today Ji Juechuan apologized to him, so he still wanted to say goodnight to him before going to bed.

After waiting for a while, the bathroom door opened, and Ji Juechuan came out and sat down beside the bed.

Yan Yan opened his misty eyes and pulled the corner of Ji Juechuan’s clothes, “… Good night, husband.”

As if he had finished his task, he closed his eyes and was about to go to sleep, only to hear Ji Juechuan calling his name again.

He opened his eyes in a daze, gave a small “hmm”, and was about to fall asleep again the next second.

Seeing his drowsy and sleepy appearance, Ji Juechuan couldn’t hold back and poked him on the face, “Yan Yan, you haven’t added me on WeChat yet.”

A red mark was poked on Yan Yan’s fair face, and he frowned. He lowered his eyebrows and muttered, “I’ll add you tomorrow.”

Ji Juechuan didn’t say anything, but felt that Yan Yan’s cheeks felt good, so he stretched out his hand and pinched it lightly again.

This time Yan Yan was woken up by him, so he sat up reluctantly, and picked up the mobile phone that was put aside.

Because the original owner’s friends were all on WeChat, except for Sheng Mowen who just added WeChat yesterday, and there was no one he knew among them at all, so Yan Yan hadn’t used WeChat much since he came here.

He clicked on the interface for adding friends and handed it to Ji Juechuan.

After adding friends, Yan Yan clicked on the interface of the address book, flipped through it and found that the original owner had a lot of WeChat friends, even more than a thousand.

Just after adding Ji Juechuan’s WeChat, Ji Juechuan’s profile picture was submerged among the thousand people.

Yan Yan typed the word “husband” in Ji Juechuan’s remarks. The address book was sorted alphabetically. After changing the remarks, the avatar sank to the bottom of the address book.

Ji Juechuan pursed his lips and reached out to Yan Yan, “Give me the phone again.”

Yan Yan obediently handed him the phone.

He saw Ji Juechuan type the letter “A” in front of the note he gave, so his profile picture soon appeared first in the address book.

Only then was he satisfied and returned the phone to Yan Yan.

Yan Yan stared at the note for a while, then burst out laughing.

Why did this note look so much like a WeChat business account in his Moments?

“What are you laughing at?” Ji Juechuan also felt that his actions were a bit childish, so he pursed his lips uncomfortably.

Yan Yan blinked at him and didn’t speak, but the smile on his lips became even more obvious.

Just as he was about to put his phone away, Yan Yan suddenly thought of something, turned his eyes, and leaned against Ji Juechuan.

“Honey, I want to change my profile picture.”

Ji Juechuan froze when his soft body leaned against him, and asked with a forced calm, “What profile picture.”

Yan Yan hugged his arm, blinking his long eyelashes, “I want a couple’s profile picture.”

Now that he was no longer sleepy, he began to focus on making Ji Juechuan hate him again.

After Ji Juechuan rejected him, he would stalk him for a while, making Ji Juechuan impatient.


Seeing Ji Juechuan’s normal expression, Yan Yan nodded slightly.

He froze for a moment, thinking that either his ears had a problem or Ji Juechuan’s brain had a problem.

Yan Yan, who dug a hole and jumped by himself, curled his lips quietly, and resignedly opened the website to search for couple profile pictures.

Soon, he took a fancy to a couple portrait of a cat.

The cat in the picture was opening its mouth and biting half of another cat’s face, while the other bitten cat was expressionless, with a familiar calmness on its furry face[1].

Yan Yan was amused by the two pictures, sent the picture of the bitten cat to Ji Juechuan, and then replaced his own profile picture with the cat that bit the cat.

Looking at the serious cat face on the screen, Ji Juechuan paused for a moment, clicked save, and changed the avatar.

Not long after he put it on, his phone started to vibrate crazily. He glanced at the messages that Lu Ji sent which reached almost 99+ and turned off the screen.

Yan Yan admired the avatars of the two with satisfaction for a while. Although he didn’t know why Ji Juechuan agreed to change their avatars, the avatars were quite cute.

Glancing at the time, he put down his phone, yawned, and lay down under the blanket, “Honey, I’m really going to sleep.”

“Yeah.” Ji Juechuan stared at the chat interface with Yan Yan for a while and clicked open the Remark column and entered the word “Yan Yan”.

After thinking about it, he deleted the word “yan[2]” and left only the word “inkstone”.

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Something like this.

[2] The two yans in YY’s name have different meanings, the first Yan is his surname while the second Yan is his name which means inkstone.

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