TBVSR Ch. 76: Stunning

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Xie Yuan found Jiang Yu among several students preparing for their performance by the lawn.

The little girl was wearing a sports cardigan, with a neat ponytail and headphones in her ears, she seemed to still be reviewing different symphonies and dancing along slightly.

As soon as she turned around, her arm hit Xie Yuan’s hard chest.

Jiang Yu turned around and saw him, she was slightly startled, but hurriedly apologized: “I’m sorry Uncle Xie, I didn’t see you there.”

“I told you before, am I uncle, I’m your…”

Xie Yuan paused, but he didn’t go on, he didn’t want to affect her performance.

“Xiao Yu, just treat me like your father.”

Jiang Yu knew that Xie Yuan was still looking for his daughter, and she knew what it was like, just like she was so eager to find her father all these years.

“Yeah.” She nodded vigorously, and smiled brightly at Xie Yuan: “If Mr. Xie doesn’t mind and is willing to treat me as a daughter, of course I am very happy, so I will have two fathers!” Xie Yuan looked at her flushed face. With a sweet smile on his cheek, he suddenly felt that maybe this… was not bad.

She would have two fathers who really loved her, and a mother who loved her.

Xie Yuan’s hand fell on her shoulder, pressed it lightly, and said softly: “Don’t take this competition too seriously, it’s just a performance, and the most important thing is to have fun.”

Jiang Yu nodded: “Don’t worry, Uncle Xie. I won’t care too much, but I will do my best.”

“We will start anytime when you are ready.”


Jiang Yu never expected that the competition that hadn’t started for so long was actually because waiting for her.

“Mr. Xie, I’m ready to start.”


The girls around had already pricked up their ears, hearing the conversation between Xie Yuan and Jiang Yu, all of them had extremely subtle expressions.

It was inconceivable that the class F student they had disdained to communicate with before, who existed like a little transparent person, could know someone like Xie Yuan.

Unexpectedly, Xie Yuan was waiting for Jiang Yu to get ready before starting.

There were still a group of chief artists waiting in the distance!

What was the origin of this little girl from class F!

Bai Shuyi looked at Jiang Yu and Xie Yuan with a cold expression.

She had a crush on Xie Yuan for a long time, from the day the cold-blooded upstart bought Esmera and she saw him at the shareholders meeting.

He was leaning at the end of the long table, listening expressionlessly to the shareholders discussing the future development plan for the art center.

There was sadness and coldness in those dark eyes.

This man bought Esmera at a price that made all his competitors feel absurd. At first, everyone thought that he would make a big splash in his career.

However, he did nothing, not even said a word, and he didn’t care about the future of this art center.

When the executives showed the presentation of the group photo of Esmera’s previous students at the conference, Xie Yuan only reacted when the photo swayed to the group photo of Bai Shuyi’s batch of students. His black eyes were fixed on a certain girl in the photo.

“The most outstanding student in the first class was Bai Shuyi.” The senior management proudly introduced: “She is also a teacher in our art center now. In addition, there were Xue Jiayi, Bu Tanyan, etc. Our art center can be said to have trained generation after generation of excellent ballet dancers, and we will continue to pass on the torch…”

Xie Yuan turned a deaf ear to the words of the higher-ups, and he just stared at the photo affectionately and desperately.

After so many years, his gaze at that time became a hurdle in Bai Shuyi’s heart.

Who the hell was he looking at?

Among the more than twenty girls in that photo, who would be the end of his focus.

When Bai Shuyi thought about it, he thought about her for fifteen years, a full fifteen years.

However, at this moment, when she saw Xie Yuan passing through the crowd and coming to the girl who looked very similar to Bu Tanyan and how his cold eyes became tender… Bai Shuyi suddenly understood that the person Xie Yuan was staring at back then… was, not Bai Shuyi, not Xue Jiayi, but… the dead woman!

For so many years, Xie Yuan never forgot that the woman who was once in troubled waters, it turned out to be Bu Tanyan.

Bai Shuyi found it ironic…

The fame she pursued, the man she had a crush on, everything she longed for… was snatched away by that woman, even if she died, she never let her go.

Her being single for so many years and being in love for so many years had become a joke.

But after Bu Tanyan died, Jiang Yu, who was similar in appearance and talent to her, came again, trying to take away everything she had worked so hard for, even her lover.

No wonder Xie Yuan would allow her to enrol for free before, and because of how she made things difficult for her, he found an excuse to deal with her at the shareholders’ meeting, embarrassing her…

Everything had been explained, and everything had a reason.

Bai Shuyi clenched her fist tightly, trembling slightly.

This world had never been fair.

Bai Shuyi turned around, found Wen Lun and Shen Aoqing, and said in a cold voice: “Are you ready?”

“Teacher Bai, we are ready.”

“Dance well, and within three rounds, Jiang Yu should be eliminated.”

Shen Aoqing’s fighting spirit was aroused and she confidently assured: “Don’t worry, Ms. Bai!”

Wen Lun didn’t say a word. He had worked with Jiang Yu before and knew Jiang Yu’s level.

She was bound to be a formidable opponent.

The competition officially began. Bu Xi, who was recognized as the strongest dancer by Esmera, started the performance first. The symphony began with a brisk piano piece, and then the violin and cello joined in, and the melody became more and more relaxed.

After listening for a few seconds, Bu Xi quickly determined that this was “The Last Day of Bach”. She smiled calmly, stepped onto the smooth main dance floor in the middle of the lawn, and danced a brisk dance to the melody of the music.

Every movement was extremely beautiful, and in the end, she ended perfectly with several beautiful whip turns.

There was thunderous applause.

After Bu Xi left the stage, Bu Tanxiang nodded with satisfaction, and brought a towel to help her wipe the sweat from her forehead.

Mrs. Bu’s eyes were vicious, she shook her head, she didn’t seem to feel very good, and pointed to her some of her irregular movements.

What this little girl lacked was not talent, and her skills were already very proficient, at least among the younger generation of ballet dancers, no one could match her.

But… it was not perfect.

In the eyes of Mrs. Bu, the one who could truly achieve perfection… had probably only been Bu Tanyan.

But Bu Xi just lacked the agility and wilfulness of her little aunt.

The shape was there, but the spirit was lacking.

After Bu Xi left the stage, the symphony continued, and Shen Aoqing came on stage next.

With Bu Xi in front, Shen Aoqing’s dance could only be regarded as quite satisfactory at best, even though no one could pick out any flaws, but the applause was obviously not as much as Bu Xi’s.

After Shen Aoqing left the stage, her expression was not angry, but her heart was slightly dissatisfied.

She didn’t know who put her behind Bu Xi. If it were someone else, it would be absolutely impossible for her dance to win such a little applause.

Immediately afterwards, several students competed to appear on the stage, both boys and girls, but still no one could surpass Bu Xi who was the first to appear on stage.

Wen Lun was really very good. His dance of Prince Hamlet showed the man’s melancholy to the extreme. He was one of the few students who could get the same praise from the chiefs around him as Bu Xi.

In the first round of the cycle, many students were eliminated, because the symphony became more complicated as it went to the back.

The students who were eliminated either couldn’t remember the movements, couldn’t keep up with the rhythm, didn’t step accurately, or danced the wrong dance…

Jiang Yu from Class F was naturally ranked last in the order in which the class appeared.

And her music did not have a melody at the beginning, but a short bell-like rhythm. The students looked at each other and guessed what it was.

However, dancers only had five seconds to think about it. If they could not dance after five seconds, they would be eliminated.

Everyone thought that the people in Class F must lose.

After all, so many students from class BC were eliminated before, and the mere little transparent dancer from class F was basically cannon fodder, to serve as a foil for Shen Aoqing and the others.

However, when most people didn’t understand the dance music, Jiang Yu kicked and started to dance.

She reacted before everyone else. This was the prelude to the famous dance song “Carmen”, and as the classic melody sounded, everyone suddenly realized.

The rhythm of this dance was very fast. Compared with the previous dance of Bu Xi, it was actually more difficult.

Bu Xi’s dancing posture was very graceful, while Jiang Yu’s “Carmen” was full of enthusiasm, every step of her foot seemed to be stepping on the tip of the person’s heart, and it seemed to be saying goodbye to that person.

Bai Shuyi’s gaze fixed on her. In the past, her dance was full of appeal, but lacked a lot of details.

At this ball, there were so many professional ballet artists in the audience, and the old lady of the Bu family was also here. These people would never allow Jiang Yu’s “wild ways” to exist!

She specially arranged the dance music of “Carmen” for Jiang Yu, because this dance music had extremely high requirements on the details from dancers, and even many internationally renowned dancers were inevitably found to not be in place when they danced this section.

She thought that for a fledgling girl like Jiang Yu, if she encountered this dance, on such an occasion, she would just have to wait to die.

However, what Bai Shuyi didn’t expect was that Jiang Yu’s dance, after completing the details of the standard, did not weaken its appeal at all!

She actually… grew up so fast!


She looked at the other people around, especially Mrs. Bu and Bu Tanxiang. The way they stared at Jiang Yu was equally subtle.

Especially Mrs. Bu, an old woman who was always calm and never showed any emotions, when she saw Jiang Yu’s dance, her eyes were filled with endless emotions.

That’s right, Jiang Yu’s extremely short dance made those three words resurface in everyone’s mind, “Bu Tanyan.”

Even the smile on Bu Xi’s face in the audience disappeared a lot.

During this time, she had been guiding Jiang Yu’s movements.

Jiang Yu’s dance at the beginning was really flawed, so much so that Bu Xi preconceived that her level was really that of a student of Class F… However, after a short period of training, Jiang Yu was like a sponge, she absorbed all her skills, mastered them, and then used them on the stage.

Such a talent, such an ability… Even Bu Xi had to be moved.

She began to re-examine her little friend, and at the same time, she was secretly startled by her previous words about competing with her for queen.

That sentence was not a joke.

It was true.

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