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In the early morning, as the morning light gradually appeared from the horizon, people in the rooms also walked out of their rooms.

Since Si Huang had the habit of doing morning exercises, everyone was used to getting up early, and Grandma Yu and Tie Lao also paid attention to their health and woke up early.

Zhao Limei walked to the living room, ready to turn off the fire that Si Huang had left burning all night, when she accidentally saw the man sitting on the sofa in the living room and was startled, “Mr. Qin, why are you here?” After finishing the sentence, she realized that the words were not quite right, and quickly corrected: “You woke up really early, did Yu Xi cause you any trouble last night?”

Her tone was very uncertain, because Qin Fan’s expression was unpredictable. It didn’t look like he had slept well, but the dark eyes made people dare not look directly at him.

Qin Fan saw her discomfort, “Don’t worry about me, just go about your own business.”


She walked into the kitchen, and Grandma Yu and Tie Lao walked into the living room.

Grandma Yu could tell Qin Fan’s state at a glance, “Did you sleep well here yesterday? You didn’t sleep well when you saw it, why didn’t you go find Xiao Huang?”

Qin Fan was silent. He searched for him, but in the end he annoyed people again. The heart of a boy at this age was too difficult to understand.

As he thought about it, he raised his head to see that Si Huang, who was dressed in casual clothes, was coming downstairs, and Yu Xi was right next to her, talking to her from time to time with a tablet in his hand.

“Don’t go out for a morning run today. Although what happened in the Grand Theater yesterday has been suppressed, some small news has spread.”

Si Huang nodded slightly, “I know.”


“Just say what you want to say.”

Seeing that he looked the same as usual, Yu Xi felt that his worries seemed superfluous. The man’s nerves were tough enough, and he showed no signs of being frightened at all.

“It’s like this. Director Liu sent me a fax. The filming of “The Emperor’s Path” has been completed, and they will need you to attend the press conference in a few days.” Yu Xi said, and suddenly felt a gaze that could not be ignored sweeping over him. How terrifying was the sight that he clearly felt and reacted to it? He spotted Qin Fan in the living room from the corner of his eye, and continued in a low voice, “Today, you take a day off first. I’ll book a plane ticket for the night after tomorrow. We’ll leave after the two-day final exam tomorrow. Is it okay?”


The conversation between the two ended here.

As soon as Si Huang came down, she was pulled to sit beside her by Grandma Yu, and after the condolences about last night again, and after confirming that she was fine both physically and mentally, she patted her chest and assured Si Huang: “You don’t have to worry about the problems in the media, this matter already involves politicians, so it will never cause a big scene. If someone asks you, just say you don’t know anything, and it was your good luck that you were rescued.”

In fact, just as Grandma Yu said, there had been complaints about the incident on the Internet last night. All the news that happened in the theater, such a big thing was narrated by the news host in a calm tone, and the big thing was turned into a simple revenge case. The target of the criminals was Mayor Zhuang Jin, because Zhuang Jin secretly did a series of evil things, and Si Huang was the most innocent one implicated.

There were different opinions about this on the Internet, and forums, Weibos, post bars, etc. had all made this matter a hot topic.

Si Huang looked at the countless comments on her Weibo.

“Your Majesty? Your Majesty? Are you okay? [Crying] [Big crying] If something happens to you, I will die!

“Yes! Force my old lady [beep——]”

“How violent the upstairs is to be blocked so much [panic]”

“Xiao Si Huang, have you gone home yet? If you have nothing to do, come out and send a message, so that we can feel at ease.”

A group of people were all concerned about her situation, Si Huang thought that everyone’s mood was unstable last night, so she didn’t update her Weibo, and Yu Xi also forgot. With a quick tap of the finger on the tablet, a Weibo came out.

[Si Huang V: I’m fine, don’t worry everyone. [Photo] The body is so good that I can eat three big steamed stuffed buns, two eggs, and a bowl of soup.]

The photo was not Si Huang himself, but the cat Liushun. It was lying on the sofa with its limbs spread out, its belly clearly round, as if it had obviously eaten a lot. Its green and pure eyes were cute and ignorant, and its pink and tender tongue just stuck out. It looked eager and confused when looking at the camera.

That’s right, the photo was taken by Si Huang.

As soon as the Weibo came out, four “ding dong” alerts sounded from the mobile phones in the living room.

Si Huang raised her head, her eyes moved from Grandma Yu to Yu Xi and Yu Ling, and finally stayed on Qin Fan for a second before turning her eyes away.

Grandma Yu didn’t take out her mobile phone to watch, she just leaned her head to look at the tablet in front of Si Huang, and then laughed exaggeratedly, “It’s so rare, Xiao Feng is actively acting cute, a group of little girls and mothers must be going crazy.”

What she just said was what happened next, the comments below on Si Huang Weibo really went crazy.


“Three big buns, 2 eggs, a bowl of soup hahahaha, your majesty is too cute to be malicious You’re cunning!”

“I’m going to have a nosebleed, blah blah blah! Your majesty, I’m a bun face, eat me! Kneel down and beg!”

Several comments appeared every second, and then Si Huang found that An Yiyuan had also come forward to send a Weibo again, [Brother, you are so poor that you only have three big buns, two eggs, and a bowl of soup to eat? It’s so pitiful, do you want to come and join my brother? [Ao] [Satisfied] Si Huang V: I’m fine, don’t worry everyone. [Photo] The body is so good that it can eat three big steamed stuffed buns, two eggs, and a bowl of soup.]

Si Huang raised his eyebrows, reposted his Weibo, and attached a paragraph: [Every time you post a Weibo, you will be reposted by you as soon as possible. An Yiyuan V]

Weibo had fallen into a strange calm because of Si Huang’s Weibo.

Tens of seconds later, there was a response from An Yiyuan’s Weibo.

[Say it again if you have the ability, you little brat! Si Huang V]

[Seriously? [Surprised] I was just joking An Yiyuan V]

[Hehehehe, brother, this joke is not funny~ Be good! Don’t make trouble! Si Huang V]

[Okay [laughs] It’s not a joke, I really think so. And the leader of Anda, your way of showing love is very old-fashioned. An Yiyuan V]

[Don’t feel too good about yourself, brat! Si Huang V]

“It’s time to have breakfast.” Zhao Limei’s greeting sounded.

Si Huang ended the Weibo interaction with An Yiyuan, took a last look before closing the tablet, and confirmed that the fans had been distracted and cheered up, and there would be no more worrying and uneasy negative emotions.

She didn’t see the tall man sitting on the sofa staring at the phone, his eyes dark and cloudy.

Zhao Limei served Si Huang, Grandma Yu, Tie Lao and Qin Fan each a bowl of soup. White bread and hard-boiled eggs were placed on the table. They could take as much as they wanted.

“Xiao Qilin, try it quickly, this soup can’t be tasted anywhere else.” Grandma Yu urged Qin Fan with a proud face.

Qin Fan took a sip in doubt, his expression changing slightly.

Grandma Yu: “How is it? Is it delicious and warm?”

“Yes.” Qin Fan looked at Zhao Limei, “Is there any medicinal material in it?”

Zhao Limei looked at Si Huang who was drinking the soup. Before she could react, Grandma Yu laughed and said, “Xiao Qilin can’t guess it. This soup is made by Xiao Huang. From the selection of materials to the production, he did the whole process by himself, for Grandma!”

Qin Fan immediately turned his eyes to Si Huang and didn’t hide the surprise on his face.

After Grandma Yu achieved her goal of seeing Qin Fan change his face and show off, she drank the soup happily.

Halfway through drinking a bowl of soup, Si Huang picked up one of the buns and ate them. After quietly eating two buns, an egg and a bowl of soup, she put down her chopsticks and picked up the napkin on the table.

Who knew that a pair of chopsticks held a bun and suddenly put it in her empty bowl.

Everyone at the table, including Si Huang, stopped and looked at Qin Fan who had done this.

The man said naturally: “Eat more as you are growing up.”

Si Huang: “…”

Qin Fan picked up another hard-boiled egg and handed it to her. Seeing that Si Huang didn’t take it for a long time, his eyes widened, he retracted his hand and lowered his head to peel the eggshell. After peeling off the eggshell, he stuck a chopstick in the middle and continued to pass it to Si Huang, “Haven’t you lost your temper enough after a night? Eat enough, and you will have the strength to hit someone.”

With a “snap”, Yu Xi’s chopsticks fell to the ground, he silently picked it up and went to the kitchen to replace it with a new one. The expressions of the other people at the table were different, and they stared at Si Huang, their eyes full of gossip.

Faced with such a self-willed Qin Fan, Si Huang really didn’t know what to say. When it came to being angry, it was better to say what she felt was helplessness. One night was enough for her not to think about what happened last night, but she didn’t want to talk to Qin Fan for the time being. As a result, this man not only talked without being invited, but he was always getting involved in her private matters.

“You feel so good about yourself.” Si Huang continued to wipe the corners of her mouth.

Qin Fan frowned lightly, “You said you could eat three buns and two eggs.”

Several people at the table stared at Qin Fan with strange expressions.

This was obviously just a malicious and flirtatious remark, but the other party was so serious, especially when he said it in a serious tone with a cold emperor’s face.

Si Huang was also speechless, and turned her eyes twice on Qin Fan’s face, “Are you serious?”

Qin Fan’s expression did not change at all.

Si Huang’s eyes flashed, and the corners of her mouth slowly raised into a mischievous smile, and she slowly said: “Won’t eat.” Then she stood up and said to Grandma Yu: “I have to go back to the room beforehand.”

“Ah? Oh, oh, go. Let’s go.” Grandma Yu said.

It wasn’t until Si Huang’s figure disappeared at the corner of the stairs that Yu Xi turned his gaze back and thought to himself: This is the first time I saw Si Huang’s reacting like a normal young man, and finally I feel a little rebelliousness of a young man from him!

Grandma Yu came back to her senses, turned her head to see a trace of confusion on Qin Fan’s face, and sighed, “Xiao Qilin, you are too. Xiao Huang is not your soldier, he is different from the people around you. Be gentler! Do you know gentleness? Xiao Huang was startled yesterday, don’t take it seriously because he looks good today. Xiao Huang is not an ignorant child, if he doesn’t want to eat, he doesn’t want to eat. Grandma knows you care about him, but caring about people is not imposing on them what you think is good and right. If you don’t do it well, you will be seen as annoying!”

Qin Fan: “I’m not gentle enough for him?” He frowned, “If it’s another boy, before ten days or a half months of training, they shouldn’t even think about getting off the ground.”

Grandma Yu stared, “Do you dare to try to beat Xiao Huang!?”

Qin Fan raised the chopsticks with the egg in it, “I gave it to him to eat more to grow taller and fleshier, and even peeled the shell for him. He didn’t even notice, what’s wrong?”

His deep and calm voice always gave people a sense of oppression, but the content of the words was really unacceptable, and he didn’t complain, just sounded a little anxious and confused.

Grandma Yu thought about it for a long time, and she also felt that there was nothing wrong with Qin Fan’s actions.

Yu Xi’s voice sounded softly, “Si Huang has a slight obsession with cleanliness. He doesn’t like to have excessive physical contact with others. He pays attention to personal belongings and doesn’t share things with others.”

“Crack!” Grandma Yu slapped her hands and laughed: “By the way, it must be this.” She stared at Qin Fan with a smile, “Xiao Huang is different from you. He is very delicate. You used the chopsticks that you were eating with. Of course, Xiao Huang doesn’t want it. No wonder Xiao Huang trusts you so much, it can be seen that you have worked hard to understand and take care of Xiao Huang.” The latter sentence was said to Yu Xi.

Yu Xi shook his head modestly, and from the corner of his eye, he met Qin Fan’s eyes. For some reason, he felt that this person’s eyes were a little frighteningly cold.

“Troublesome.” Qin Fan pouted and ate the egg by himself.

Grandma Yu added another knife to him, “However, Grandma gave Xiao Huang food, and Xiao Huang ate it very obediently, and smiled very sweetly at Grandma.”

Qin Fan: “…”

After breakfast, Zhao Limei was in charge of tidying up, the Yu brothers and sister went about their own affairs, and Grandma Yu took Qin Fan to show off.

“Come on, during this period of time when you are on missions, you must not know how great Xiao Huang is.” Grandma Yu said, wringing her fingers like a treasure: “Filming, singing, making tea, cooking, Xiao Huang does everything well!”

Tie Lao was pushed down by her, and he went to turn on the LCD TV in the living room and put the recorded disc into the CD.

On the screen, there were Si Huang’s endorsement shots for RB, the thrilling clips when filming “Red Moon”, and the appearance of practicing songs in the recording studio, as well as the emotional singing.

“How is it?” Grandma Yu asked.

Qin Fan: “He’s very serious.”

“Who doesn’t know that Xiao Huang is serious? I’m asking you, isn’t my grandson particularly handsome and outstanding?”


“No fun, hum!”

Grandma Yu turned her head proudly, no longer paying attention to Qin Fan.

Only now did Qin Fan have time to take out his mobile phone to see what was going on in Si Huang’s Weibo.

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